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  1. looking for some ping glide 3.0 wedge heads- 50.12 & 54.12. also would look at glide 2.0 stealth heads in same loft and bounce.
  2. Morning WRX. Have a few items up for sale today. All prices OBO and include usps shipping. If you're west of the Rockies i have to add $10 to list price - apologies west coasters. 1. Mizuno HMB 3 iron - standard LLL with KBS $taper 120S. Excellent shape and a weapon off the tee and turf. Lots of forgiveness engineered into a more compact frame than most typical utility irons. Most wanted by MyGolfSpylast year too so you know it performs. $old shipped. 2. Cobra F9 5wood head- 18.5 loft. Good condition. Very versatile from fairway and tee as well. $old shipped. 3. Tour issue fujikura fuel 65X - Taylormade tour adapter and measures 43.5 inches tip to grip. Great for a shorter length driver build around 44.5-44.75 playing length depending on which head you use in it-200 grams in a Sim head had this at 44.5 and D3 for me. Retail version was labeled 60X but the 65X version was made for tour use. Called Fuji and they said it's basically a Fuel Tour Spec with retail graphics - stiffer tip and butt sections than retail. Reminds me a lot of the Pro 63X Tour Spec. $70 shipped 4. Graphite Design Tour AD XC 6X - has new callaway adapter. Measures 42.75 inches. No tip trimming. good for a shorter driver build or lightweight fairway build. Smaller market to sell this shaft to so pricing it at $old shipped.
  3. Conus price includes usps shipping east of Rockies. West of Rockies add $10. sim 10.5 with tour issue fujikura fuel 65x- retail version was labeled 60x. This has stiffer tip and handle like tour spec but retail paint. Plays 44.75 inches. $old. shipped. Will sell head for $old ventus blue velo 60x. 44 inches tip to grip. New tour velvet grip and callaway adapter. No tip trimming. Great shaft I’m just more of a tour adxc guy I’ve learned. $240 shipped
  4. how many degrees upright does the D setting create on the callaway adapter?
  5. anyone know how many degrees upright the D setting on the callaway adapters is?
  6. I put 6 g of hotmelt in my 425 max and turned head down 1.5*. It rules. Someone’s in for a treat. GLWS.
  7. looking for excellent shape m6 3w head only w/ hc.
  8. i built my sim ti 3 wood for a little over $200. $160 for the head and then $50 for the VTS Red 7x tspx. This shaft is so awesome for me bc i have a softer transition with fairway woods for some reason. it's silly long and sounds pretty cool imo too.
  9. looking for one in excellent shape. have a shaft so mainly look for head only w/ HC. 16.5 prererred. thx!
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