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  1. Seriously, let it go about the sound and the hot melt already! Every time I open this thread there is a comment from you talking about the sound or hot melt. I've hit the whole line outside on a grass range with Pro V1's and it is nowhere as bad as you say it is. As others have mentioned above, I am too busy looking at ball flight and performance to notice sound. Try hitting the center of the club face, it sounds and feels better...
  2. Is the ST200 driver still relevant in todays world?
  3. There is a SRP price and a Pro price. The Pro price is what PING charges the account for upgrades. The account can charge up to the SRP but are not penalized if they only charge the Pro price. Kinda like their blue/orange column pricing.
  4. I thought the putter line was coming out in March?
  5. PURE is the stickiest/tackiest I have ever felt. I'm putting them on my next set.
  6. I too would like to know. I've already missed the first two releases of the year mainly due to the emails going to my promotional folder. Bettinardi does a better job advertising their releases.
  7. Directly from the PING website: Club bounce angles will vary slightly if ordered with non-standard loft specs. https://ping.com/en-us/clubs/irons/g425
  8. The head sounds fine when hit on the sweet spot so try that before adding hot melt.
  9. Here’s what one retailer told me today: Ping had issues with a cargo ship coming from overseas with 1000's of G425 heads that are not available. It could be rough from a delivery standpoint.
  10. What did you put in at the top of the bag?
  11. Tourney on 4/25. I've got my goal, now to get there! I don't think I will swing slower or faster, just pain free. I did a lot of testing pre-op so I could have a plan during recovery. Keep what I have or start over...
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