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  1. What works for me, because the 2.1 is so forgiving of toe or heel strikes, is to look at the target while making my stroke -- REALLY helps me with distance control. I liken it to tossing a bag at a corn hole target, you don't look at the bag, you focus on the hole and let your eyes and brain calculate the required force to apply. Give it a try.
  2. If someone hits into me, there won't be a polite message, there won't be a ball there either.
  3. The 3rd and 4th photo make the head and shaft look PINK, which is not the case in the first two pics. Do you have pink back-lighting on those shots?
  4. If they fall into the "beloved" category, don't EVER sell 'em !
  5. I'm surprised someone was able to win on tour with the plastic still on but the tour pros have preternatural hand-eye coordination to begin with, so anything is possible with them. Good price for a used club
  6. With as many people as you've helped with putters, you're building up quite a bit of good karma with the putting gods !
  7. How about an armlock or broomstick L.A.B.? Might be the best of both worlds. I know my L.A.B. DF 2.1 is so forgiving of toe or heel strikes (due primarily to the high MOI, but I know that there being NO TORQUE also plays into this), I am able to look at my target instead of at the ball when I make my stroke, this has helped me immensely with my distance control.
  8. Isn't that why then invented practice swings? Swing a couple times to see where you are coming through; then set the club down there, and leave it on the ground while you shuffle your feet into place so the middle of the club sits directly behind the ball. Works for me anyway. Given the choice of looking cool or finding my ball in the middle of the fairway, I'll go with the latter 100% of the time. Old fart, don't care what others think
  9. DO IT, you won't regret it. Best tool on the planet for getting the ball to rattle in the bottom of the cup in the fewest strokes possible.
  10. When you hand your wood to someone else, it should always be stated, "Yes, you are welcome to try it, but if you sky it, you buy it".
  11. BagBoy Tri-Swivel - both rear wheels lock, great cart (now at the in-laws beach house). I now have the BagBoy Quad XL which I prefer. Super easy to fold/unfold. And if you ever want to change your bag, look into a Datrek or BagBoy with the TopLok system; makes getting the bag and cart out of the trunk, linked together, and on your way to the course, a process that takes less than a minute - Awesome.
  12. A very apt description there Cliffy, we'll add that to the "Funk & Wagnalls"
  13. My lord, look at the forearms on that dude. That sumb!tch is RIPPED !
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