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  1. Great looking putter, pics of the face would be good. GLWS.
  2. Great set of irons! GLWS. I love my Apex MBs. How did you like the Apex pro 4-5 irons with the MBs? Also, what irons did you move to?
  3. I can see it, great looking irons just the wrong shafts and lie angle for me. Picture of the 6 iron sole would be nice. GLWS
  4. For sale Callaway Mack Daddy 4 58 degree c grind wedge bent to 56 degrees. Wedge has approximately 3 rounds on it with no range time, don’t believe I ever used it out of the sand, see pictures for condition. Please note the minor dings from having the wedge bent to 56 degrees. Several different options for purchase with all prices excluding shipping. Buyer to cover shipping. $old Add $5 dollars for any one of the shafts pictured below. Stock DG S200 115, KBS tour flt 120 or KBS tour Fst. Shaft will be shipped installed or loose, buyers choice. Wedge plays 35” with stock shaft and can play that length or up to 35-1/4” with the KBS shafts. Happy to answer any questions.
  5. For sale true temper dynamic gold tour issue S400 7-PW 0.355 taper tip shafts. Shafts are in excellent condition and ready to be installed. 7 iron is 35-3/4” and should play at 37” (standard length) when installed in most iron heads. Shafts have 1/2” steps in length. Happy to answer any questions. $old. plus shipping. I am located near Philadelphia.
  6. As others have stated feel is very personal. My favorite of recent MB irons is the 2018 Callaway Apex MB. It is very soft and performs great. There are lots of online reviews of the iron and how soft it is. I have tried most of the current MB irons and nothing has beat out my Apex MBs. I have spent significant time with Miura MB 001 and Bridgestone J15 MBs and they could not beat out the Apex. Both felt great but I would say the Apex were the softest. Miura had a distinct heavy dense satisfying feel. My friends jokingly called them my erotic irons. But at the end of the day you really have to figure out what works for you.
  7. Were not mentioned in your original post but the Wilson Staff CB irons are another great option.
  8. I have been searching for the prefect long irons to combo with my 2018 Apex MB irons. While I enjoy playing my MB long irons there are some occasional mishits towards the toe that have cost me strokes. I have tried 716 AP2s, 2016 Apex pros and 2021 X forged. AP2s and 2016 apex pros were fine but soles didn’t work for me. X forged just didn’t work at all. Enter the Wilson Staff CB irons. These irons are an almost perfect match. Soles are wider than I typically like but have a nice camber and bevel so they get through the turf very well for my swing. The Wilson’s feel great, have good distance control and offer a little bit more forgiveness on shots near the toe. I am really impressed with the Wilson CB irons.
  9. Great looking irons. Did the irons come 2* flat from Wilson or were they bent after purchase? Any bend marks on the hosel or soles?
  10. What about the Wilson CB irons didn’t you like? I am in a similar situation. Shallow swing, playing 2018 Apex MBs, which I love, but would like something that offers a little more forgiveness on slight misses. I have the 21 X forged 4-6 irons. They are more forgiving, feel great, have nice thin soles. They definitely maintain ball speed on mishits vs the blades. Planned to combo these irons with my MBs but not sure I’m going to keep the X forged irons. Tried the 21 Apex pros but the sole is wider than the X forged which doesn’t work with my swing. I have a Wilson staff CB 4 and 5 iron on order just waiting for them to arrive.
  11. Looking to keep them together at this time unless I have buyers for each of the heads.
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