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  1. Heading back to Diamante next month. We have times booked for El Cardonal and Dunes already. Has anybody played them recently? How are conditions? We are hoping to play another course off property this year. Any suggestions for something close by?
  2. I have two sets of irons: one being Ping I200's: larger, cavity, more forgiving. My other set is Wilson Staff FG62, pure butter knife blades. I play with both depending on the day. I really don't shoot very different scores, I am a 3 to 4 handicap. But if it is a tournament of some kind, a men's night, or something I am taking more serious, I will definitely be playing the Pings. If its just a random Saturday morning round with buddies, I often will take out the Staffs because I enjoy playing them as well. They are about a club shorter than my Pings, but they are fun to play with and I really like hitting shots around the green and punch shots, etc. with them. All depends on what you are trying to do. If I want to shoot my best scores, I will opt for the forgiveness of the Pings. But sometimes I just want to play around and have some fun, and score isn't as important.
  3. Whoops, should have posted this in the Lefty thread.
  4. I picked up this bag last year as well. Does everything I want and nothing I don't. To me its just perfect, easy to carry when walking and goes on a push or power cart perfectly as well. Love the little slot to put the cart strap through so you can still access all the pockets. Enough storage to fit everything you need and nothing you don't, to me its perfect. I like the blue colorway as well, works for me.
  5. I am honestly just experimenting with this right now. This spring my driver shaft cracked (it was a Blue Evenflow of some sort). I play Ping woods, and one of the pros at my club is a Ping guy. He had a pile of shafts in the trunk of his car, and we did a mini fitting on the range. He let me try a Hzrdus Yellow 76 gram shaft in my driver, and I really got along with it quite well. So I found the same shaft online for cheap, decided to give it a go in my 3 wood. So far so good for me. Hitting both driver and 3 wood as well as I can remember right now.
  6. Forgot one more, my putter that I believe originally came out in 1959
  7. I still use an old Adams super hybrid that I believe came out in 2010 or so. I have tried to "upgrade" to something newer, but I just love this club. 210 to 220 yards essentially every time, from the tee or the turf. Can't beat it.
  8. Sounds great thank you. I am picturing playing golf all day, then just hanging out at the condo. Not sure we will be looking for fine dining or anything! Groceries and beers at the condo sounds pretty good. But I may hit you up for some course info, etc. Thanks
  9. So I think we are getting close. We are going to fly into Raleigh on Sunday, May 8. We are going to do the Donald Ross Package at Pinehurst, two nights and four rounds. Then we are going to stay at Talamore I believe. I found a package through Tobacco Road where we can play a bunch of the courses we want (noted above) including Tobacco Road, Pine Needles, Mid Pines, Southern Pines, and Talamore. It looks like they have decent condos at Talamore Villas, and we can just drive from there. Thanks for all of the advice. I do have one question: are any of these courses walking only? I understand Pinehurst #2 is, and #4 (cart path only, but you may as well just walk). But for the other courses, are carts even allowed? If we want to play 36 holes some or most days, it would be tough for my old man if we have to walk them all. I think we will book a "special" course and just play 18 and walk. But for some days, we would want to ride and play as much as we can. Just wondering if anyone knows which courses allow carts, which don't so we can plan accordinly. Thanks,
  10. Lamkin Crossline Cords. I play without a glove, and over 100 rounds per year, and I switch them out about every 3 seasons. They last forever, and you can refresh them a bit with some sandpaper. I just bought a fresh 13 through my club, and they are now $18 per grip (Canadian). That is getting a bit crazy, but I can’t use anything else.
  11. I think I like the idea of a shorter course mixed in as well. I will look into #3 and #8 as our third and fourth rounds, thanks for the tips. I have never played golf with a caddie, that is something maybe we should consider as well. That would be an experience I bet. Either way, this trip is coming together. Thanks for all the help.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. After doing some research and emailing the courses, I think we are going to skip Myrtle for this go around. I think we will book the Ross package at Pinehurst. 2 nights, 3 rounds. Possibly book a fourth as well. Then we will likely do a stay and play at Talamore. Play Talamore, Tobacco Road, Pine Needles, Southern Pines, Mid Pines, etc. I have been sent some decent prices and packages. Myrtle might have to wait, probably do a separate trip there. Thanks again, I am really looking forward to it! Now I need to figure out which courses to try for at Pinehurst. I think we will try to upgrade and play #2 and #4...
  13. Thanks again. I have reached out to a few packagers (including Brian and JoAnna with Tobacco Road, who were both recommended on here). I agree, it seems a bit tough to do the Pinehurst area and the Myrtle area in the same week. We may have to choose one or the other. I am leaning toward staying in the Pinehurst area. We could play Tobacco Road, Pine Needles, Mid Pines, Southern Pines, etc. and perhaps mix in a day at Pinehurst. I know this is likely the pricier option but it will be our first time in that area. That or just head to Myrtle and stay there. Yes, the courses seem pretty unlimited. Perhaps we could play somewhere nice in the morning, and "cheaper" option in the afternoon. We don't even mind replaying the same course for a decent rate. In all honesty, for the afternoon rounds, we wouldn't even care if we didn't finish. It is just about maximizing the golf we play. Thanks for all the input, I appreciate it.
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