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  1. Stewart Cink has the best head tan line
  2. Watching on DVR....why do they keep showing Amy yang missing putts? I want to see her awesome swing not her putting
  3. Sweaters don’t have collars. The collar is on the shirt under the sweater/hoodie
  4. Make it the shortest club in the bag and you can only grip it with your hands Also ban green reading books. That’s a skill
  5. I know what he meant and am not offended just was like oooof
  6. Watching on tape delay....after Harold Varner hits his approach into 18 an anncr says “monkey see monkey do...” oof that’s gonna come back and bite
  7. Or no one actually “hates” him they just find him extremely annoying and arrogant
  8. I was talking about the mp18, I’m not a fan of the 20. I have a set of the TN-87 and also a set of the ms-11 both with copper underlay and oh man do they feel SWEET. the ms-11 might be the best shape of an iron ever, super small, straight back muscle, razor thin beveled top line (like the rickie blade) but unfortunalty has the reverse offset where I can’t even look down at the 8-pw. But they feel amazing
  9. I use the black in a srixon driving iron and it’s just as good as in driver. Black in driver then tried blue in iron and felt whippyish so went with black and it’s perfect for me. Had a tensei white hybrid previously which also had a little more kick like the blue. So if anyone wants an untipped blue 9x I have a pull that is barely used from the 2 iron
  10. The 18 is as pure muscleback you could get. No tungsten no copper little offset so not sure what you’re talking about. Plus for me they finally got the PW shape right on the 18mb. The mp5 is more “gimmicky” than the 18 with the blade being more concave in the back
  11. Ever since she busted on the scene as a chubby, bespectacled teenager Lydia has been my favorite player. Always marveled at her smooth tempo and glad to see her performing again I’d be lying if I didn’t say I missed the glasses and snaggletooth tho
  12. I wish Troy Mullins could get on the tour. She seems like such an awesome person
  13. stingerfade

    the bow

    Hinako shibuno bowed toward the course on the first tee before every round during her British open win
  14. stingerfade

    the bow

    We can all breathe now. Whew
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