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  1. I just heard the release date was pushed out to the end of October.
  2. They had two machinists making the putters and then one retired. With one machinist now, the wait time is about 2 months. As a previous owner of one, they are well worth it. I only sold mine to get a different head and weight. By the time I have it in hand and actually play with it it will be 2022.
  3. You can order any one you like...they are $1250 each plus tax.
  4. I put in an order for T100 with DG 105 S300 and was told that they would have the shaft at the end of September. If they weren't able to fill the order i.e. ran out of the shaft before they got to mine then they wouldn't have the shaft back in stock until June 2022.
  5. I just wanted to follow up to my last experience with these. Yesterday when I wasn't under the watchful eye of the sales person, I really let go with these. Paired with the DG 105 S300 I was able to get the ball out to 155 on average (carry). Mishits were around 150 yards and well struck shots were around 160 yards. My biggest fear was missing the ball with these! I think the smaller head really helps with your focus. I haven't hit a truly disastrous shot with these. What could these be with the right lie angle and grip size??? I heard PING is increasing their prices today in some locations by as much as 20-25%. I'm not sure I am ready to pull the trigger yet...
  6. I found a lefty head and got to hit it. I LOVE the feel of it. It feels very solid even on mishits. Everything wants to go straight. The distance just wasn't there for me, the T100 was a club longer. The salesperson was hanging over my shoulder plus the size of the head made me a little hesitant to rip through it. I was probably guiding it more than I was swinging it. Thinking about the 5 & 6 irons made me think I wouldn't be able to handle them. Take everything about this and put it into a bigger head.
  7. Typical WRX response... full of sarcasm and adds little to no value. Thanks for answering the question!
  8. What does this putter feel like once you remove the sticker on the insert? Does that kill the resale once it is removed?
  9. Brand new, never used. Taken out of the bag for pictures. 34” with head cover. No trades. Price includes shipping, insurance and signature. $2000 OBRO
  10. Any confirmed lefty fitting cart head sightings or do we get the shaft again? No iBlade, no Blueprint...
  11. 1. Boston, MA2. 2.83. Sprinkler head, rangefinder, handheld device. 4. Bushnell XE, phantom 25. Yes This wins on looks alone just because it is blue!
  12. Hit the T200, T100S & T100 today. Swing and a miss! Feel is terrible with all 3, sound is terrible with all 3. Clicky, hard/firm, nothing special. Saved me a few bucks!
  13. If that’s the (only) LH option I’m going with Titleist.
  14. PING i210 4-U, 54* Glide 3.0 Standard length AWT 2.0 stiff flex in irons Z-Z115 in wedge Black color code Wedge is SS sole Stock tour velvet grips on irons, stock dyla-wedge grip on 54* Used for 3 rounds No rock dings or anything like that. $900 No trades at the moment. Price is shipped in lower 48. Shipping carrier at my discretion (expensive as …) or can do a local pick up. Anything less than ask and buyer pays shipping. Will ship to Canada at buyers expense. I'm leaving for vacation on Saturday so that’s my last day to ship.
  15. I asked for the same exact shaft today and was told normal build time of 25 days.
  16. I picked up the Mizuno’s today and the swing weights range from D2-D4 with the stock dynamic gold’s. I’m afraid to pull them apart because I don’t know what I will find once I do and then I can’t return them.
  17. Too many unknowns here! I don’t want to get stuck with a set of MP20 heads. I wish someone local had a head lying around.
  18. So my next issue is installing the PX IO shafts which weigh 110 grams vs DG at 130 grams. That should be a loss of 2.5 swing weight points. So I would need 5 gram tip weights if the head weights are all uniform. I’ve run into issues in the past with stock Mizuno sets that have DGS300 where I couldn’t get the swing weight back up to D2, I think that was with Modus 105?
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