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  1. 2 or 3 new ones and 2 or 3 old ones. It is hard to lose a ball at my course. If I play somewhere else I will throw in a few more just in case.
  2. I start every round with a new ball. But if I lose it I will only drop old ones. New balls get their own round, I don’t like dropping a new one mid round.
  3. My home course is a par 70: 34 on the front and 36 on the back. I have shot 30 - 40 multiple times... get it going on the front and fall apart on the back.
  4. We have really good junior golf programs here in Edmonton as well. I know last summer they were running a program where kids could play a few courses for something like $5. It was really popular and lots took advantage. I complain a bit about living here, but usually (pre-Covid) it isn't that bad. We just take a few trips in the winter (Phoenix or Palm Springs) to get some sun and golf in. And the summers are awesome.
  5. I live in Edmonton and can chime in. Our winters are brutal, if you can get away, you have to. But the summers are awesome. The days are long with lots of sun. In the middle of summer the sun comes up at 5am and you can usually play until 10pm. I have gone down after 6pm to hit balls, and end up joining a group to play and turning to the back nine around 9pm and still finishing. We often have our men's night, have dinner, then head back out after 7 or 8pm to play a horserace. Those days are the best. We have very good private clubs (Royal Mayfair, Windermere, Blackhawk, etc.) and tons of publi
  6. Southern Dunes in the Phx area. We go down quite a bit in the winter, and it may cost over $200 to play most of the high end courses. You can usually play Southern Dunes for like $80 and it is the best course in that area in my opinion. I always love playing it, there are no houses on the course, the range is amazing, it is never busy. Best course I have played for the money for sure when compared to other Phx area prices.
  7. Anser TR 1966.... just ordered it a few days ago, so we will see how it turns out.
  8. I just ordered an Anser 1966 off the Morton’s website with this finish. So we will see I guess.
  9. Has anyone ordered a Ping putter with the Star Shot finish? Any pictures you could share? Does it wear ok? I am thinking about ordering one and not sure how it will hold up. Does it chip off or anything like that? Thanks in advance.
  10. For me: Nike - perfect 10, Adidas - 9.5, Footjoy - 9.5 (wide if possible), Puma - 9.5.
  11. The guys at Deboers do a good job... That’s where I go for everything
  12. Awesome thanks. I am going to look into it.
  13. Can I ask how much this cost? I would imagine they could do I200’s also? I want this done to mine! They look really good.
  14. Check out the Golftown website. Pretty sure they are on there. At least it looks the same to me...
  15. Does anyone know of any courses reopening this week in and around Edmonton? Weather is 15 degrees all week by the looks of it. Anyone hear anything?
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