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  1. 1.Did you fill out the Rapsodo form? yes 2. Where would you use a Rapsodo MLM? basement and on the range 3. How can the MLM help with your game? not only dialing in my ranges but the practice games to help with overall performance
  2. they are running a BOGO on all items. picked up three for myself and one for a Christmas gift. Super pumped to get them.
  3. in my 2nd year of playing regularly. had CBX2s this year and loved them. forgiving ,easy to create spin. overall was super impressed with them.
  4. for sure. during my fitting the ZX5s were right up there with the forged (2nd choice baed on numbers)very similar numbers and dispersions. it came down to feel for me.
  5. Hi- Just was fit/ordered for a set of Mizuno JPX 921 Forged and TT22 copper wedges on 11/30/21. Just was looking for people who currently game them and their thoughts, like dislike etc. I was playing 2019 PXG 0211s. This was my first time getting professionally fit in person and it was an awesome experience. With the PXG's I was playing TT Elevate 95g in stiff (over the phone fitting). After the in person fitting I was put into KBS $ Taper 130 xstiff shaft. As soon as the fitter made the change to the heavier and stiffer shaft my dispersion tightened up instantly and they felt great. It was safe to say with my club speed, my old shafts were completely inappropriate. Can't wait for the new irons to arrive.
  6. Had my 0211s (elevate 95 stiff shafts) for over a week. Live in Minnie so everything is closed up for the year. Been hitting these guys into the net and they feel great. Couldn’t be more happy (unless I could play them obviously ). I came from Ping G’s and was worried about the progressive set in the scoring clubs with less offset etc., totally not an issue. These feel like butter.
  7. Just pulled the trigger on a set of 0211's. Great price, great customer experience. More to come on how they swing.
  8. So, I won a new M1 3 iron with a Kuro Kage shaft on a larger ebay-er store for super cheap. I take it out the range couple times and love it. Third time out, one of the speed slots started to swell. I go online and see this issue is not that uncommon with the M1 irons. Since it was new i submitted a claim to TaylorMade and didn't hear back for two days. Decided to call on day three. Told them what happened ETC. He said no worries, the SIM irons don't come in 3 iron so we can bump you up to a p790 no problem. Ended up with a 2019 p970 3 iron with a Aerotech SteelFiber fc 90 cw. Came in 7 days. Great customer service!! Curious if TaylorMade CS is always that helpful?
  9. Love SC's style of teaching. You will love it or hate it to be honest. He relates everything to athletic or everyday movements instead of position 1, 2, 3, 12,15. I have only been using his online academy for a little over 2 months now and have made leaps and bounds in my game. He answers questions and gives swing analysis within 1-2 days (for 10$ a month that's service). Overall it has been worth every penny. His premium videos build off each other and i can;t stop watching them. Totally recommend.
  10. Ksouth9. purchased multiple times with him. Great experience every time.
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