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  1. $400+ 20 shipping. I really don’t recall using this club; definitely was not on the course; perhaps hit a few on the range, but not long range sessions. Hard to find any marks anywhere on the club, it’s super clean. Check out my eBay feedbacks as a seller (calgoldenbear94). It’s currently listed.
  2. [quote name='carrera' timestamp='1344966876' post='5470490'] Hi, where in the East Bay? [/quote] i live in alamo, but more than willing to travel 30-45 minutes if necessary.
  3. any recommendations, specifically in the east bay? no high aspirations, just have fun, develop a decent swing so i can bring them out on the course (yes, ulterior motives). thanks in advance.
  4. i need another putter to add to my collection.
  5. i'd be able to make some $ with these, perhaps not on tour, but definitely from my friends.
  6. my putting stinks...so i need mr. mickelson's karma and am willing to convert to left handed...it's got to be better than my existing game. if i have this, i won't have to get an odyssey happy gilmore hockey stick putter.
  7. i love to have great equipment in my bag because it would really "help" my game.
  8. [quote name='gandor' post='1846171' date='Jul 27 2009, 01:59 PM']what trades specifically you're looking for? putter, irons, drivers...etc is your price firm?[/quote] i am looking for putters only; other interesting scotty camerons, 009, tour, etc. i know it is a long shot, but i am really interested in a tour version of the studio select 2.7. yes, i am pretty firm on the price since i really don't have to sell it.
  9. thanks for the recommendation. my ebay id is calgoldenbear94. i also sold two putters, a T10 2.5 and a buttonback np, here months ago; the buyer was very happy with them and the price. unfortunately, he did not leave a feedback.
  10. mint condi have a mint conditioned scotty cameron np2 GSS. the COA number is A012122. it is an older version, nevertheless, in perfect condition; comes with a yellow circle T headcover. it is not specified, however, i believe the putter is 330 grams. i have a few close up pics that i can email to interested parties. i would like to get $3000 for it; and would be interested in trades for the right item. thanks.
  11. thanks for all the interest. both sticks are sold to the person with the first PM (at 6:20am).
  12. i am sitting here at work without access to the pics and have had quite a few emails regarding the bb and the t10. i will sort through everything as soon as i get home; obviously giving priority to the first responders. just to clarify, i am pretty certain the standard length on the BB and T10 is 34", and i have not altered them at all. and both come with their respective headcovers. thanks. jun
  13. hmmmm.....can't seem to add the rest of the pics for some reason. if interested, please PM for pics. thanks.
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