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  1. Is it just me or do a couple of the driver face pics not have milling either??
  2. I have a set of Wilson/Staff CBs if you're interested...
  3. I believe they are. While the CBs have a thicker topline than the V6s they replaced, it still has a small sweet spot. I usually only get like 210 out of it, but when I pure it it's in the 225 range.
  4. You'd have to worry less about wrist supination if you kept your elbow connected to your body. You fly out with it pretty fast and loose. I see you're taking swings in a hoodie.. take your right arm out of the sleeve and out of the bottom and take a few swings with it like that. should help force you keep your elbow in (or Hulk out of the sweatshirt).
  5. Left is definitely the side that looks more natural to you. Right side seems you're leading with your arms and brain. Left side your body leads the swing much more fluidly.
  6. I played the SIM2 for most of the summer last year, was pretty forgiving on the toe-side (which is where I tend to stray) and distance was good to great. Got on a trackman and spin was consistently in the upper 2K range unless I managed a high strike that would knock it down. Demoed a TSI3 in Sept and was able to get the spin down 300ish RPMs and the forgiveness penalty isn't egregious in comparison.
  7. Driver - 9.25º 3H - 20º 4i - 23º 5i - 26º 6i - 30º 7i - 34º 8i - 38º 9i - 42º PW - 46º GW - 50º SW - 54º LW - 58º
  8. Why does that matter? You don't see them at address... Really hoping they release a LH 2i to use as a UDI.
  9. I'm one of those poor idiots who got a joint account and only a joint account with the wife. She used to call to yell at me for buying a $5 sandwich for lunch before I took my first bite... We had a long talk and anything under $50 we don't bother talking to each other about... We're in no financial peril... But boy does she just LOSE it when I buy golf clubs... I had to warranty replace my SIM and she freaked out the day the SIM2 showed up this past summer. Got equally mad when I switched to a TSI3 and MADE money on selling the SIM2. Not gonna lie, for a little while there whenever we'd have a dumb fight I'd wait for her to go to sleep and then order a new club to test/demo just to see her lose her s*** a few days later. She finally realized what I was doing and has calmed down a lot; so less fights and better communication means less clubs. Did just trade my 8802 for a Scotty Classic and she took it in stride.
  10. I have a big gap at the top. I go straight from 9* driver to 20* hybrid. and then my 4i is 23*. It is pretty intimidating to hit off the ground. It's either 150yd duff or a perfectly mashed 225 laser. I wouldn't mind finding a UDI but finding them in lefty and actually trying it to make sure it hits windows/distances is next to impossible where I live.
  11. Same. I just love the classic Newport shape; miles ahead of the NP2.
  12. I mean here you are at impact... Look how much early extension you have and look how over-plane your path is. That EE move is going to move your strike around depending on how much you straighten up in your stance. Your super closed stance is a debilitating compensation and the over-plane path explains the push slice as well.
  13. There's certain things I can overlook if the performance is there, which is usually the sound. But the look of the club at address is one of the most important things to get the maximum out of the club. If I'm not comfortable with the amount of offset, the style/design work on the top, and the way the face sits to the ball, then I am not going to be taking a confident swing and putting good contact on the ball. So yes, looks matter, just as Justin said. Sound is more preferential, many people can overlook that, but some won't/don't. Feel is completely subjective to the user.
  14. 1. Did you fill out the survey? Yes. 2. How can the ESB1 help your game? No indoor ranges in my area for cold winters! Would love to setup a LM in my garage just to keep the swing in good form and checking distances! 3. Do you currently own a launch monitor? No, launch monitors have just recently become more affordable, but the cost of building a setup in my garage with the price of a launch monitor would be a hard "no" from the spousal approval department.
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