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  1. To bad that I can’t speak Japanese , but that guy had a great swingAnd of course the clubs looked very good as well.
  2. Take a handful of lessons before I ever played the game. And if I was lucky I would’ve found someone who taught the swing like Mike Malaska does. I’d have been a single digit in short order instead of wandering around in the desert like I have for 30 plus years.
  3. I have a full bag of New Level clubs, 5-PW 902’s and 50-54-58 in the M-wedges. They are fantastic, across the board. What I want to know is what do you think about the grip offerings from New Level. When I ordered in February of 2020 you could basically order whatever kind of grip that you wanted. Now Eric is basically offering just 3 kind of New Level grips. What I would like to know is, are you happy with the grips, and what are they comparable to? Thanks in advance.
  4. I was just getting ready to ask about the specs. Thanks for posting
  5. I’ve had a set of the 902’s since February of 2020 and I still like them very much. I’ve noticed on the New Level site that Eric is only offering his New Level brand grips on the clubs now. I plan on buying another set in the future, when the next line comes out and I was curious as to what grips you chose and if you liked the New Level grips. The next set is going to be a graphite shafted set as my hands and elbows are showing signs of aging. I have Elevate 95’s and they help but I’m going to give graphite a chance. I liked that new iron posted in this thread, it looks very buyable
  6. It makes me smile when I see New Level clubs in a touring pros bag. I’ve had a set of 902’s and 3 New Level wedges for a couple of years now. My son has a combo set of the 623/902’s. When Eric releases the new iteration of the 1126’s this fall I think that my wife won’t have to look to hard for my Christmas present
  7. I’m a 10-12 depending on how much I play. New Level 902’s 5-PW New Level 50,54,58 wedges and a New Level 4995 23 degree Utility Iron. Best feeling irons that I’ve ever owned. I have Elevate 95 Stiff in my Utility thru PW due to elbow and hand issues....sucks getting old... KBS HiRev Stiff in the 50,54,58 Wedges.
  8. Just to give you an update I did end up ordering a set of the 902’s, 5-PW along with 3 wedges 50,54 and 58, and just for good measure a 4 Utility iron. I had planned on Steelfibers or Accra graphite but Eric recommended the TT Elevate shafts. He said that they would help my elbow and hand issues even more than the other two shafts, plus it was cheaper as well. Very nice guy, and it has been mentioned before, he is extremely knowledgeable about the entire fitting process. They will ship this Thursday and I should have them sometime next week. I will provide pictures and hopefully will be able to hit a few. Of course that is all dependent on the weather here in the Midwest.
  9. He’s like that all of the time. He runs the company from top to bottom. Social media, making the clubs, I don’t know when he sleeps. I’ve spoken with him on the phone and he will talk to you as long as necessary. If you have a question about clubs or what shaft to use he will have a solid answer for you. I’ll be ordering my set tomorrow, I’m just deciding on what shaft to go with.
  10. Yes it would. I’ve done a lot of research on New Level and have gotten a lot of good information here on Golfwrx , from a lot of knowledgeable people who have had a positive experience with them. I’ve decided to take a chance with New Level and will hopefully be placing an order with them either this afternoon or tomorrow. I had planned on getting some Demos but they have a 10% off sale on their irons through 2-09-20. Plus they have a 30 day money back guarantee as well.
  11. In a way I’m having the same dilemma that you are. I just went through a fitting and I’m debating between a split set of NL 902’s 8-PW with 1126’s 5-7 or just a straight set of 1126’s. I’m concerned with the offset in the 5-6 of the 1126’s as well. I’ve corresponded with Eric Burch of NL and he plays the 1126’s himself and said that the offset isn’t that bad. I’m soon to be 57 and I know that I can’t handle the 902’s in 4-6 irons and even though I was fit into some Mizuno MP 20 MMC’s 5-PW I know that 5 iron could be a bear if I wasn’t swinging well. I’m going to place an order with New Level and I’ll be speaking with Eric to finalize the set makeup. He seems to be a very nice guy and he will respond to an email ASAP
  12. If you got rid of your Mizuno’s then that is pretty high praise for the New Level’s. I really liked the MP-20 line and was just about to pull the trigger last October, but I wasn’t sold on the shaft that was chosen by the 3D Optimizer. The Trackman fitting should give me a much clearer picture on how the Steelfibers will preform with my swing. Regardless it’s going to be Graphite or Steelfibers because I need some relief. I discovered the New Level’s on McGolf’s YouTube channel. They looked really sharp and after going to the New Level site and checking out their entire lineup I thought that I’d give them a chance. Eric and his company get high marks across the board and that means a lot when you are putting down some decent money.
  13. I had heard about the FC Steelfiber shafts but didn’t realize that they were an option. After my fitting next week I will definitely request some demos before I buy. Thanks
  14. What weight do you use in the Steelfibers? 95 or 110 and what flex did you go with? Also, if you used steel shafts prior to the Steelfibers did you have any problem adjusting to the weight difference? I’m definitely going with Steelfibers or graphite in my irons this time. I could use a little more swing speed and a little less wear and tear on the elbows. Thanks for your reply and input.
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