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  1. I own the Cobra mb/cbs, I cant believe that you are only asking 500. I thought the resale would be higher.
  2. 2 months of searching for those cb/mb on this site and I broke down and bought them new. Now 3 people have posted them for sale in the last 3 days. WTF man.
  3. Been looking for a set of Cobra mb/cb for 2 months, I broke down last week and bought them new from cobra. Where were you last week man?
  4. Cobra mb/cb irons : 7 cb 8-gw mb. Already have the 8 iron, the rest should be here this Tuesday. I ordered the 8 iron just to test it out since no one in my area had them available to swing. Cobra one length forged: 4-6 Found these basically never hit on ebay for 140 for all 3. Couldn't pass up the deal, and it turns out I really like them. This rest of my bag is pretty new too, I got fitted in November, got a Mizuno ST190G, TM Spider X Navy, and kept my old Hybrids. I got fitted for wedges (TM High Toe) as well, but haven't saved the extra money for them yet.
  5. City parks Bayou oaks South is an option as well. 2700 ish a year for Mon-Sun, 1800ish for Mon-Thurs. Free range balls for the year (at 10 bucks a bucket you pay for the membership with 5.5 buckets a week). South course is nice, not the toughest course in town, but well kept.
  6. I'm not sure why you had to validate yourself either, the first line of my statement was "I'm not calling you a liar".
  7. I was actually thinking the opposite. If I fuck up with my buddies blades, I know damn good and well it was me. I know you where be sarcastic, I just wanted to clarify.
  8. I'm not calling you a liar, I'm just saying I get an email anytime someone comments on this post, and the amount of single digit handicappers that post here is astounding. I happen to work part time at bayou oaks golf course in city park new orleans, We have 4 pros working. they are all pga certified pros, they are all single digit handicap, they do this for a living. Yet every other person who comments on this post also claims to be single digit as well. I'm just having a hard time believing that everyone on this forum is as good as the pga certified pros. It's like the guy on the range swear
  9. Man I want those Cobras, but that 130x is just way to much shaft for me. They are gonna make someone very happy
  10. I wonder if the firm feeling of the Cobra is just a personal thing to you, or if they just play firm like the ping blueprints do according to the reviews.
  11. I've been considering going down the blended route myself. I really like the apex pro/apex blend, the Mizuno blend is really nice too, but to be honest the Cobra mb/cb blend is in my opinion the sexiest set out there. It's just too bad no one carries the Cobras so you'd have to buy them without ever hitting them first.
  12. You can get those same one lengths in the forged tec, and forged tec black irons now. The forged tec is a p790 style club, and the forged tec black is more akin to your typical forged cb like the apex/apex pro.
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