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  1. Hi All, MP20 4-PW Standard L/L/L with KBS $-Taper 130 shafts on them with Z Cord Mid Size grips on all but the 4 iron which has a standard sized grip because they installed the wrong one and I didn't have a chance to go back. Looking to get $700 shipped. Open to trades and offers! I also have an extra $-Taper Shaft that is 4 iron length - I'd like to include it with the irons or name a price! PW had a knick in it, probably from dropping a club in the bag but doesn't affect anything. A little bit of chatter on them too. Overall in great shape probably around 40 rounds on them. Let me know if you want any more pictures! Thanks!
  2. I can become a victim of added loft. I believe the TP5 is pretty low launch too. ProV1 or TP5 are pretty comparable.
  3. If that Circle TNP2 was like 3k cheaper I'd definitely have it haha. The woes of a broke golfer! Beautiful putter though!
  4. Huge fan of that BB8C Holy smokes that thing is cool looking.
  5. Anyone snag the hockey stick putter? lol I do love my Austin though!
  6. Yup, I had a brain fart: 2 year cylces Always had the impression the CBs and MBs weren't updated as often as the other clubs. I was wrong!
  7. I like the TM Stratus Tech glove. I also prefer gloves with a little more material on the fat part of my hand but still soft.
  8. Thought DJ was in cahoots with LAGolf and they created a prototype for him.
  9. Wish they would still give you a greenview on the app regardless if you get the breaks on them or not, just to see the shapes. Would be especially helpful on new courses. Seems like a nice upgrade to the app though, and definitely going to make the other apps not necessary to have if you can just play and post a round on the same app.
  10. Think Titleist changes the MB and CB every 2 years vs. Every year for their other clubs
  11. He had some FootJoy stuff for a while but I hear it's been Greyson shirts for a while now. I'd assume that's probably the same with his pants.
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