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  1. It’s a golf nerd forum. Doubtful anyone would be bored with that info!!
  2. The red stick is heavier so you should be faster with your regular driver
  3. The second part definitely had a different tone than the first and basically the paparazzi are real scumbags. That national enquirer guy is just a disgusting leech. Also, Billy Payne had no right to chastise tiger like that publicly. Nick Faldo’s private life was just as much of a mess and he never did that to him.
  4. In his last event on his medical exemption, Kirk makes birdie on last hole to save his PGA tour card. This makes me really happy knowing he was out because of personal struggles with alcohol. I know some on here think it’s not really addiction and “no one forced the drinks down his throat” but it’s real and glad to see him out on the other side as he seems like a decent dude.
  5. If you have the least bit of fame and you are basically on the run from assault charges concerning women it’s news. It should be news regardless.
  6. Tiger had childhood trauma compared to hogan? Ummmm no
  7. You should watch Naomi play tennis. She’s fun at watch and seems very down to earth
  8. Love the game obviously. Hate the privileged who then complain how hard their lives are.
  9. She’s not struggling Hater is such a weak cop out to describe people who differ in opinion
  10. I like how he says it’s her house. It’s her parents’ house and seeing this makes me dislike her more. Oh it’s so hard being a golf pro I had to give up soooo much. Really? Please. And yes I understand I have envy and jealousy issues when dealing with priveliged kids. Probably one of the least deserving of the name “muni” considering that background
  11. Why no kickstand? I’ve never heard anyone suggest this previously?
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