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  1. Not sure how I'd describe their style, I just felt like they're able to identify and focus on my particular issues better than some others I've talked to. Also, they're both good players, which I value. I know there are plenty of great teachers who can't play a lick, but I feel like it's harder to take advice from someone I can beat handily.
  2. Perry Holmes out of Coal Creek for North Metro, John Ward out of Family Sports for South Metro. Both very good players themselves and very experienced teaching good players, if that's what you're looking for. There are a ton of good instructors out there though, and you could always just go give one a try that is nearby and preferably PGA certified. Shouldn't be more than $50 for a 30 minute lesson from most pros, and most should be able to help with common problems.
  3. A lot of you guys have some high expectations for a "scratch" golfer! Shoot or break par on any course at any time? Yikes! I'm a +0.6, consider myself "around scratch," and I don't "usually" shoot or break par. Occasionally I do, but I generally try to play on courses that are rated at least a few strokes over par. If you're a scratch golfer that is playing mostly on courses that are rated less than par, you need to find better courses to play. I'll agree that the guys who play the same club over and over tend to have a little lower handicap than us muni hacks that play all over, but tha
  4. Still gaming the 20 - my first and only hybrid. Fuji 95x shaft in it, great club.
  5. Thinking of doing the same with my 08. I've got a Rombax 95x in mine though, not sure I'll be able to find a shaft I like as much as that one in the Stage 2. The RUL 80x might be the closest. Guess I could pull and replace, but I'd like to keep the old one as a backup since it's served me so well for so long.
  6. What's wrong with it? Just your garden variety desert waterfall, nothing to see there. I'm booked for Snow and Wolf. Can't wait.
  7. Resurrecting this thread. I'm going to Vegas in two weeks, and had planned to play Paiute Wolf and Snow, 36 Sat and 36 Sun. However, for a little more money we could do Revere Concord or Lexington. How does it compare to the Paiutes? I really liked the Snow course when I played it last year.
  8. I've heard both schools of thought. Personally, I like my wedges to match my irons specs, 1/2 long, 2up. 1long, 4up is a lot though, so going halfway might be an option. Scoring clubs are all about feel, so go with what feels good.
  9. I was just looking at these yesterday and may have to order them. Wanted to like the new T-4s, but didn't care for the more square leading edge. Really love how the R12 looks. I'm coming from non conforming Vokeys. I hit PX 6.5 in my irons and have always ordered the same for my wedges. Any reason I should try the spinner shafts? I'm concerned I'd have a harder time flighting them, but don't have any experience with the spinners. I hit full 56 and 52 shots quite a bit, only occasionally with 60.
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