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  1. I'm curious to get some feedback here. I have a hard time describing feel, but for me swingweight tends to be a window of acceptability. Below a certain SW when I waggle a club it wants to waver around. Above a certain point it feels like I'm working to start the swing. That window is a good couple points and I can't really discern any difference within that range. Each range varies based on wedges vs irons vs hybrids, etc. Recently I'm starting to thing there's something more to it, and that's the location of the weight in the head. I play a Ping G410 LST driver at a relatively low SW with th
  2. My Ping G410 LST 3W is on BST because I don't get better results than my X2 Hot Pro. I'm gonna stop trying to replace it.
  3. Rejected as well. I doubt many people got good news considering they honored all the 2020 tickets for 2021. And I have a buddy who had a family badge set aside for me for 2020. Doubt his family members will be willing to do the same next year. I'm frankly surprised they're not having patrons in November, in some capacity.
  4. I still use another one of these in my longest hybrid and love it. I just acquired too much stuff and went back to a steel shaft in a different hybrid. I play evenflow black in my driver and fairway wood, and I feel this is very comparable. I fight high spin and this is great for that without being harsh or boardy at all. I have some loose MCC +4 grips in good shape and I could throw one in the box for you if it gets the deal done. PP is bnperrone@hotmail.com
  5. I've also found the 913 and 818 to be comparable, in the hd and h2 models like the post above. I'd skip the 816 model. Titleist pretty much admitted that their early designs leaving the "speed channel" exposed had problems getting stuck in the turf or filled with dirt and whatnot.
  6. It was originally from a 19* TS3 hybrid, so it would be stock Titleist build off of that. I had it shortened to current length (I don't remember how much was cut) and that all came off the butt end. I'm told that the tip-stiff section of the EF White promotes butt trimming to length rather than tip-trimming. Regardless, I can get measurements from the adapter to the graphics, or butt end to graphics, or both, or whatever info you need to determine whether it'll work for you. Thanks, Ben
  7. All prices include PP and shipping to lower 48 states. Please PM for other shipping locations. Happy to do it but need to account for expense. I do my best to take good pictures and let them speak for the condition, and I'm happy to send additional photos or details. I'm open to reasonable offers. Very specific trade interest limited to excellent condition PXG gen 2 0311X 4-iron head. Open to reasonable offers, and I'm especially open to offers on the wedges and misc single shafts, as they're taking up space and I've gone to different shaft lines across my bag. 1. Ping G410 LST 3-
  8. Any proper fitting includes real-life concerns like budget. Regardless of whether your numbers were correct, there's no point in getting into stuff you aren't able and/or willing to pay for. Now you've gone all the way through the process but you're left speculating on what else might work for you. That said, there are enough people doing the same thing that sooner or later you'll probably see that exact shaft pulled from a PXG for half the price...
  9. I can't explain it, but the Wilson Staff Model is long. I saw an extra club in distance both times I've compared them in a fitting environment. I fight high spin, so it's possible that these are spin-reducing heads that perfectly mesh with my needs. I'd be a little intimidated to play them in the long irons, but it's worth considering.
  10. Mizuno, Wilson, Titleist all make gap wedges designed to flow. I suspect a T100 from Titleist would be the most iron-like GW out there. Between the PW and W lofts of the T100 and T100S and bending potential there's no number you can't hit.
  11. Comparable distance to 2-hybrids and 5-woods I've used, but definitely nowhere near replacing a traditional 3-wood.
  12. Try reaching out to Callaway directly. Nobody knows their line better than they do. I wouldn't be surprised if they threw you a discount code for your loyalty. Never know.
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