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  1. I’ve been looking around as well in that age range. Colonia CC has a great deal your age x $100 + $1500 initiation. So if you’re 25 would be $2500 + $1500 for the first year. Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on that course. Shackamaxon has a “Young Professional” membership but you can’t play on weekends until after 10:00AM. Was a deal breaker for me but understand the reasoning. Heard even if you have full privileges the tee sheet is overloaded.
  2. Carl’s is fantastic. Got a great deal on a z785 driver from them brand new a few weeks ago. Quick shipping and great customer service.
  3. Anyone have insights into this club? They are running a good deal right now thinking about joining.
  4. Colonia CC in NJ has a $1000 initiation fee and they give it back year 3 as a credit on your yearly membership fee. I don’t know much about the club itself, though.
  5. Anyone have insight into Colonia CC? I’m looking into joining a club ASAP. Interested in: Watchung Colonia Suburban Shackamaxon Forest Hill
  6. I agree on the combo set as long as you’ve hit both of them and are comfortable!
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