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  1. Sorry missed this. Usually a mix assortment of irons and driver. Today I only brought my 9 iron and 7 iron, worked on the cast piece of Monte's training and really flushed some nice shots, but at this point really trying to ingrain into my swing. So I think moving forward I'll just bring a short iron and mid and work with those two clubs runnings drills. I bought a small bucket and took ~5 full swings, the other balls ~40 were drills, pausing up top to rehearse and hit with the cast to 7/8 move.
  2. Thanks for providing these insight. I will probably stick with the 7 iron for practice. As silly as it may sound it’s the club I generally use for my second shots on par 5s unless the fairway really opens up.
  3. @krt22 Thoughts on range sessions? Do you just work on drills and rehearsals or full shots? I started using Monte’s no turn instruction and feel about 30-40 balls I hit it well. Of course practicing the movement in steps then hitting after that amount approx I notice I get worse. I’m assuming stepping away is a good thing at that point I also find when I wedge a few in the beginning it really helps me out as I get into the longer clubs.
  4. Any strategies recommended? couple of pointed pieces I have question about. rest time between sessions how to recover walking away from a bucket when body won’t respond chipping/pitching more than full swings? Stretching. What stretches, how long? thanks this part of my game is causing me trouble.
  5. This is interesting. I used the turn no cast and that helped me accomplish a longer flatter divot. Perfect haha yeah right but….. it’s helped me out 6 iron - GW immensely.
  6. It depends. I agree you’ll have lapses but it’s different for each individual. I implemented this and have had 10+ range sessions with great success. A lot of it depends on how bad you were before and where you are now. For me it’s knowing the why behind when it; then it truly begins to stick. Monte does a great job of explaining which for me personally is a huge part of learning. Doing to do doesn’t work for me….. I have to know the why.
  7. Driver irons? Addition to no turn and cast?
  8. Any reason why my shorter irons hook with this swing but the longer stuff is easier to hit? It feels the early cast tends to hook more but on the 7 iron for instance it goes. I also noticed I’ve lost some distance. Wondering if the ball is spinning more. Note just started doing this swing about 3 weeks ago
  9. I experience that with my shorter irons. 8-5 is money.
  10. Els dad was loaded. Built him his very own putting and chipping green. Even said so In an interview. Not sure about Mick
  11. His wedges are the length of 6 irons…. Totally agree with putter probably the best part of his game.
  12. I used to live in St. Louis Missouri, it was rough in some areas and on the Illinois side it was even rougher. Since moving to northern florida haven't had an issue, not once. It was the area, lot's of trailers and strip clubs in some of the areas I used to play. In fact I spent time in Iowa and Minnesota and never had a run in there either.
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