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  1. Those are only a few instances where players blew big leads. There are more times where players had big leads and won the tournament rather than blew big leads. Not saying Rahm is not vulnerable to losing a big lead, but the odds were in definitely in favor of Rahm closing out the tournament. Rahm has shown to play well under pressure and be a good closer.
  2. Oops. You are right. 5 years for US Open. I did not know 5 years for FedEx Cup. In that case, I'm taking the Cantlay's year with 22.5 million and running. Rahm can have his year of 7.5 million and #1 status. Who cares about #1 status when you have an extra 15 million in your pocket.
  3. Four wins and 22.5 million for Cantlay VS one major win, 10 year exemption, #1, and 7.5 million is a tough trade. Trading the extra 15 million for a 10 year exemption and #1 status is not an easy choice.
  4. Yeah, Cantlay can't control any if that, but if Rahm didn't get cancelled at Memorial and won, the TC looks totally different. Rahm would have a much bigger chance of winning because his starting strokes for TC would have been better. As it stood in TC, Rahm finished only one stroke back, but started with four stroke deficit. Made up three strokes in TC.
  5. Rahm would likely have two wins and Cantlay would likely have 3 wins. Rahm getting cancelled after third round with a 6 stroke lead at the Memorial, then Cantlay winning it. I think some deep state conspiracy stuff was going on, but that is another thread or another website.
  6. But to say Patrick Reed would be a cancer to the team unity with Bryson and Koepka on the team is a stretch. Of the Captain picks, still Reed looks like a much better pick than a couple of Captain's picks.
  7. True they did automatically qualify, but if you say Patrick Reed whines a lot, but then DeChambeau and Koepka would be in the same whining category. Perhaps people may have some surveillance in PR's home or car that listen to him whine more.
  8. I have been playing golf my entire life since 5 years old and never heard of the "universal jug" method of saving balls. To me, the universal method of saving balls and a stall is having your bag there. Someone's bag is the only thing I look for. People leave balls on the range all the time. I do as well from time to time, but not much because I'm an OCD practice-er.
  9. So, you think Koepka and DeChambeau feuding together on the team are going to help team unity and be team players more than PR? The Ryder Cup team might be an episode of Jerry Springer show this year.
  10. That's cool. I disagree. If he wins matches and wins points, he helps the team. Not sure why people say he is whining. Are they listening to him via surveillance in his home or car whine about the Ryder Cup? He just criticized Furyk for splitting him and Jordan which was a winning combo. Many thought it wasn't the best move, but who knows perhaps Jordan didn't want to play with him. It doesn't really matter because it is just gossip. I don't think he has voiced out criticisms much more than Bryson, Koepka, and even Phil. People just hate him the most for his bunker incident. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  11. His record is still very good 7-3-2. These guys are the best players in the world. If they can't put aside their personal differences and focus on winning then something is amiss. Perhaps that is why historically the US is not doing well against Europe, they just put together teams with their buddy networks and who is popular (players with ratings) rather than the better match play players. The nickname is irrelevant.
  12. Still doesn't matter how you think he acts or anybody else's feelings on him. If he produces, that is all that matters. The Ryder Cup is about winning a competition. 100% merit based, not feelings.
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