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  1. Wow. Yea my wife’s childhood friend and husband live outside the main circle for sure prob 30 mins outside of ueno. It was a drive but I wasn’t driving or paying so don’t care at all!! Haha I live in queens nyc so I’m used to driving at least 60 mins no matter where I play
  2. Maybe it’s the angle in the photo but to my eye the club looks behind the shaft! ha
  3. Hey yea got the pxg 0211st and am kind of shocked how good they feel. As good or maybe better than my mp18, it has that more dense than soft feel but still soft, solid. Sooooo easy to hit as well. Soles and top line are probably smaller or as small as any modern American club right now, look like blueprints at address. really happy so far (see how long that lasts haha) I've only played Tsukuba CC outside of Tokyo. Very narrow tree lined and hilly. Must stop for full meal at the turn! Haha very different over there. I love how the caddies (all women and dressed exactly the same in blue argyle high socks) had a checklist and after every hole checked to make sure all the clubs are presents before driving to next hole. Very efficient and no one loses a club! Ha
  4. Looks like a ton of offset?? i have some TN-87 and MS-11 but can’t play them because the offset. I just can’t look at it ha. Sucks because they do feel ridiculously good. Ms-11 prob has best shape ever for iron IMO just way too much high iron offset.
  5. He’s selling now because they're cheaper and are able to deliver in a couple weeks. The fact I bought some is testament because I’m definitely a parsons “hater” ha but my love for sweet feeling, looking sticks supersedes all. I wanted blueprints, so I got 0211 st. Basically the same club, size, materials and forging, same look at address basically for half the price in two weeks.
  6. It says it on the hosel of the club. it seems to be a true but marketing gimmick as should be 3 step forging. Thanks for clarifying everyone
  7. What does triple forged even mean? They hammer the billet three times as opposed to one? Just curious. just got some 0211 st blades and they feel fantastic. Honestly was surprised how good. As good or better than my mp18 and z785. Very solid.
  8. Just sayin that’s not terrible considering you can play them and return
  9. Ok so 85% money back if you don’t like them after playing them
  10. That depends if she can keep winning and handle it. Naomi gets tons of endorsements from Japan so I dont think raducanu will surpass her.
  11. I think 60 for full sets of irons which is still BS
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