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  1. I am in the process from switching from Project X 6.5 Rifle to the Oban CT125's. For me and my swing profile, it was a night and day difference. Mounted on T200 irons, the Oban's actually had a higher swing weight but the feel is so much better. It was significantly easier to feel where the club face was mid swing and my impact consistency was much improved to the point on a 10 swing average back to back, I gained a few yards ( smash factor went up past 1.38 on a 6i ) and about 1000 rpm of spin ( ~950ish ) all due to the better release at impact and better strike consistency. After doing that test twice ( total of 20 swings with each club ), I was sold.
  2. I got fitted yesterday and decided to change from my PX 6.5 to the Oban CT125. While I hit the PX 6.5's nicely, the Oban's were night and day better for my swing profile ( 6i w/ 92mph swing speed, -2 AoA, -2.5 deg in/out ) . . Compared to my PX 6.5's, my dispersion was cut in half, spin rate went up almost 1000 rpm due to striking the ball so much better and more consistent, and my smash factor pushed past 1.38 ( 185 carry ). I could feel the face position so much better than with the PX 6.5's. The PX 6.5's are getting pulled this week and the Oban's are going in. Also putting them in my wedges.
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