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  1. I saw on the website it lists the sole weights (30, 35, 40) available but it doesn't say how heavy the putter is. I want a 34" putter in the 365-375 gram range.
  2. Still won't let me do it. I was able to upload the Odyssey pics and that was it.
  3. All clubs are in mint condition. No trades at this time. Shipping included in the lower 48, friends up north pay actual shipping charges. 1. Odyssey 2 ball Triple Track with Super Stroke Flatso 1.0 grip. 34" - countercore weight removed and included with the sale. Original headcover also included. $225 2. 2020 Bettinardi BB1, 34", small rub mark on the hosel from the bending bar (hardly noticeable), shaft band included along with original headcover. Thank you eBay! 3. PING G410 LST 9* with Tour 65 stiff at 45.25" with Golf Pride MCC Plus4 red grip, original headcover and
  4. Recoil 95 and SF 110 cw. I just didn’t like them. I do all of my own club work and don’t have much experience working with graphite. I’m not going to pay for an up-charge and hope the OEM gets it right.
  5. Thanks! Been there, done that already. I'm not ready for the switch yet.
  6. I've spent most of this season fine-tuning my clubs. The Mizuno shaft optimizer recommends the PX LZ 6.0. I can't argue with the results but man do they cause my elbows and forearms to flare up to the point that I can't straighten my arms. Is it something that will go away once I get used to them? I tried a ProSoft insert in one club and it was junk. I just put the Elevate Tour w/VSS into two clubs thinking it would help and it did not. So what is the profile of the LZ? Where is the stiffness? Butt? Mid? Tip? I have Callaway Apex 19 hybrids with the stock Catalyst hybri
  7. First, has anyone been there for a putter fitting? How was it? Did it make a difference in your game? Did you buy a tour putter or get a custom putter made? Second, did anyone buy anything from the hive? I was wondering what they have for sale there? What types of head covers? Divot tools? Ball markers? I am thinking of doing a one day visit, get there in the morning, do my fitting and then leave in the evening. Has anyone done that? Did you take an Uber/Lyft from the airport, public transportation or rent a car? Thanks!
  8. I have a set of 4-U with DG120 S300 shafts that I used to win a tournament with. They seem to perform for me out of the first cut and rough. From the fairway, I hit them a little chunky or a little thin. It's like the sole just bounces off of the turf into the back of the ball. Contact on the face is always on the bottom grooves. Enter the SEL's. These have PX LZ 6.0 in them. Higher launch, more spin, longer distance. Turf interaction from the fairway is perfect. I drop two balls at the 150 marker. The PING ends up on the front edge and the SEL ends up on the back of the green. I repeat t
  9. The good news is that PING still refinishes their woods in house. Bang it up and send it in at the end of the season to make it look like new again.
  10. Looking for a new set. Anyone see a set locally near them? Store name and phone #... Thanks!
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