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  1. Conus only at this time. Price includes usps shipping. Obo pricing. Excellent ping g410 3 head for sale with headcover. $150 shipped obo. Ping g410 5w head and shaft sold.
  2. Looking for standard length MP H5 6 and or 5 irons. Heads only will do too.
  3. Ideally want to trade for a similar condition g410 lst 9*. excellent shape 410 lst head. One pin size little imperfection near one of the turbulators but it didn’t show on pics. Mint otherwise $240 shipped but prefer a trade.
  4. Good shape or excellent. Head or full club is fine
  5. I was shocked. I really wanted the max ls to rule but it was the worst of the 21 stuff for me. Tsi2 was best, followed by rad speed, then tsi3 , g425lst, and max ls last. I should have tried the rad speed in my VTS silver bc the more I think about it , that shaft has always just worked so well for me.
  6. I had the f9 9* with VTS silver 6x as a backup to my g410 lst for 1 year. Went and got fit this week and hit everything new and my g410 and nothing really stood out. Until I hit my f9. Nothing was close in terms of dispersion and ball speed. Carry was a couple behind my lst but the fitter said I was crazy not to bag the f9 and walk away from the fitting !
  7. Excellent shape. Zero blemishes and no tip trimming. Club professionally built here in GA. Measures right at 44 maybe a hair under. Played right at 45 in my lst. NOTE the adapter is in the neutral FLAT setting. $175 shipped.
  8. looking for one in near mint shape 2-14 weights preferred but LMK what you got!!
  9. Price includes usps shipping. Great condition with minimal use/wear. Includes oem HC. Would trade for a epic flash sz 5W head. $80 shipped.
  10. Excellent shape. Head weighs 202 grams per my scale. Sale includes headcover and usps priority shipping. $200 OBO. If someone needs an x flex shaft I have a VTS silver tspx with cobra adapter I could ship top for extra $40. It’s mint
  11. MMC fli hi is such an awesome head. GLWS Will make an awesome addition to someone’s bag.
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