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  1. I just picked one up for $159! I don't know how to differentiate between the two years? They look identical on the website. Either way it needs some special treatment to bring it back to new. It looks like the previous owner did not use a head cover and just slammed the putter back into the bag. What do you guys recommend? Putter Lounge? Putter Spa? BOS Golf? Norcal putters?
  2. I guess I'm wondering how well these aftermarket adapters are made compared to the original. I'm LH so if I set it to D4 will that be standard? Do all of the settings with the aftermarket adapters correspond to the factory adapters? A club builder in Canada told me that he met this particular seller and it was confirmed that he supplied Titleist with their adapters. I don't believe everything I read but his adapters and weights look good.
  3. I posted in the club repair forum looking for a reputable dealer of Titleist adapters and ferrules and it was removed. Why?
  4. I was given the name of an e**y seller that supposedly supplies Titleist with their parts. Of course the seller denies it and claims they are good quality aftermarket adapters/weights. What's the purpose of the serial number on the adapters? Is there a database somewhere where you can verify the authenticity? I just want to try some other shafts that Titleist doesn't offer or I don't want to pay their up-charge prices and I don't want to break apart the gamer shaft. I don't want junk where the head flies off and gets damaged or worse flies into the water!
  5. I just bought the book on Amazon for $17. That's the least amount I've spent on a possible solution!
  6. Interesting read! When I got my cortisone shot today the PA put his thumb on my AC joint and nearly buckled me to the floor. The pain is real! The surgeon told me the procedure he was going to do was 98% successful but I had to address the neck issues too.
  7. Thanks for the reply! Mine is the left shoulder and I am a left handed golfer. I got a cortisone shot in the AC joint today to try and get some relief. I do have some arthritis in there. The surgeon wants to shave the bone to create some room so there is no friction. He also said I have a pinched nerve in the neck which is somehow contributing to the issue. I'm not that familiar with anatomy and physiology...so I need to see another doctor for that. I have a 6 year old and a 1 year old both boys. I can't throw a ball or play catch, shoot a basketball, play golf with th
  8. Has anyone had to deal with this? I've; had the pain for a while and just got it diagnosed today. In the past I have tried a lot of conservative treatments for that area depending on what that particular person thought I had. The doctor I saw today recommends surgery based on what I've tried in the past. I had left tennis elbow surgery in January, right tennis elbow surgery a week ago and now this! I wonder if the universe is trying to tell me something?! I will be cleared to play around the middle of July but who really knows? I could have the shoulder surgery in as li
  9. When are we going to see pictures? Is this going to be more like the MP 18 SC? My season is over but I'm planning my 2022 bag!
  10. I saw them today at PGA. They only had 3 of the colors and looking online everyone carries the same 3 colors. It's surprising these are not on the Nike website either.
  11. I bought the S42 but haven't used it yet. I'm thinking of exchanging it for the S62 because of the added features. Is the S62 legal for tournament play because of the plays like and slope features? Or can that be turned off?
  12. Thanks! I could see myself owning 3 or 4 of these! Summer is an odd choice for release though.
  13. Anyone watching the semi’s this morning and see his 1/4 zip. White with horizontal stripes. I don’t see it on the Nike website. Prior model? Tour only?
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