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  1. After the third round, he was leading the field in strokes gained from tee-to-green and hit 18/18 greens to card a 63. Haven't been following PGA tournaments much, so I did not know he was playing so well this week. Looks like he only had one bad hole at the par 5 sixth might have had a different outcome if had a better result on that hole. The graphite iron shafts may be the ticket. Right now, the results are speaking loud and clear.
  2. It is interesting that Rickie is rocking Mitsubishi MMT graphite shafts in his irons. Time will tell if he keeps them in the bag. I haven't seen a PGA tour player keep iron graphite shafts in the bag very long except for Kuchar with the Steelfiber shafts, but he is even back to steel.
  3. It says a lot about the Mizuno 223 irons when a non-sponsored PGA tour player (Rory Sabbatini) puts them in his bag. They look really good and definitely up my alley. Player's club with slightly wider sole. I definitely would be interested in demoing the Mizuno 223s. I'm just afraid I might like them. I would just would want the 223s to be forged carbon steel, but don't think they can do that given the construction. I bought/tried the JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro which are excellent clubs, but every fiber in my body is a forged carbon steel guy. So, the feel and feedback was not quite what I wanted. I then bought the 2019 T100 irons. Really like the feel. They definitely have more of draw bias for me. Still getting used to them.
  4. PGA tour has 40 million lying around like pocket change for the PIP?
  5. It says that PGL would target the top 48 players in the world, but they would be likely better off to target some of the most popular players (ratings) that may not be in top 48 and lots of other players outside the top 48. Right now the talent is so deep, you have major winners and multiple PGA tour winners dogging it on the Korn Ferry. Not a big difference in talent from Korn Ferry to the PGA. Definitely a lot of room for more tours. Also, I still think that they should take the PGL or SGL more global. The rest of the world is relatively untapped in terms of golf tournaments. Some really good markets for golf sponsors and ratings is Asia.
  6. Not sure why people are thinking that what Bryson said is crazy talk. Again he is basing it on science from previous dimple error studies from Pelz and other scientists. It is no different than the golf industry talking about marginal errors from MOI, gear effect, ball skipping first few inches of putt, putter face technology, face balance, toe weighting, etc, etc.
  7. Yeah, 7/8 of an inch on a 4 foot putt is substantial. That is a quote from Pelz "Putting Bible" book. The article also states "players who use a harder ball will see this affect their short putts even more so than a player using a softer ball," which makes sense because harder edges of dimples will deflect more. It also would seem that a softer putter insert may aid in less deflection or the groove design of the putter face. Interesting stuff.
  8. Bryson is not pulling the info from thin air, he is basing it on science. He got the information from scientific studies that have been done on "dimple error". There is a fair amount of information on "dimple error". Notably Dave Pelz has information about dimple error in his book "The Putting Bible". Albeit it is a small error, for the best players in the world hitting thousands of putts and a missed putt could mean the difference between winning or making a cut and playing for millions of dollars, it does have some consideration. From what he said and what I read from Pelz, it seems like there are some strategies to help combat dimple error. To me, it is not much different than other errors the industry talks about like shaft puring, products to find center of gravity of golf ball, skidding of putts, etc. http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/~cross/GOLF/GOLF.htm
  9. I tend to agree with him. There are times when you hit short putts and you know you hit them with a square face on the sweet spot, but they immediately come off the face off line with odd draw or fade spin. I used to think it was solely grain (which does have a measurable effect), but I have had it happen many times on on no grain greens or down grain putts, so it was puzzling. Also, he is right if you do bounce a golf ball close to a surface, it has a hard time bouncing directly vertical. It bounces askew. The higher you bounce a golf ball from surface, it bounces more predictably vertical. I think there is something to it.
  10. Stretching has by far helped my lower back pain and most pain for that matter. Majority of my pain can be due to lack of flexibility that day and/or not stretching. For lower back stretching hamstrings, calves, glutes, lower back, anything connected to the lower back. It is something you have to keep on top of all the time and stretch daily. The older I get the more I have to stretch before and off the course.
  11. I doubt four 4 handicaps in a best ball scramble could beat Poulter/McIlroy playing alternate shot unless they hit it tour distances.
  12. This is an interesting podcast with Bryson. Not only does he talk about the situation with Koepka, but a lot of other interesting topics.
  13. I agree. 17 and 18 are just "meh" holes. Making them pivotal holes would really add to the drama of the Masters. That is why The Player's is so exciting because anything can happen at 17 and 18 at Sawgrass.
  14. Jordan Spieth as well when he plummeted down the rankings. He had the yips on short putts.
  15. Yeah, but Watson is on record as saying "the yips (on short putts) likely cost him at least one major victory a year over a decade of his more than four-decade-long career." Yips on short putts cost him one major victory a year. That is 40+ majors. Try to wrap your head around that one. Imagine if he won half of that. Honestly, who knows he may of been past Jack if he could make short putts.
  16. Lee Westwood, Tom Watson, and Fred Couples come to mind. However, I think Lee Westwood tops the list. He has missed so many short putts at crucial times or just a low percentage of them in both majors and other tournaments. Had he made a few more, it could have easily pushed him into the winning's circle.
  17. This thread is funny. The OP was just asking for drills and gets a full-on physics debate.
  18. Tiger Woods should have won rookie of the year twice, but he had just an average second year on tour with only 4 wins (Masters and 3 regular PGA tour events).
  19. Agree with statement. A lot of people starting out don't understand the "foot in the door" concept and look further down the road. If unproven in any industry or if someone has no knowledge of a person's skills and expertise, just getting a chance to showcase your skills and expertise will open a lot of doors. Word gets around quickly if a person is good.
  20. But don't they all just become buddy-buddy with all the pros that have NetJets as a sponsor and just all jump onto all their free flights?
  21. I figured Bryson would do pretty well, not because he is one of the longest drivers out there, but because he is likely the most consistent and accurate drivers out there because of his experience of being a professional golfer. He is gonna hit the grid much more than the other guys out there. Can't play PGA or any pro golf not hitting fairways.
  22. Perhaps some of top guys making 8 digits+ a year in earnings plus endorsements are dropping that kind of money, but those numbers looks super high. I can't see a lot of the top 30 players paying that kind of money for expenses.
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