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  1. Mr. Net 65 seems to show up a lot at handicapped tournament and golf bets. Direct Mr. Net quote "I don't always shoot under my handicap by 7 strokes, but when I do, it is a tournament or playing for money".
  2. I know how much it costs to be a touring pro. I have a nephew playing D1 that has a big network and knows tons of players trying to make it, a few on the PGA, former PGA players, or those players tried and failed. I know a few as well. Schnell has been playing pro for 14 years. If he wasn't making any money, he would have quit a long time ago.
  3. Can you show me the proof for that? I'd like to see where you get your information from.
  4. Will see. You and Hawkeye77 respond to my posts exponentially more than any other wrx-ers. Quite strange 77 phenomena.
  5. Many do get sponsorship money contracts. Prize money is not their only source of income for a lot of players. Nowadays since talent is so deep, you have multiple PGA winners and major winners on the Korn Ferry. Making a living playing golf professionally is nothing to dismiss.
  6. Weird he would do it when he has a caddie. Better to spit on the grass and then rub the ball on the grass if you don't have a ball cleaner, but don't do it on the green.
  7. Green density is a valid point as firmer greens roll out more, but not sure how he could accurately calculate yardage adjustments for green density and air density. I'd be interested in hearing his calculation methods for the heck of it. No wonder it took Bryson so long to get yardages and has been criticized for slow play.
  8. He got a T6 at the Price Cutter tournament this last weekend. Shot 72-66-66-64. That is nothing to dismiss.
  9. I think just have a few different events both team and individual with medals for each event. Swimming has tons of events both team and individual.
  10. Word on the street is that they are going throw down and have a dance-off. Koepka in intense training right now. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRy7WDOlcsf/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  11. People calling out players as sandbaggers or vanity handicappers. Nowadays, there seems to be no in between just like politics. Just got to decide which one you want to be.
  12. A guy that looks like he should be shooting in 70s and is shooting in 80s might very well be valid. I think I fall in that boat. I am coming off a bad elbow injury and just started to play again. My elbow is still not great (70% recovered) and the golf course feels foreign compared to the range just because I haven't played much for the past couple of years. Been hitting the ball decent on the range, but horrible on the course. Mental block from protecting my arm and just comfort level. I should be shooting easily in 70s but am shooting in 80s. Was scratch before, now about 10 handicap.
  13. Quick fix to try to make it less noticeable is put some white cloth first aid tape over it. Otherwise it is an easy fix. Joint compound (probably three coats), drywall sanding block, and paint. Likely won't need any drywall tape and might not even need paint because the joint compound might be really close to color of wall. Can also get fast setting joint compound but really have to work fast with that stuff.
  14. Gonna get interesting with no green reading books. Not only does it affect the green reading, but it will also affect reading approach shots by picking landing spots which is big too. Both involve skill and knowledge. More preparation is needed for mapping greens in practice rounds now.
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