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  1. My family and extended family are planning a beach trip this summer to St. Augustine. A few of us are going to get a round or two in. Of the four that would be playing I am probably the only one that plays with any regularity. Any recommendations on a course that would be fun for a pretty mixed group skills wise, fun to hang out, and won't break the bank. While I'm willing to shell out for a nicer course, I'm not sure my dad who plays once a year will feel the same way. We're willing to drive about 45 minutes any direction from St. Augustine. Thanks in advance.
  2. I ended up putting Golf Pride MCC +4 Midsized grips on a handful of clubs to see if it made a difference. I'm using a lot less grip pressure during my swing. My hands hurt less and my swing is overall more consistent. I'll be re-griping the rest of my clubs soon.
  3. I usually buy a logo ball if it's a stand out course. Other than that, whatever is free; ball markers, divot tool, tees, etc..
  4. Linksoul. Their stuff is super comfortable and doesn't scream golf. Meaning I can wear their pants to work most days.
  5. I just got the Utility Trouper for Christmas. I like the look of it a lot. It has a ton of storage and some nice convenience features, like the magnetic ball pocket. The legs work well and seem very stable so far. I like that there isn't a ton of branding on it. As a single strap it's plenty comfortable. With two straps it is a little awkward. The two straps are comfortable enough. My issue is that because the straps are independent from each other, the bag tends to tilt towards horizontal. If I don't keep a hand on it I'm afraid it might tip. Overall I'm happy with it and would probably buy i
  6. I think I'm going to buy the Utility Trouper when it's on sale. What do you think of it?
  7. After working in the coffee industry as a buyer, roaster, and trainer I keep things pretty simple. I use a Kalita Wave pour over as my go to method. If you're grinding your coffee fresh you're doing more than most. There are tons of great roasters out there these days it's easy to find some one local.
  8. I like the WRX pods. EAL show has it's moments. Tend to filter through to the guests that I'm interested in though.
  9. > @Jfergus7 said: > ...I still prefer dress code and golf apparel so I would much rather see tattoos then jeans and tee shirts which I am seeing around me more and more... I like the dress code and golf clothes. Even on courses where a tee shirt would be allowed I wear a collar. Just wondering how long my sleeves should be haha > @bigred90gt > > ... I refuse to wear pants on the course in the summer... Not sure I'd be as excited as playing through the Florida summers if I had to wear long pants and sleeves!
  10. I know that more and more tour players are starting to show small tattoos. Overall they're becoming more acceptable. I have pretty large, visible tattoos on me forearms and lower legs, nothing offensive. Most of the time it's a non-issue. There have been a couple of times at times local muni course where I've noticed people really staring. On the other hand at a much more high end club hardly anyone seemed to notice. Even at a couple of golf shops it seems like I've gotten a reaction where I don't think I would have in a non-golf store. If I'm going to a nice place I'll wear pants or
  11. I use a short thumb. A long thumb feels more natural when I grip the club but moving the left thumb back helps me keep the grip in my fingers. I think it also keeps my wrists in a better position to hit consistent shots.
  12. > @aenemated said: > Always a tee. From the great Jack Nicklaus ... > That's some sounds logic. Thanks.
  13. I'm sure there are people who can speak more to your technical difficulties. A lot of great advice has already been put on this thread. Do you want to play golf? Outside of the score or what you think you should be shooting, is it something you find enjoyment in? Best of luck. Hope you're playing next season.
  14. > @lazyjc4 said: > There's only one way in golf to ensure a perfect lie. That's a smart thought! Is there any impact on spin rate and or launch angle off of a tee v the ground? Even a really low one.
  15. On holes where you might tee off with a wedge/iron/hybrid like a par 3, do you use a tee, or not? I usually hit off the ground since I don't ever use these with low tees at the range. Just curious as to what others do and if there is a reason to switch it up.
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