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  1. I'm surprised they went with iron shafts instead of hybrid shafts... and no XStiff graphite options.
  2. Did Srixon get Brooks into some wedges as well? He has been playing old vokey 60 deg for years.
  3. The lack of rails on the 3w is odd... but something different is fun. Not a whole lot of craziness on this release unless the variable thickness face helps a ton.
  4. I'd love a full "Bryson Spec" one-length iron set. Jacked lofts, crazy lie angle (66 deg 6-PW).
  5. I think metal is really only one factor. Shape and weight distribution are potentially more important.
  6. I'm unable to try all types of irons without shelling out cash, but I'm looking for the absolute softest blade irons on the market today. I've tried Ben Hogans (very soft), Titleist 620mbs (firmer), and Blueprint (somewhere in the middle). I'm open to DTC brands as well, like Haywood, New Level, Sub70, etc, as well as any major brand.
  7. I love ultra-thin blades like classic bullseye putters, but I'd like to play something higher end than my $30 Wilson Augusta. Additionally, I'd like something at 75 deg lie, so often times custom if where I'd need to look. While I can find a ton of artisan makers creating 8802-style blades, nearly no one makes a bullseye style (no flange; only the thin 2-sided blade at 270-300g head weight). Anyone know of a maker who has a model and/or would be able to spin up a custom model via CNC or 3D?
  8. You're probably wanting to look for player's irons, which are not blades but also not GI. Callaway Apex Pro Taylormade P7MC Mizuno JXP 721 Tour Srixon ZX7 Titleist T100
  9. They update their standard GI irons on the 2 year plan; Rogue, Mavrik, etc. They don't update the standard GI irons on the Epic releases.
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