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  1. You're not crazy, but the odds are those fairways and hybrids aren't well suited to you. Go with long irons if you want, but it'd be worth an actual fitting somewhere reliable to see if there's a good match for you in the hybrid and/or FW position.
  2. I might be missing something, but the only response I saw re; face impact was pretty brief. Is that basing it on tee marks or using impact tape and/or some other physical marker? I'm not saying a different head and/or ball and/or shaft might not be better, but it didn't seem like the impact location was fully explored. Best of luck regardless. I know for me personally I can fight spin successfully but I can also sometimes find better and worse parts of the face for that.
  3. 99% chance my next set of irons is going to be a mixed set of the staff model blades and CBs, with a staff model gap wedge (already have and love the sand wedge) and I wouldn't be surprised to wind up with the tour grind lob wedge. That's the lob wedge concept I know and love, and I like but don't love my T20. I've been a long time Mizuno player and my MP20 MMCs are definitely great clubs, but I can't get over the handful of times I've had a staff model blade put in my hand. They just suit me really really well. When I got into Mizuno decades ago they were one of the only readily available opt
  4. I know this isn't what you're asking and I'm sorry to be "that guy", but consider that these very soft heads will move over time and will need to be bent back pretty regularly for the life of the clubs. The odds of getting zero marks every time is about nil. While obviously everybody should expect attentive service appropriate for the price paid, you might want to try to forget about tiny blemishes and focus on knowing you always have your equipment perfectly set to your specs. Best of luck
  5. Wedge flex shafts, and especially tip-active wedge-specific shafts, don't work for me. It isn't a SS issue necessarily, just a profile that works against what I do and after 30+ decades of playing I'm not gonna change. That said, C-Tapers and PX LZs work well for me in wedges. KBS 610 works on paper but doesn't beat out the others in real life for me. Your buddy might need to stick to wedge shafts designed for more stability and lower flight like those are if he's fighting what he has.
  6. I too used to play midsize grips and now play standard grips built up a little. I wouldn't be surprised if larger grips are a factor for your pain issue.
  7. Everybody's different, but I was recently fitted into C-Taper Lite X after playing heavier shafts in my last set that I was fit into in 2005. Definitely no elbow pain now, including through a 100-hole one-day charity event last week. Elbow and some forearm pain was something I sometimes experienced with prior set. Not always, but I think the heavier shaft had me generating power the wrong way in recent years. Best of luck. I'm kinda curious to gather all the new awesome graphite iron shafts together for a fitting just to see if one of them is optimal for me, cause if that's the cas
  8. Just out of curiosity, do you use a flighted set of iron shafts? I ask because I was properly fit into a set about 15 years ago when I needed the help launching longer irons. Over time that changed and I wound up losing a bunch of distance in the top end because my body and swing produced excessive spin in the higher-launching portion of the set. My numbers looked very similar to yours going from 130 yard 47* PW to a 190 yard 24* 4-Iron. Now with my current set I'm carrying PW more like 135 at 46* of loft and 4-iron is 205 at 22* loft. The loft explains most all of the difference in PW distanc
  9. As a caddie on a course with notoriously hard-pan waste areas, I usually tell guests the opposite, with a caveat. I know of two ways to hit out of that stuff. One is to scalp it, and most people need low bounce and/or a specific grind in order to slap it along the ground underneath the ball. The other way to play it is to essentially slam the heel down and force a chunk/explosion type shot. I personally rarely play it that way, and neither option is very similar to how you'd play soft or normal sand. I've played low bounce lob wedges going all the way back to a Tommy Armour W4 wedge and my hom
  10. After spending a lot of time caddying at a world-class resort and meeting golfers from all over, I've become really convinced that the optimal setup is one where you like everything. I can't tell you how many times a situation has called for a club based on what we've seen only to have the guest say "yeah, but I hate that club". Why are you carrying it? I've had a love/hate relationship with fairway woods over my entire life. That doesn't mean there isn't a good setup for me out there, but I'd rather skip a specific shot if I'm going to screw it up more often than not. Can you repl
  11. I've found success with something pretty similar. I have a Titleist 818h2 23* turned down to 22* and flat as it will go. I have a KBS steel hybrid shaft in it at 105g stiff flex tipped down to get closer to X and the playing length and loft matches my 4-iron. The 4-iron (and the rest of my iron set) is a Mizuno MP20 MMC with C-Taper Lite X shafts. I have a feeling I'd be equally happy had I gone with a CTLX 4-iron shaft shimmed into the Titleist tip. Point being, matching the playing length, lie angle, swingweight, and (pretty darn close) shaft weight has been ideal for me. The mo
  12. Maybe look into the "rebar" shafts or whatever it is that Bryson's using, since your stated driver SS is 3 MPH under his. Either that's your equipment peer, or maybe you're on a cranked up launch monitor that's lying to you. The big box stores are notorious for that.
  13. 90% of guests at the Ocean Course play the Kiawah or Dye Tees at ~6,300 and 6,500 yards, respectively. Most days the grounds crew has them solidly forward of that. The course is set up ~7,800 yards. People are wrong if they think a straight hitter with a solid short game will get around in the 80s. Out there yesterday was a typical day with wind. Not crazy windy, but wind you see on a regular basis. If you legit carry the ball 270 average (which is long, regardless of what posts here would suggest), you're gonna be looking to hit career drives to put the ball in play. Then more often than not
  14. Who's done one? How did it go? I'll be participating in a benefit for The First Tee - Charleston, SC Chapter on Monday. Pretty cool timing right before the PGA Championship is at Kiawah. If anybody is so inclined, I'm still working on donations and a local donor group has just announced a dollar for dollar match. If anybody in the GolfWRX community would be willing to contribute I'd be grateful! https://charity.pledgeit.org/f/DCSk7jsaN1 Thanks in advance! -Ben Perrone
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