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  1. Hey, so I got fitted by Mizuno and it was overall a good experience. I was fitted the 921 Forged with KBS $ Taper 130 X shafts. I was consistently flying the 31 degree 7 iron 192 according to their launch monitor. I had 4 right on top of one another. My spin was low around 4800. (4400 with the c taper) I hit my 50 degree vokey 130. What is my gapping gonna be like 130-190? Is that even playable? Swing speed with the 7 iron was 93.3 mph. Tempo 6/9, toe down 5.67/9, kick angle 7.33/9, release factor 7.67/9. I don’t play enough to consistently hit the weaker lofted Tours or MP MMCs.
  2. During my fitting when I centered the M5T the ball speed was higher. The TM rep said something to the affect of it’s the result of more club head mass directly behind the sweet spot. I ended up choosing the normal M5 for added forgiveness and higher spin on my mis hits. I was coming from r7 superquad TP so the twist face was new to me. It helps with a slight heel strike by having the ball cut back to center fairway. One big negative with the twist face is if I mistakenly deliver an open face I’ve never hit a bigger push slice in my life! Whereas with the SQ TP it was just a straight push. The
  3. Spin numbers are 1900-2400 with 9 degree stiff hzrdus. 10.5 went pretty high with little roll. I tee it high and have an attack angle of around 6 degrees so I’m adding loft and taking off spin.
  4. Hey everyone, first post, I don't have any techy golf friends to ask these types of questions to and would very much appreciate some sage advice. 30 years old. Handicap 6-10. Swing speed 101-104mph. The swing speed will hopefully be going up as I just got back into the game these past 3 months after a 12 year lay off after junior golf and have a winter fitness plan in place. **I was fitted by a Taylormade rep (who also fits Korn Ferry Tour players) for M5 Tour 9.0 with Hzrdus Smoke 6.0.** I tend to hit the ball center high on the club face. When I hit these good they carried 255 an
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