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  1. I’m also curious to see feedback on this years ball
  2. chewy007

    NIke RZN Black

    They never have them in stock
  3. For what it’s worth I think the 2017 version was one of the best iterations of that ball. I know we all have differing opinions but I understand why it would be tough for someone his caliber to change out of it
  4. I know it’s common for players to use other balls etc... but do you think it bothers titleist knowing a Marquee player is using an older ball.
  5. Hey all. Was wondering if anyone has tried both of these wedges and maybe how they compare what one does better than the other etc. Love my m grind 60 but the t grind has me intrigued
  6. The new tp5x is such an improved ball. Feels like it maintains a good bit of what brought people to use the ball to begin with, but the ball now has the necessary teeth around the green. Now it feels like you can basically fly it near or around the hole and it’s going to check
  7. Appreciate the feedback the prov1x stops like a dream for me just like the feel of the tp5 and wanted to know If I’d be giving anything up using it
  8. From 100 and in what ball is going to hit the brakes quicker? The tp5 regular or prov1x?
  9. Has anybody tried these two balls on paper seem to be very similar
  10. Has anybody taken the new high toe to the course yet?
  11. Does anybody know much about this ball? My guess is higher flight maybe higher spin as well?
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