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  1. I get your point. But I feel what were talking about is in no way an intention to cheat, and the ball movement isn't affecting the shot. Other times, like most stuff Patrick reed does, I would label as intent to cheat. It would be like in finance, if the SEC said you have to count every penny. Ancer Corp. made $1,000,000.01 and reported $1M, while Reed is probably more WorldCom/Enron.
  2. reminds me of when Rahm won the memorial last year and had that pitch in for a 2, that got turned into a 4 when cameras identified that his ball moved after the round. Still won though. I get rules are rules, and if they start giving people an inch others will take a mile. However, if we had a camera on every shot, it could be constant penalties. I mean, even marking your ball to putt and replacing prob isn't the exact spot on the green.
  3. Kinda thought Nike was trying to ying/yang with him and Brooks. Blue hat vs pink hat. Also their slow slide into the gender reveal market.
  4. Idk, Nicklaus said he never would and here we are. I mean, its basically an honor, I think if Tiger can swing a club in 30 years he might do it, plus I think Phil will wear him down to join him on the tee. But outside of Lee Elder, has a non-Masters winner ever been an honorary starter? I don't know if they would go the route of Norman or other non-winners, even Annika. (I'm surprised Annikas not a member though, think they would do that.) The real big question for me will be if Vijay ever gets to be an honorary starter. I feel after Nicklaus/Player stop doing it, prob pass to Cou
  5. Yea, but I think its a farther stretch that Augusta would ask him, and a farther stretch he would accept. I would have expected Tiger to be an honorary starter this year before Norman ever does it.
  6. Cameron Champ two color shoes --> Anthony Kim did the same thing in 2007 Brooks playing on a bad/surgery knee --> Tiger did the same thing in 2008 I need Bryson to replicate Phil in 2006 and put two drivers in the bag to get the trifecta
  7. Exactly. 2008 and 2018 were good as well, in 08 you had a chase from Tiger and in '18 Fowler was there and Spieth had a great final round. People may have not liked the winners, but that doesn't make it a great Masters. I'd almost argue 2014 was probably the least exciting Masters over the past decade.
  8. For being Rickie Fowler?...guys a brand in an era when thats a thing. Same way Arnold Palmer is remembered...most people know he's a golfer but prob couldn't tell you anything about his wins or playing style
  9. Agreed, I think Rickie is who he is exactly. I don't think hes a David Sims (shoutout Tin Cup), but he's not Tiger ether. I just think his focus lies elsewhere. Like golf is his 1B. No first hand knowledge, but he seems more like he'd think about what hat to pass out to the fans at the 16th at Waste Management before he thinks about the shot. Kind of like JD in a way, guy definitely party first, golf second. But also, good for Rickie. We need more of that, bring more people in. It's like they say, handful of guys on tour are chasing history, the rest are chasing money. I think Ric
  10. In a weird way he's like this generations Jon Daly. Daly, instead of focusing on golf, just boozed and partied. Rickie, instead of focusing on golf, is crafting his "image".
  11. Big problem in America right, no common sense. Yes, theres a dress code. Sensible pro-"Hey, if Im standing in water can I take my shirt off so it doesn't get muddy when i hit the shot and I have to walk around with mud on me the rest of the round" PGA Tour- "Sure, that makes sense" Non-sensible pro (probably Patrick Reed's wife) "why can't pros take their shirt off on every shot then..." In reality, I would like to see them actually get rid of the "im not touching my body" belly putters first
  12. Came off a 2nd place in 2004 PGA, lost in a playoff to Vijay. Also came in second to Tiger at the 06 British...in another world, DiMarco could have had three majors there, and been that generations Zach Johnson.
  13. I think people forget that for PGA tours, there are a lot of ways to make money through endorsements and outings. On the other hand, PGA tours have to pay for everything, so they say what ever a guy makes on course he takes home 40% after paying expenses, taxes and caddy. It's like they say, a handful of guys on tour are chasing history, the rest are chasing dollars. So for most, it doesn't matter if they win the money or an endorsement gives it to them. Once you have the money, maybe it affects the way you play and practice. Might leave a day later to spend time with the family,
  14. I think a lot of people say that, that tour pros can play anything. However, I don't think thats the case for every player. Look at a buy like Brooks, doesn't have a club contract, prob because he wants freedom to play what he wants, and that freedom will add up to more tournament winnings than money from endorsements. For some pros though, its literally a stroke here or there thats the difference between keeping your card or not. So you want to feel the best you can standing over a shot with the club in your hand. I think clubs take a lot of blame though. Sometimes g
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