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  1. I went from MP-5, MP-25 combo set to 919 Forged/Tour combo. I find the 919 forged 4 and 5 dig a little less than the MP25 4,5. Comparing the 919 Tour 6-P and the MP5 6-P…..my experience is the MP5 was a little less aggressive with the leading edge. I really don't recall having any issues with the MP 5 and digging. I wouldn't classify the 919 tours as backhoes, but I have noticed the toe seems to dig a little more than I ever remember the MP5 doing so, and that is considering the 919 are a degree more upright than the MP5's. Just my recollection and experience.
  2. I've found mine to be pretty much straight. I can work it both directions, but it has to be pretty deliberate. Set up with heavy weight in the rear, standard LL, Tensei CK pro blue….. honeymoon period has passed by and it's still the best 3 wood I've owned.
  3. IMHO the forged are hotter than the tour, since my 5 is a degree weak it gaps pretty consistently with the tour 6-pw. I'm also one who prefers a 4 degree gap between my 4 and 5 so it worked out well for me. 5 carry is low 190's 6 carry is 180, pretty much 12-13 diff across the board.
  4. I've heard they made it through this past winter much better, but does anyone have a recent (June 2019) updates?
  5. I found the AD TP easy to load, mid launch and low mid spin.
  6. Agreed, Give them a call and see what they have available and what the weather policy is. All of those courses (and Erin Hills) are looking for full tee sheets. In my experience the Irish and Meadow Valley usually have open slots even on weekends, plus the Bull is right in Kohler.
  7. 4,5 Forged (5 bent 1degree weak) 6-PW Tour.
  8. I've stayed at the Holiday Inn Express and La Quinta before. Both are close, clean, and cheaper. There are also some options closer to the lake in downtown Sheboygan.
  9. I didn't think louder was possible…..excluding the original SUMO squared
  10. Can anyone who has hit the triple diamond comment on the sound compared to the first retail version of the Flash sub zero?
  11. All Prices include priority shipping in the lower 48. Please PM me if you're outside of the continental US. All clubs are RH Mitchell tip weight kit $SOLD I've used a few out of the kit for adjusting wedge swing weights, fits .335 and .370 Scotty Cameron 25 gram copper weights and wrench. I ordered the wrench directly from Scotty Cameron new, the weights were new and purchased from another member here. The weights fit select series putters like the notchback that I'm selling. I also tried them in my 2018 newport and they worked in that head. They also have the rubber o rings alread
  12. I have both currently (standard Epic not SZ) and agree with the others. Last year I went with the 816 because it is low spin and anti-left. The Epic is just a little straighter and more forgiving for me.
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