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  1. Not to thread-jack but I am also curious. During the series 7 commercial they show a woman playing golf and looking at her watch and it displays some distances. Anyone know which app that is?
  2. I was able to get the limited blackout edition yesterday , hope it ships soon as the clubs are going away for the winter in a week or two.
  3. Oh shoot! I thought this was the wedge thread. My bad!
  4. On chips shots. I’m a picker/sweeper that plays in soft conditions. I play a SM8 with 8* bounce and a Glide 3.0 with 10* bounce. Both are better in regards to chipping but not as good in flop shots and bunker shots. If I went to 6* would I still get what I want with the flop and bunker?
  5. So I have the 58/4 X grind and love it in most situations so far. full shots - easy to control for distance flop shots - easy to hit and control bunker shots - by far the easiest wedge I have hit out of the bunker. the only issue so far is fringe and first cut around the green…a lot of chunkies! The leading edge just digs. Do I need more bounce? If I get more bounce, will it affect the other shots?
  6. Here is my review of the Stack System and background. This year I have had surgery on both elbows and didn't get out onto the course until July. This year I have also had cortisone injections in my right rotator cuff, left ac joint, neck, C5, L5-S1 and right knee. I have lost quite a bit of speed over the past few years due to life, work, kids, injuries etc. It took me a little longer to complete the foundation course because I took an extra day off here and there, took a week off and towards the end I had a hamstring injury on my trail leg and tried to fight through it but that brought my numbers down a bit. Overall I saw a 7 mph increase in club head speed which has translated to about 18-25 yards on the course. I played a course that I play a lot and was hitting my driver further than I ever have before. Conditions up here in New England aren't the best either. The ground isn't frozen so I'm not getting those big bounces with tons of roll out. If anything it's wetter and the fairways are a bit furry. Plus it's colder and windier too. I played my home course last week, normally I play the white tees but moved back to the blue tees and was hitting my driver to where I normally hit it from the white tees. There is about a 20-30 yard difference on most holes from blue to white. Has this swing speed increase carried over to my irons? No, but I try to control those more and not swing for distance. I am working on swinging faster with my irons while maintaining centeredness of contact. I like the way the app tells you when and what time to work out; I did like the first program it put me through, looking forward to the next; I like that it is fewer swings per session and from only one side; I did try Super Speed and like this better.
  7. I heard Canada just opened their border on 11/8. Go back to TXG. I've been to everyone and after watching their youtube video's, they are head and shoulders above everyone else. I'm trying to figure out the logistics of flying up in the AM and coming home the same day.
  8. Have these shown up in the fitting carts yet? I heard early December but who knows these days.
  9. Interesting! I have the i210’s but want something smaller. I tried the T100 and I think those are too small
  10. I just got my 58*/4* X grind today. When laid open, the back is flat on the ground and a flop shot might come right back up and hit me in the face! I hope to hit some shots on Sunday (weather permitting) or Monday at the indoor range. Stock shaft will get pulled. I have a Modus 115 wedge shaft, a DG 115 shaft and a Nippon 950 that I could pair with it. Overall, first impressions are good. I like the satin finish and it looks good at address.
  11. I called Accra and they said the tip is 4" long to allow for it to be trimmed while still remaining a taper tip. I wish their website was a little more informative.
  12. I have googled and searched the internet for answers. I contacted the retailers selling the shafts and no reply. I've contacted Accra and no reply. They are sold by weight with no flex mentioned except variable. They are also taper tip so no tip trimming. How do you get to a regular or stiff or x? Available in three specific weights: 105g, 115g and 125g, i-Series steel is designed to enable club fitters to dial in performance with 10 dedicated lengths available in each model.
  13. I would definitely play component clubs and do all of my own work. I never really looked into it because what I prefer or what I look for is typically not available left-handed.
  14. 1. Scotty Cameron: Anyone know what the shaft weighs on the 2020 Special Select Newport 2? Also, is it a taper tip? I ordered a TT straight taper shaft at 127 grams. 2. Titleist T100 irons: I used digital calipers to measure and got .530 OD. I found something that is .680" with a .535 OD but the collar is a little short. 3. Vokey SM8 wedge: I used the calipers to measure and got .550 (maybe slightly bigger). I found something that is .550 and 3/4" long or .570 and 7/8" long. Thanks!
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