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  1. I have a 4-hybrid that is cloned to my 4-iron. Shaft, length, SW, loft. I can easily pick between the two. Next set probably won't order a 4-iron. Longer than that, I have a driving iron that flows with irons in terms of length, step down in weight class shaft, etc. I have an incredibly hot and cold relationship with fairway woods, so my next attempt is going to be a low-lofted hybrid that I "flow up" from my irons. Modus GOST shaft in Tour S to complement the Modus 105X iron shafts. What I've realized after a lot of trying is that my driver is my driver and I can't make fairway woods extensions of my driver. I do, however, have success working up from irons for the driving iron, 4-hybrid, and hopefully the low-lofted hybrid that would replace a fairway wood. I'm ok giving up some of the natural length of a 3-wood, because ideally I won't be hesitant to pull the long hybrid out of the bag.
  2. Let Phil know when you find that club, cause apparently that shot isn’t even an option for him. At least not at sea level. https://www.facebook.com/pgachampionship/videos/1559675571067956/
  3. I never store items to my Facebook account but I wound up digging for the video after seeing it initially, so I saved it. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgolf.com%2Finstruction%2Fwhy-standing-closer-ball-can-fix-early-extension%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2nCUNg_MU71SvmEDpOHns0ndC9LqJ2cbMqx9cIwIE6iKkLU3-duyRYUKs&h=AT32JNDGBZnIhGl2cZwUZ80n_AldeKm_Jjbo6t9shsm_UiJ0V8ENaOEP0mc1RBXnd_XlMMsG7oEakntzuarT8mFTzN6VU1ncpByjo0OgYEEsb6wzZ_048sP6YOQB&s=1
  4. 44.75” playing length, Evenflow Black 75g 6.5 (unsure exact gram weight), D2, from a very good fitting session. This is about as ideal as I think I’ll find. That said, it made me think I universally like shorter and heavier in woods and hybrids and driving iron and that has turned out to be a mistake. For me it has been best to not take equipment cues from one part of the bag to another.
  5. I was recently lacking distance why it seemed like I was swinging well, and I came across a ball position feature with Jon Rahm talking about how close he and Tiger get to the ball. The feelings they described were familiar, and I immediately went back to far better contact and way more efficiency of speed and distance. Bonus was less stress on my back with a lot of gained distance AND control. Basically, it forced me to pull my trail hip back properly and then clear out coming through without spinning out because there’s no other choice. I fight high spin on driver a touch when I’m hitting it well, and it’s bad when I’m off. The shorter clubs are way better distance and control when I’m off as well, like you getting almost as much from a 5-wood as driver. Seems similar enough to give it a shot. Just get a little close, get the hands close to your body, and then pull that hip back and let it rip. Simple experiment.
  6. CT and CTL are quite different. For me personally DG and CTL are nothing alike. For me that is coloring DG120 in S and X to C-Taper Lite X. And then both are different than C-Taper in S, which “on paper” is close. It’s not close in real life.
  7. Did you hit the 105 or just the 120? Given what you play and fit into the 105x would seem most comparable. I ask because 105x is great for me but I absolutely hate the 120 series. Currently play C-Taper Lite X in MP20 MMC for reference and it’s a good fit but the ZX7 with 105x is better. It seems odd that you would fit C-Taper S compared to X100 unless the entire goal is to get into that lower weight range.
  8. Deleted. Initially thought he meant 0211 to z forged, missed the ST part. Carry on.
  9. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with fairway woods and I think it’s because I looked at them as an extension of my driver instead of irons. I believe I have a driver swing and an everything else swing. To answer your question, I would start pretty similar to your irons but maybe a bit lighter if need be.
  10. ZX7 or even ZX5 seems like the far more direct comparison with the S55 and 921T. I have hit the 5 and 7 but not the Z forged, but I’d have a hard time imagining the Z forged would make more sense. As a long-time MP player, I hit the 919T a while back and didn’t like it at all. Definitely best to try in real life.
  11. This is going to sound stupid and I have zero proof to back it up, but I feel that raw or brushed finishes get less grabby in Bermuda grass than full chrome. I grew up in PA and used to absolutely hate Bermuda, but being in Charleston, SC for almost 20 years now it’s perfectly normal for me. As for technique, I’ve been using the Phil method of choosing to play off back foot or front foot only, with forward shaft lean regardless. Maybe worth a try.
  12. Ironically, the 43* club doesn't actually appear to have a club marking other than the loft...Wonder what he has between that 43* and the 60* next to it. 17* is kind of a wide gap between GW and LW
  13. To each their own, but I cloned my 4-iron in a hybrid. Same playing length, shaft (it's actually a different shaft from my current irons but the shaft I intend to get next time around and it doubles as a long-term experiment before I pull the trigger on irons), comparable total weight and swingweight, same loft. It takes some doing to get all of that right because hybrids are naturally set up to play much longer with much lighter shafts and all. For me it is a direct replacement for the 4-iron, and I could absolutely swap them in and out. It also allows me to get to my preferred lie angle. That said, there's a good chance I won't bother ordering a 4-iron in my next set of irons.
  14. In USKids line, this would be the ultralight or tour light series in 51-54” size. I could potentially go one size bracket up given how tall she is getting to be. I don’t particularly need a bag for her and I’m fine with a single club or a couple clubs or a full set. TIA!
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