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  1. New Miura CB-501 3 and 6 iron heads to blend with my recently purchased Miura MB-001 7-PW. Still looking for 4 and 5 iron heads.
  2. The Scotty Cameron website has good pictures of each putter but doesn’t give good info on head weight. All of the special select putters have a head weight of approximately 340 grams for 35” putters, 350 for 34” putters and 360 for 33” putters. I have pasted a pic of the toe hang for the Queen B #9, odyssey #2, Never Compromise Royal and Toulon Palm beach from right to left. The flow back and fast back will have a toe hang similar to the Palm Beach putter. The Del Mar will have more toe hang than the Palm Beach but it is not 90 degrees or straight down more like 60 to 70 if I remember correc
  3. I spent this winter investigating different mid mallets with toe hang to see if anything could replace my trusty Never Compromise Royal putter (Anser 2 style blade). I have been using this putter for 2 seasons and selected it after a lot of on course testing. It provided the best lag putting, best results between 16-20’ and between 11-15’ without sacrificing much from inside of 10’. My goals were to improve my putting inside of 10’ and from 11-15’ without impacting my results from 16 to 20’ and my lag putting. I was hoping a mid mallet would provide a little forgiveness, e
  4. As the title says looking for Miura CB-501 4 and 5 iron heads in good or better condition.
  5. Hi I know this is an old post but can you take take a picture of the bottom of the cb 1008 vs the blue print?
  6. Hi, recently picked up a short set (7-PW) of Miura MB 001 irons off the BST. I’m really enjoying the irons and would like to make a blended set of irons with some cavity back on top with the MBs on the bottom. I need the CB irons to have similar off set to the MB 001s and a similar thin sole. The CB-501 irons look like they would fit the bill. Are there any other Miura irons that would work? thanks in advance.
  7. Miura MB-001 7-PW off the BST. Pulled the S400 shafts they came with and put in some Project X 6.0 shafts. Played one round and they felt great. They blend prefectly with my Apex MB or Apex pro irons. But would like to find some Miura CB-501 irons or more MB-001 irons to complete the set.
  8. For sale or trade Scotty Cameron Special Select 1st of 500 Squareback 2 (34”) putter. Putter is used but in excellent condition, see pictures. Comes with 1st of 500 head cover which I never used and has stock grip. Only issue with putter is the shaft band has two bare spots from pulling it out of the bag. Obviously doesn’t impact play but wanted to highlight it. $390 obo shipped to the lower 48. Happy to answer any questions or post more pictures. Trade interests include milled putter of similar quality and condition. Prefer a flange line but will consider other options. Preferred
  9. I agree which is why I buy used putters.
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