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  1. Ahh and I thought I got a good deal on a brand new head for 345 shipped...on Saturday...sigh... GLWS!
  2. The 8 9 and PW have C. T. with dots on either side of the letters on the toe and the 9 says THROWIN DARTZ around the back.
  3. I've got some cool stuff i'd like a new owner to have. All Prices OBO. 1. Callaway X-Forged 3-PW Project X Flighted 6.0 (owned by Cameron Tringale) - $275 shipped OBO Very nice set of irons that used to be owned by Cameron Tringale. They are standard length and lie with the loft being bent 1* strong. Bought them from someone who was given them by his caddie. Small nick on 3 iron toe, but does not affect playability (see picture). Project X Flighted 6.0 with basically brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet. 3 - 4 Faces 3 iron nick 5 - 6 - 7 Faces 8 - 9 - PW Faces 2
  4. At the Private club I work at has a no tip policy. Some members feel obligated and literally shove the money into our pocket or in our hand. Yesterday I had a guest who gave me a tip and the member he was playing with made sure he gave me a tip since he understands how we bust our balls for them. Any tip that I got, be it 5 dollars or 1 dollar was better than no tip, so even if you just give a dollar...its better than nothing.
  5. Hell of a tournament by Andrew, hope he succeeds in his golf career. Turned out to be a nice kid. Good Luck.
  6. Nickent 4DX Driver. Best head i've ever hit.
  7. Now we can stop listening to his B*tch*ng about every "bad" shot he hits. Good riddance
  8. Congrats man! Just got my second one on Saturday...feels great to see one drop.
  9. Are we still going to be able to get CYG hosels from anywhere?
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