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  1. EDT, I wish you the best in your attempt to continue this discussion. I used to come to WRX every day and would post frequently. Tonight was a rare visit for me now but with the Masters approaching I couldn’t resist. This thread with the crazy posts from F14 quickly reminded me why I stay away. Keep up the good fight. I admire your effort.
  2. With a $20 weight kit the max will get virtually the identical numbers as the std. I did that for a guy who prefers the look of the max. Btw, most people ive seen fit do prefer the “larger” look of the Max id like to see Callaway launch the next driver with the sub zero and max weight ports in the same driver.
  3. Rust off or like products work great for these putters. Dings and rust in face markings have few answers. Although I’ve found a dark finish helps hide dings pretty well. A mill skim is always possible too. For awful putters that is only option. It can be done with very little weight loss (less than 7.5g)
  4. I have hit the 699 irons. I think they are really nice. On TrackMan they performed as well as similar designs from Ping & TaylorMade. I haven’t played them on the course. I just did TrackMan sessions with 5 guys, so maybe 500 shots. A couple of the guys told me they want to order sets. All said they really liked them. Tons of shaft options are available I LOVE their MBs though. they have great feel & sounds. The lofts and lies checked out upon receipt. They perform extremely well. I can manipulate the ball the way I want. With stock lofts they were a little longer than my MP33 & M
  5. my son was fitted for a SIK putter at their studio at Orange County National 1.5 years ago. Greg was an AWESOME fitter! Their putter is beautiful and has been very durable. The head cover & grips are top shelf. It had a degree added and was 30g heavier than his other putter. It has great feel and the technology seemed to help him on lag putts
  6. If I were you, I’d go buy a center shafted #7. I have an old white hot. It’s worth $50-75 which is less expensive than the mods for which you are searching
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