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  1. That’s the thinking though. It’s imperative to use them with a speed radar of some sort so as you swing faster you try and beat your speeds and your brain figures out how to do it and you know what it feels like. You don’t focus on mechanics at all, just speed
  2. The whole field should do that on Sunday. Would be cool
  3. The fact he didn’t give any time after the round speaks volumes
  4. Exactly. Easy to judge from a glass house
  5. Best golf book written with an English wit. Also like Bobby Jones On Golf
  6. Faldo looking like bill Sykes from Oliver Twist
  7. It does seem she and Faldo are taking it to him a little. Hazing?
  8. DJ with the very uninspired “fore” lol. Almost a whisper as it nails a volunteer
  9. That’s the definition of entitlement actually thinking he’s “paying” his own way on tour. When you factor in the safety net and the connections it’s hard to quantify.
  10. Scotland is definitely not work, it’s awesome
  11. Was there last year. 10 is so awesome up close TV doesn’t even close to doing it justice. That green is so narrow and undulating it’s crazy
  12. False equivalences aren’t good trollin
  13. Yea poor guy. Prob didn’t get to play Cypress until he was 18
  14. Lashley is pretty unlikeable. Show a little class there pal
  15. Exactly. Whining about being cancelled while wanting to cancel people because they don’t conform to what a “normal” look is. Lol the irony
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