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  1. Apparently Patrick Cantlay requires hours of work on his body from trainers before he goes out to play, I think Tiger is in that same camp right now. Probably a lot of before and after treatment, just makes it very hard to do that for 15+ weeks, plus travel, plus just walking ~30 miles each week, factor in all his other commitments and family. As said above, he's dealing with a fused back and probably a very messed up leg, not even factoring in every other ailment he's had.
  2. It can be looked at a lot of ways, guys can always say if this or that happened they would have won. For Spieth, I always think he was closer to 1 major than 6 majors; if DJ didn't 3 putt from 15 feet or Spieth didn't get a series of fortunate drops at the Open, who knows what would have happened. I think Rory is good for 1 more major, dunno if it will happen next year of in 10 years. Kind of like how Tiger and Phil recently just picked up one late. But who knows, he's as old as Mickelson was when Phil went on a major run, so maybe it can be a Rory resurgence. Really the only two guys who had different periods of runs in majors were Tiger and Jack, that's probably why they have the most. So can Rory start a second run? We will see. Phil I think is done. However, never say never with him. Would be somewhat ironic if he could pick off a US Open when he's in his 50s because he plays "old man golf" and just hits fairways. Guys I like in 2020- Rahm, Cantlay, Hovland. I think Sam Burns continues to make some noise in big events, Max Homa gets into that next tier.
  3. outside the box if you need ideas; -headcovers - golf grips, could keep them for down the road, price will only go up.
  4. Ran the numbers. Martin Trainer from 2019-2022, played 79 events, made the cut in 13 (1 win). About $840,000 in winnings over that time, ($540,000 came from the win; $300,000 in all others). Might be one of the few tour winners who lost money playing the tour.
  5. I keep saying what do we expect from Rory? What players outside of Tiger or Jack won a bunch of majors, cooled off, then came back to win a bunch more? Maybe he can pick up one more, just like Phil/Vijay/Ernie, heck even Payne Stewart. But we really expecting him to go on another run? Not saying he can't, he has the game and is young enough. I mean, Phil had zero majors at his age, so it can happen.
  6. I'm watching the leaderboard at the PGA Latin American tour, he'd fit right in there with +16
  7. Probably just lower the age of the Champions tour if anything. At the end of the day, golf is really just entertainment. Most would rather watch someone they know (say John Daly), play bad, then watch some unknown 52 play pretty good.
  8. do you have to pay the current price or the price in two months when they drop it bc they released new gear?
  9. I get your point, let me clarify...I meant go on a major run, meaning win 3,4,5 or more. Everyone seems to win them at a certain time, then maybe they pick up one more. Mickelson, Tiger, Trevino, all these guys one last one, but they didn't go on another run in their career. Phil basically won his first 5 in five years, Brooks 4 over 3 years, Els kind of picked them off. Seve won 4 in 5 years, then added one down the line. What I'm saying is Rory has 4 now, will he go on another tear and win 3,4,5,6...get to 10 majors? Who had done that before. It's not like it gets easier every year. (not to drive the point home, but Trevino last major, Els last major, Phil last major...I said major(s) haha; not saying Rory won't win a another major, just thinking multiple)
  10. I saw that stat last week that at age 32 (Rory's age), he and Phil had around the same wins, but Phil had zero majors and Rory has 4. I get the point that stat was trying to make. However, I think, has anyone outside of Tiger (or maybe Jack) gone on a major run, had a drought, then came back to win more majors? I was doing a back of the envelope analysis/thinking the other day. Rory's so young and has so much money, if he keeps playing and investing wisely there is a good chance he'll wind up having a billion dollars. Seems to be a guy that if you gave him enough money he would stop playing.
  11. has anyone seen any deals on footwear? Looking to pick up some new shoes in the offseaon, haven't seen much on sale, don't know if shipments or lack of products are the cause. Any recommendations or places someone knows of would help. thanks.
  12. Definitely inflated. They do say after paying expenses/taxes, whatever a tour player makes with a finish they take home ~40%. Based on the article, take Lee Westwood, finished 30th on the money list last year at ~$3.4M. If he pays his caddy a base fee of $2,500 per week (or $10,000 a month, or $120k a year if he pays every week) and 10% of all winnings ($340,000), Lee would have to play every week every week ($340,000 + $120,000 = $460,000) and pay his caddy a $40k year end bonus to hit $500K. Makes you think which caddy gets a million. Even private chef, they said $3k-$5k a week, $25k all in, even if its at the low end, do you only bring out a chef for 8 weeks a year. If you do, do you notice that you play better, if you do, why the chef every week, if you don't, why need the chef? Its not like the food the tour gives the players is old ham sandwiches and there are restaurants in every city. I feel this article just takes the highest that each player pays but made it seem like everyone pays that. For example, Patrick cantlay has back issues, probably pays his physio guy more than say a Max homa does. But also, being on the PGA tour is just a broader game of when guys make the NBA and have to support their extended family of like 25 people. I'm sure theres some range guy at a tourney that Rahm played in that worked 1 day and only got a tip of $30 and thinks Rahm is pretty cheap, but they have to take care of every volunteer tear, at every tourney on every day. It adds up. Yea they make a lot of money, but its always faster to spend it than earn it.
  13. Its a myth that survived from days when there were not many organized junior golf things. Now, between the AGJA, junior ryder cup, high school, college, players are more prepared for match play, pressure and team events. Same thing use to happen in other sports. In the NFL QBs didn't come out of college and start immediately, but now you have guys like Arch Manning who (outside of the lineage) has been to QB "elite" camps his whole life, been on TV since his freshman year of high school, and probably played more organized ball by the time he was 8 when some guys in the 60s played through high school.
  14. I think you need to define whether you mean "best baller striker ever" or "best ball striker who has ever been on tour". It's kind of like asking who the best 3-point shooter is. Is it Steph Curry in the NBA and has to deal to a lot of travel, and playing games and everything else that comes into the NBA, or some guy who plays pickup who has a higher 3-point % than Steph but couldn't handle the travel.
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