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  1. 35 inches in excellent shape! Anyone have one?
  2. G400 9* head excellent shape.
  3. Conus only. Price includes shipping. excellent shape. No blemishes. 10.5. No HC but we’ll protected when shipped. $250 obo.
  4. Hopefully the max ls looks different than the epic max ls. The epic max ls looks like it has offset and I can’t get over it.
  5. ping lst driver heads are so dang heavy they typically swing weight D3 (my sweet spot) at around 44 inches.
  6. Price is shipped usps priority east of Rockies. West add $10. head only old full club $old SOLD excellent shape tsi3 10 with GD Tour Ad XC 6x. Plays 45.25 inches. Head cover included. Would trade for epic speed triple diamond 10.5. Have an extra +4 weight and adapter too. Message me if interested in adding to sale. odyssey tour lined 2 ball 10. 35 inches also excellent shape. $205 shipped.
  7. sim2 10.5 w/ adbb 6x. very straight combo.
  8. Conus only. Price includes usps shipping east of Rockies. West of Rockies add $10. Standard length (as compared to stock RDX smoke- my son took my measuring tape and hit it somewhere but pics compare length). Plays graphics down in 2 position. No tip trimming and multi compound grip. $235 shipped.
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