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  1. Scotty does that in all his putters that removable weights.
  2. Look at the bottom of a REAL Phantom PUTTER... the sole has grooves in the real one, yours doesn't. Most likely fake. Sorry
  3. I agree to a certain extent, but Acushnet does a pretty good job filtering out the fakes. For example, as I said on another reply, my listing got flagged by Acushnet because I misspelled "NWEPORT 2" I wasn't able to list anything Titleist or Scotty Cameron. Also, one of the advantages of Ebay is that, they have a buyer protection program that's 2nd to none.
  4. Actually I realized I didn't add the correct picture to this thread. I was intending to out a picture of a fake putter(pic w/ plastic wrap) vs. Very good fake, which I just posted. I've been playing golf since 12, and I played at the University of Utah. I've used Scotty Cameron's from the moment I stole my dad's Scotty and have upgraded every 2 years, so I'm aware of what to look for on a Scotty to know if it's authentic. (ex. Mill lines, full sight line, shaft band location etc...)
  5. I do to... But Acushnet does a good job fishing the fake ones out on eBay. Almost too much. They blocked a Scotty Cameron listing j had because I misspelled "NWEPORT" so I had to wait 6 days to relist, but I'm completely fine with that, knowing they're pulling fakes of sites like eBay.
  6. I can't answer that fully knowing the answer. However I've heard that they ship them wrapped, and they ask the shops to remove them before displaying them. However, I know for a fact they ship gallery putters wrapped.
  7. Actually I only bought one type of putter from him and it was the 2018 studio select putter. Yes the first one I bought I bought his story, it wasn't until I bought a second putter because I put a nasty ding on it. That I realized that something wasn't right. Mainly because I got the same exact looking headcover he had said he just bought the odd but correct headcover (in terms I'd markings and lettering) off some guy on eBay when I questioned the first odd looking headcover. That's what prompted me to check the serial number on both, which were the exact same. If you're under the impres
  8. Yeah they're quick to doing that when you call them out on it. In my case they told me to keep the putter if I keep quiet about it. They even went as far as asking me how I figured them out. I think that question alone means they may have been at this for a while. Needless to say, I kept the putter and basically told them to f*** off by writing this post and not losing sleep over it either. I was flabbergasted on how insanely good this countefiet was though. If they listed it without a headcover, I would have never known. Great catch though on the putter alignment line, not a
  9. I disagree to an extent. Ebay has come a long way, and they make sure the buyers ate happy with their purchase... Almost too much to an extent, but you shouldn't be discouraged from buying Scotty's off of eBay. Had I believed you shouldn't buy from eBay, I would have titled my post saying exactly that. Instead I feel being aware of thay countefiets will be enough to steer you to a legit one. Just stand by the "too good to be true" or even a guy feeling something isn't right should suffice. In some cases, you can find legit ones for an insane low price. But doing so, you'll have to go sea
  10. Just a warning, there are really good quality fake scotty's being sold on eBay. If their homeland is China and are shipping from Georgia, DO NOT BUY!! These sellers have a buy it now price of $259.99. When I mean high quality fakes, I mean really good quality. These putters have the mill lines on the back, the gray SKU sticker, and the shaft sticker is spot on and facing the back like the authentic ones. The one thing that raised any suspicions, was the head cover they send was definitely a knock off, and when I asked about it, they said they bought it from a stores display rack, and
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