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  1. I purchased the G400 Max head and it was in great shape and arrived a day earlier than forecast. Seller kept me informed via PM and provided the tracking info when I requested it, so wanted to give credit where credit is due on my first BST purchase.
  2. I'm NOT sure why the OP (seller) posted the pics as he did, because it made it quite confusing; but his photo is the one with the putter right-side-side up (middle photo), whereas the two with the putter upside-down were taken by the buyer. IMHO buyer is scum of the earth and hope he misses every put over 6 inches for the rest of his life, and lips out half of the 6 inchers - would serve him right. Karma is a B!TC#, he better watch his back.
  3. Would have made it a TON more clear if the OP, had posted his pic FIRST and then the two pics from the buyer, instead of them being interspersed. BTW, I can't see the dent in the right-side-up pic (seller). But I will be taking pics of things from different angles on my eBay listings from here on.
  4. Now that is funny. I would have reciprocated with a threat to throw him in right after that so he could retrieve it
  5. Yes, I thought it was fascinating when I ran across it. The ONLY thing the club companies can pitch is more distance, as that is what makes product move off the shelves. And in the vernacular of the wooden woods, if you hit one "on the screws" with a longer shaft -- it's gonna go farther. But how often do you or can you with that length of shaft? Definitely doesn't get the attention it deserves !
  6. Wishon did a study comparing distance and dispersion with 43", 44", and 45" drivers. Only folks with a hc of 5 or lower hit the longer shaft better. All other hc's had better distance and dispersion with shorter shaft lengths. I uploaded an image, but it may be too small to see; if not, I'm guessing you can find it on the intergoogle.
  7. I'm just getting caught up after a few days away from the forums, but DaveMc82, you win the internet for me today ! That was too damn funny.
  8. I get the feeling Srixon might be quoting you in their marketing campaigns !
  9. G400 Max has not been ousted by G410 plus, nor PXG 0211 or Proto no matter what shaft they threw in them (even a couple of high $ exotics just for $#!Ts and giggles).
  10. Tour wrap 2G, for how tacki they feel. And I like the look as well.
  11. Shafts this year - AD DI for driver and 4W (found good deals on the bay), plus used gen 2 PXG 22* hybrid to replace the oldest club in my bag - Cobra 23* baffler.
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