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  1. It sounds as if the Fc90 in R-flex, or even a soft-stepped R-flex, would work for me. And I have rather smooth transition and a tempo of about 3.4. How far do you usually carry your 7i?
  2. When you mention the Nippons play about a half flex soft, are you referring to the standard 950GH, the 950GH HT, or Nippons in general? With my 7i swing speed do you think I might have to soft-step the R SteelFiber? The i95 R-flex in that LW feels about right, so in my 5/6/7 irons with the Fc they might be flexible enough?
  3. That’s helpful to know about the DG profile. I can compare that with the HT profile on the Japanese site.
  4. Currently playing JPX921 Forged in SR-flex. The trajectory isn’t quite as high as I hoped but is acceptable. I bought a used JPX919 LW with a R-flex SteelFiber i95vshaft and really like the feel of the club. So I read a bit about the Aerotech line and think maybe the Fc90 might be more what I’m looking for. I used to play the 950GH HT in my Speedblades, a R-flex hard-stepped once and really liked the feel and trajectory. The SR-flex in the Forged JPX921 is flying a bit lower, but the feel is good. I put a R-flex 950GH HT in a JPX919 SW and the trajectory is a bit high and the sh
  5. I’ve heard the I.D. of the tip is smaller. One source said drilling out the tip. How is weight added?
  6. Final answer... Going with a NS Pro950GH with SR flex.Main reason is that Golfrnut’s comment about same weight. I hit ALL of my TM Speedblades well. The new club head is TM. Onthe tee I go after the ball a bit more and the SR flex is going to be a tad stiffer than my hard-stepped 950GH HT shafts. Add to that that if I don’t like it I am only Out-of-pocket 1,599¥ ($14.60) rather than the $50 for my second choice shaft. That second choice shaft will be there if I don’t like the 950GH. Thanks goes out to everyone for their input, as all the comments contributed to my making a decision I fee
  7. > @Golfrnut said: > I'm going to defer on this one. > Had I been in your shoes and going at it blind, I probably would have went the same direction though. Makes sense, but just trying on my shoes was helpful. Everybody has a different swing. I’m holding a club head, with no source to even trying a shafted version at all. I bought it blind bc I like my TM Speedblades and I have confidence in my irons. If all this fails, nobody is going to kill me and eat me for dinner. I’m just out a couple hundred bucks. Not even that bc the club can go on Yahoo Auction.
  8. > @Golfrnut said: > I ended up staying very close to what I have in my irons in terms of shaft weight. I found this, a UST Mamiya Recoil 95, S flex. Went with S flex bc that was what I have been using in my driver and this is likely a ‘tee box only’ club. The UST recommendations kinda’ put me between the R and S and I figure S will give me a bit more control, which is again what I want. What do you think?
  9. > @ProjectX said: > Personally I recommend the same steel shaft that's in your irons or a lighter weight version of that steel shaft. The 950GH might be a go, and I can even order that #2 shaft in a SR flex. But I wouldn’t put the 950GH HT(high trajectory) shaft in bc I want a lower flight. Another option is this Project X shaft.
  10. > @"Howard Jones" said: > Are we talking PX steel shafts, or PX Tour Issue Hybrids? > Both is very strong to flex, and phone poles compared to your Nippons. > Soft stepped (less tip trimmed 6.0), might do for a driving iron. The ad just says it is a “graphite Hybrid iron shaft” with the following pic.
  11. > @"Howard Jones" said: > > You can have them to play almost any flex you want by altering tip trim, so if the weight of the 7.0 is wanted, just trim it less. > > - Your Hybrid is H2 i guess, and that means 0.5 tip trim as standard, but a 7.0 NO Tipped, will play almost identical to your PX 5.5 Steel irons, only 15 grams less weight, but most of us wants more launch and spin in a hybrid, so i would say its to strong for most to use like that. Old thread but I’ll jump in and hope. I can get a Project X in a 6.0 or 6.5 for about $25 here in Japan. I’d be putting it in a
  12. Well, then this brings up what the hosel diameter really is on the P790 UDI. I have the older model and from Taylormade’s spec chart (https://www.golfworks.com/images/art/TaylorMade.pdf) it seems both .355 taper and .370 parallel were made. Given that my .370 Phenom shaft had to be sanded a bit to fit in the hosel, I have the .355 taper. NOTE: That chart also explains why when I first investigated hosel diameter there were those who claimed THEIR club used a diameter of .
  13. In looking at shaft specs, hybrid shafts seem to be marketed differently. With iron shafts a given weight is often available in R/S/X, but the hybrids each increase is accompanied by an increase in stiffness. Anything I have found so far, among the shafts I have narrowed it down to, if I want something with the 95g weight of my Pro950GH shafts, I’m going to end up with a X-stiff shaft. Although I believe in the “play whatever works” concept, plopping down cash for my first shaft that stiff gives me pause. Hmmm....
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