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  1. I like the Farmer's. Never played the courses and the courses don't look overly special, but there is lots of pivotal holes on the back nine, especially 18.
  2. Looks like a great finishing hole. A lot can happen.
  3. This LPGA and celebrity tournaments are really interesting and a good format. Able to really compare some amateurs against the pros. The LPGA pros are just magicians with the scoring clubs and keeping the ball in play. Most the men amateurs are much longer than the LPGA players which is an advantage, but not if in play. Perhaps a wide open course off the tee, the results would be different. Were the conditions tough? Some of the top LPGA pros did not score well. Danielle Kang just crushed the field.
  4. The things that amateurs can't compete with the pros is the mental and experience side of the game. The pros are so conditioned to play under pressure, in front of crowds, tournament conditions, always put good numbers up, etc, etc. It is totally different than playing a leisurely rounds with buddies on home course. There is even a stark difference between players with same handicap in which one plays a lot of tournament golf competitively and one that doesn't.
  5. Exactly. That is why I think the handicap system should be changed to average score. Then the majority of scores will be close to average score rather than statistically only 1 in 4 scores at a player's handicap or better. Players with same handicap could be at very different levels if one player is very consistent and has very little fluctuations in scores, whereas if another player is very streaky and has a wide range of scores. Average score would get rid of the variance between those two type of players (and everything in between) and both would be measured at a different bracket. Many say that handicap system is to get rid of sandbaggers and supposed to be geared toward a player's potential, but average score is an accurate metric over time which is why all the tours use that metric.
  6. I really like this guy. Crazy distance, but golf swing is very technically correct. When he hits it 400 yards it looks so controlled and an effortless action, much like his fellow countrymen Els and Oosthuizen. He is 6'9" so that is a big advantage, but the swing is extremely efficient.
  7. Big boys with big boy toys.
  8. I was thinking the same thing.
  9. Yesterday, I played with a 70 year old Korean guy that walked up to me on first tee to ask if he could join. I said sure. On the third hole, his other 70 year old buddy walked on the course to join. After 6 holes, I knew the guy could play. He was 1 under and saved a few difficult pars. His buddy came to me and said "He likes to play for money. You look like you are scratch to 5 handicap. You think you could beat him?" I said, likely not right now because I haven't played in a month and only have played about 3-4 rounds in past year. Perhaps they were looking for a money game. At the turn he was 3 under. While walking to the back nine the other guy in the group asked him what his record score was at the course we were playing. He said 8 under. What? Wow, I knew the guy could play. On the back nine, he got one birdie and three bogeys to card a 71 which is not his age, but he left a few strokes out there. Really impressive for 70 year old. I shot a 1 over 73 (with two 3 putts from 10 feet, doh!). However, I still don't think I would play that guy for money scratch without strokes.
  10. Here is Jason Day's crib since he is not part of the Netflix series. I think Jason's crib is better than Tiger's crib.
  11. I never understood the type mentality that dislikes better players unless there is something on the line like money, tournament, or a match, but even then, the bottom line is that you are still playing against the course. I just want sports competition to be a level playing field. I am extremely competitive, but mainly just with myself. Personally, I think it is better to see people play their personal better golf because they are generally more pleasant in a round and people who are playing their worst golf are not the most pleasant in a round including me.
  12. Not just drivers, all golf equipment has gone through the roof and a ton of stuff is sold out. Hyperinflation on everything.
  13. Wow, what a turn of tides in just 9 holes. Henley just needed to go even par on the back 9 to win. He played great for the week, but that has to sting a lot. Hideki was just on fire the back 9. Such a clutch approach shot on the playoff hole. Hideki was definitely the fan favorite in Hawaii.
  14. Golf informercials are funny. I'm surprised they sell stuff with those tactics. Every time I see a golf informercial, it makes me think of the cheesy golf informercials like The HammerX driver, The Perfect Club, The Uro Club, etc.
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