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  1. You know what, I went back through and you're right. It's really only one or two people. I guess that's to be expected.
  2. If I were the OP, I'd have found several helpful comments. I'd have seen some hard truth being put out there. Most of all, I'd wonder what I did to so many of these people to get the d*ckish replies. So much of social media has gone toxic. This site has seemed to avoid that, but the topic of this thread really doesn't justify the tone it has taken on.
  3. Not a single length setup, but I play woods and hybrids under standard length, and my wedges are a bit over. Basically it's just a traditional but flatter length slope. I have not lost distance going shorter in the long clubs because I hit them solidly more often. If anything I probably generate more speed because I'm more in control of the club. The biggest challenge has been sorting out shaft and head weighting. What you want to do makes sense, but if I were you I wouldn't rule out a length somewhere between standard and one-length for these two club options. Keep in mind that if
  4. 0311P irons have quite a lot of offset. With PXG using .370 hosels most people will see what appears to be even more offset (even if it isn't). I wonder if all the people automatically splitting sets between Ps and Ts realize this when they're buying second-hand. Maybe PXG is just philosophically a fan of generally higher offset, like Ping is. It would make sense really, given that their market is people willing to spend an absolute ton of money on equipment, not that there's anything wrong with that. Even the recent sales on legacy equipment is either a way to tap into the current surge in ne
  5. I prefer that type of profile in woods and I settled on C-Taper Lites. PX LZ is my #2. If I'm not mistaken, I think the MMT fits that profile, at least in the TX flexes for the 105 and 125 weight series.
  6. There are a bunch, but it really is best to go out and hit them. I've tried the T-MBs on a few occasions with shafts that work for me but they always go right and weak. They're stellar clubs, no doubt about it, but absolutely don't work for me. I had an MP-H5 1-iron that worked really well for me, but the same shop built me a 2-iron and at one point I picked up the 3-iron, and neither of those were any good for me. I suspect they do something different with the weighting internally, but it was night and day. Right now I'm trying out a TM 790 UDI and I've watched all these videos showing it goi
  7. Using your iron shaft or similar when playing it at the equivalent iron length makes total sense and works well. The lie angle issue you talked about can be solved various ways depending on the specific club. For me the flat setting of Titleist hybrids comes into my ideal range at 1" to 1.5" below their standard length, which in turn corresponds to equivalent iron length. You may also have to get a bunch of weight back into the head for SW purposes. I actually use a KBS steel hybrid shaft, so it sounds like I'm not following my own advice, but it's 5g lighter than my iron shafts so it's a logi
  8. Welp, did it again experimenting with figuring out a specific hybrid setup, and it didn't make sense to start tweaking lengths and whatnot with an obvious bad fit. At least I'm keeping the head I bought. All prices are OBO PayPal G&S and shipped to CONUS. I use USPS but I am happy to ship with another provider if buyer pays any excess shipping cost. Given absurdity of shipping, I'd really like to bundle some or all of these and I'd be very flexible on an offer for the entire lot. Only possible trade I can think of is a standard (A) head weight MP20 PW head, a Wilson Staff Model 50* gap wed
  9. Sounds like the results spoke for themselves.
  10. Is that just from looking at the website or did you call them? Yesterday somebody posted about more options than what shows up.
  11. not in the market, but a buyer will want to know shaft flex. Can't see it in any pics. And you have to set a price even if you're open to offers. Ebay if you want an auction. I say this to be helpful not sarcastic, as the mods will close without warning for rules violations.
  12. Perhaps finally discovering your own swingweight preferences explains why you've previously stated that Ping's G410 line is very hook-biased when it absolutely isn't. All this time your woods and hybrids probably haven't worked for whatever your natural movement is.
  13. The stress on the club is really two-fold. First, you have your stated speed, and additionally you have your stated consistency struggles. They build on each other because parts that shouldn't get the stress are getting not only stress, but way extra stress. Nobody has recommended an MP20 MMC or the Titleist T100, but if I'm not mistaken those are both forged irons with tungsten weighting for forgiveness but NOT cavities. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised by how much forgiveness you can get without having the concern of blowing out a hollow/foam-filled head.
  14. You're a surgeon. Go find a good fitter who has a wide variety of brands. Ask them the kind of questions that your patients should ask you regarding wants, needs, desired outcomes, expectations, etc. If you get BS responses move on. You're in a great position to be able to pull the trigger on the right set, so you might as well do it the right way.
  15. I'll bet it's a matter of tolerances from one batch of heads to the next, given that both were originally complete sets.
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