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  1. First up is a Titleist U510 2i with a Project X 6.0 shaft. Played sparingly, I just can't hit it consistently enough to warrant it staying in the bag. $OLD Second up is a Cobra F8 One Length 3-Hybrid with a Stiff Rogue 75 shaft. I haven't taken it out of the bag in almost a full year, bought new in 2019: $OLD Last is a set of Wilson/Staff V6 Forged irons, 4-PW. Standard L/L/L and come with DG S300 shafts. A little bit of wear on the faces of the lower clubs, but super minimal bag chatter and no gashes/chips: $OLD
  2. You're doing your best to hold the face open because you're bailing out of the swing. Take a look at this video to see what your follow through should look like and do the drill at the end. This should help eliminate the chicken wing: Also remember, all of this works ONLY if you keep your hands and handle in front of the clubface.
  3. If you're ever in the capital region, let me know, we can go for a round!
  4. Slow it down a little more. You're twisting out with how hard you're trying to swing with that front foot moving & sliding all over the place. Stable core.
  5. The "watch the ball" is more to get you to retain your spine angle and balance over the ball since you were dealing with a massive slide. You don't "need" to do it, if you can get your head and shoulders through the swing, towards your target, that will help generate more power. But don't do it if you notice a sacrifice in your strike quality, which at this point, you probably would. I also narrowed my stance and slightly flared out my front foot recently, it's done wonders to keep me from getting too steep and hitting that big slice. Always be mindful that the goal is to get your body goin
  6. Geez. I wish I could do that move at the top of my swing to shallow out.
  7. Look at your first move; you're rotating your wrists. Which means when you come back through the swing, you're leading hosel first and that's why you're hitting shanks. You want a nice, static first move with your shoulders; not your arms. This will help you sequence the rest of the swing properly.
  8. I meant that with your swing as fast as it is, you're probably not going to be able to make too many conscious changes to get different results with your driver. You're in a space where you need a TXG level fitting to fine tune everything and manage your strike point, etc.
  9. Ehh, you're starting to get into the ticky-tacky here, you need to be properly fitted into a setup that works for your swing.
  10. Bryson is about as close to single plane as it gets on tour right now. It can be done. This is maybe the best video on it: A swing is two parts, backswing and downswing. If your takeaway is not identical to your delivery, you are not single plane.
  11. That's not what single plane is. Single plane is the SAME path back and forward, which would be on that yellow line. You do not have a single plane swing.
  12. Same here. I exclusively use it since nothing feels as good or lets you know right away in how you mis-struck the putt.
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