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  1. @OlleEriksson I did not notice it at all with the blue. It's really sharp looking. But as I stated in the III I really did not like the hozel. I had a II for a minute but I'm a mallet guy. Having crazy success with Odyssey 7s stroke lab. So stable and stout, Important for the slow greens I play. Also bought triple track decals and use a ball marker and make my own triple track lines and I'm making so many more putts.
  2. I found the Maxfli Tour balls to have fairly pool durability. Does not hold a candle to the Srixon or Bridgestone. And considering you can get three dozen Srixon for $80, that beats two dozen Maxfli for $50 in my book.
  3. Just curious, Bridgestone and Srixon parent companies seems to be similar. Is one bigger? Does one put more resources into their golf balls? Srixon's are manufactured in Indonesia, right? Do you think either has better QC, development?
  4. Srixon XV for sure. Rub two of them together and then any other two balls together and tell me Spin Skin is not a thing. And a much better value.
  5. I have a blue M Craft III, I love it. But my only concern, is on long puts on slower greens, I can feel a flex in the shaft. Is this because it's not a plumber's neck? Is the curved flow shaft less stable when taking a big swing?
  6. I have a blue M Craft III, I love it. But my only concern, is on long puts on slower greens, I can feel a flex in the shaft. Is this because it's not a plumber's neck? Is the curved flow shaft less stable when taking a big swing?
  7. I just picked up a T20 50* with a shaft that matches my irons, Modus 120 so I'll give it a go. Going to have to put colored stickers on my wedges. They are all chrome and I've pulled my 60 instead of 54 way too many times now.
  8. I've been looking for an older MP, but hard to find one with decent grooves. It seems the Apex MB is the closest contender, for now, but hard to tell over the internet.
  9. The Srixon does look exactly what I was asking for. Thanks!
  10. Basically, I want the same shape and profile as my 46* PW in a 50, no grind, bounce options. I love to chip with my PW, I feel I can really pick it clean, vs my T20-54*. Also I want to hit full shots and the clunky sand-wedge type heads don't work as well for me. Is Hogan the only company to do this, making blade-type gap wedges?
  11. I use it, but not to the exact club, like if the rollout if for and 8 and I don't like the lie, I'll use a 9. What I do think it if very useful for is getting one to stop automatically pulling a lob or sand wedge. I'm using my PW mostly and then if closer go to a 9.
  12. I don't have any real metrics, other than I'm striping the ball to the pins and playing with great confidence. It feels softer than a ProV1x and seems to take off that bit hotter. I've tried so many balls over the past few months but I'm sticking to the 2020 BX.
  13. Just curious, is this just your feeling or have you had any launch data? The new ball seems to be working for Kucher, Bryson, Steele and a few other.
  14. Anyone noticing Bridgestone players are doing well recently? Kuchar, Bryson and Steele.
  15. I've had Dick's price match an Amazon listing, just make sure to get a screenshot before it disappears.
  16. I was able to get a sleeve of the new BXS at Dick's, they don't display them. But if you pull a sleeve out and ask them to use the SKU scanner, it will pop up as $15.00, also, for the BRX. It's on the website. I really liked the BXS, but had to buy a dozen of the new BX just to compare. I hope it gets over 40 degrees F tomorrow to give them a go.
  17. I've just got back into the game and have been ball testing since Oct. I've had a ton of love the Srixon Z and XV, something about that Spin Skin makes me feel like I have a ton of control on pitching and chipping, but it also feels a bit strange off the putter, like I need to get it a bit more effort. The '19 BX is great off the tee, but feels a bit slippery chipping, and it a bit too firm off the putter. I will give the '20 version a go later this week. The '20 BXS is great around the greens, but sluggish off the putter. The Pro V1x is a bit firm, it's winter here in the Mid Atlantic, it m
  18. In this mild winter I've been playing the Zstar and the Pro V1. I feel I put better with the Pro Vi, and it also feels euphoric when I flush an iron. But I don't feel it checks up as well at the Zstar inside 50 yards. There is something to be said for their SpinSkin, it really does feel to grab the clubface at low velocity. I've tried the XV and the Bridgestone BX, but don't like them as much, at least in the winter. Does anyone else feel like the Pro V1 is a bit slippery around the greens, and the Zstar has that bit more friction to help with chipping and pitching?
  19. Yeah, I'll just get rid, mine have X100s and they don't match my Modus 120x in my MP18s. I'll give the T20s a punt. The PW is at 46 degrees. I felt like I had too many options with the 50, 54 and 58. I think I'll keep my 3 iron Fli-hi and go down to a 52 and 58, just trying to figure out the grind and bounce.
  20. I have the 50, 54 and 58 and the sole is a bit narrow and hard to get the leading edge under the ball on tight lies. I love their performance and forged feel in general, but just with could grind one of them down a bit to pick it off the deck a bit cleaner. I might just get another one for this. What grind in a Mizuno T20 with help with tight lies? Or if I bend the 58-10 to 60 will it make it easier to pick off a tight lie?
  21. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm still a little lost on how the flex will lower a bit. By putting in the 3 iron shaft to the 4 and trimming 1/2" the 4 iron will feel a bit softer than before because there tips will feel softer? Aren't they all the same shafts before they are cut? Thanks again for helping me wrap my head around this.
  22. I have a set of MP18s with Tour 120X in 3-pw. Is there a way to soft stem once installed? I thought to put 3 shaft into 4, and the same to PW, but my club guy said why, all the shafts are the same weight. I'm new to all this so am I missing something? I just want them to feel a bit lighter like the 120 S without have to buy them. Any advice? Thanks
  23. I tried this yesterday and it worked well. Granted it was a practice round and I took the time to line up the ball, but defo made more putts.
  24. I find the "pure white" label on the Srixon balls work well. Other white balls seem to get dull and turn grey.
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