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  1. I ordered my HMB’s the week before thanksgiving from Maple Hill Golf, in Grand Rapids, MI. The salesman said 3-4 weeks on average is what he was seeing.
  2. Look at what is popular today in women’s fashion. Super high-wasted, arm pit hugging pants. In my wildest dreams, i never would have thought “mom” style pants would come into fashion. I assume it was a response to low-wasted “muffin tops” sweeping across the world. As the human race gets fatter, there has to be a fashion response. Here come the pleats...most men that wore pleats in the past had a shape that made them look like they had an estrogen imbalance.
  3. I get vertical in the downswing. It only happens with a ball. I can swing much harder with an impact bag, and my swing doesn’t get over the top. Is there someone out there that can help me? Im not sure if its just a swing impulse or a symptom of something else.
  4. I live in SW Michigan, and I played three times this week. It’s been a pretty unusual weather week for sure. My wife even allowed me to sneak out on Christmas Day, after all of the parties for a quick 9! I was the only one out there, and I missed one particular GIR, because the ball bounced about 6 feet in the air off the frozen portion of the green...
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