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  1. I have both with same Ad Iz 6x shaft and efsz is much more draw bias than 410 lst when both in neutral. I think this is due to the more upright lie angle of the efsz. Once put the efsz weight in the max fade position i was able to control it much better. I think the efsz is maybe about 6 yards longer on dead center strikes but dispersion is higher with efsz overall compared to 410. Sound of lst is much better too so it’s in my bag and staying until I can tinker with the 425.
  2. i've had excellent experiences with the following irons: wilson staff v6 - very forgiving and great minimalist look. the tungsten weighting is brilliant but beware their way of measuring length is totally different from other oems. i bought what i thought was going to be a set that played off a 38.25 5 iron but they were actually 37.75 which was way too short for me. they eventually replaced the set but it was a pain to deal w/. jpx 900 tours - these are gamers at teh moment but i have recently incoroporated mp 18 mmc fli hi irons in teh 6-4 irons becuase the 919s were no
  3. Epic flash 15* 3w in Excellent shape. Shafted with a Fujikura speeder 7.0 X flex shaft that plays 43 inches. New tour velvet grip. Price includes oem HC. $150 shipped obo
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