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  1. They update their standard GI irons on the 2 year plan; Rogue, Mavrik, etc. They don't update the standard GI irons on the Epic releases.
  2. Got my Sik putter and it's going straight in the bag. Perfect weight, and rolls really well. Got the Pro model, 35", bent to 79 deg lie.
  3. Vice Pro Tour B XS Chrome-Soft X (not the regular, it's too soft) TP5 Snell MTB-Black
  4. The Blade putter is very high quality and has excellent build quality. I'm having trouble getting used to the weight. I play a Special Select Newport +20g and even so the LAB Blade feels significantly heavier. I havent yet been able to get a feel for distance control with it.
  5. I love me a classic bullseye but my putter stroke is super toe-down, fitted to 80 degrees of lie. Any boutique makers you know of able to build a bullseye blade to this spec?
  6. @labgolf My order is on week 5 and still "processing." Is this expected? Stock KBS shaft, B.2 head.
  7. Looking for a set of finished (heads or built clubs) MB blades, fully unbranded. I've seen raw Kyoei heads on tourspec, but I'm looking for finished heads. Any reliable sources?
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