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  1. I’m a professional film editor and it’s not doctored at all. She’s a complete loon.
  2. I swear some of these posts read like a 12 year old Facebook page
  3. “Enough said” The tell tale sign of arrogance. Your chart proves zero. He’s taking lessons as of last month and he’s won every year since 2018 but not a major yet. Still don’t get your point. Do you?
  4. You’re prob extending the lead side too early. That doesn’t happen in a tennis move
  5. Funny when people just can’t admit they’re wrong. the thread is asking why he hasn’t won majors recently, one of the possibilities is his putting is holding him back so he goes to a coach who you just said has prowess putting but no, that can’t help because he’s not a “winner”. How is not learning from the best at a particular skill not going to help?
  6. Love no mashed potatoes or get in in the hole idiots in Japan. Maybe someone will shout “Tonkatsu ramen!!” I sure hope not
  7. But it’s only 100 kg in plates….haha but it is 265 total lol
  8. What’s the strokes gained from a proper centering of your blast radius to your target?
  9. That’s only 145 kg with the bar
  10. Not even close. I can do 350 and I’m 5’ 7” 180
  11. Just pointing out the fallacy in your thinking that to teach you have to be a winner.
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