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  1. I agree. Its almost as if Bryson is playing "golf swing" and not "golf", ironically something Tiger would get accused of. Your point is fair, Bryson tried the driver and basically shot himself out of the tournament on day 1. Guy needs to learn some sort of "fair finder" shot, doesn't matter if he hits the mega cut 275. (but idk, he's also on tour and I'm not exactly warming up for my tee time in the British right now).
  2. Fair point. I'm saying that not all golfers perform on every course or having a playing style that suits every course. So though we think hit it far should work, it might not for Bryson. It's like the opposite of Kevin Na, who says he can only win on certain course. I think its also a Tiger hangover that we expect guys to be hot every week. Think about your own games, some weeks its easy, other weeks you can't find the clubface.
  3. Sometimes it takes longer then 18 hole in major tournament conditions to determine if your "brand" works. Guys have off days, weeks, or months, years.
  4. Funny, with the title I actually thought Bubba was talking about the opposite, as in short hitters who play great but aren't celebrated. I think distance has always been the thing, even with Tiger, most people overlook the short game as stated above. I also think that Bryson is used as the poster boy for distance now (he didn't even hit the longest drive at the US Open), and the powers that be may feel better about going after Bryson then they would have Tiger. I also also think, older players are somewhat grumpy, one of those "I could have done that with
  5. I get that, but the same money they are using to follow the journeyman pro guy (I forget his name, apologizes) could be used to follow people qualifying for the US Open. That should be more of a segment than anything else. I mean, you can make a money on your iphone, I know you have to pay people, but it can be done on the cheap. Also, it doesn't take money to make content sometimes, they just have to think outside the box.
  6. Exactly...wonder who at the golf channel keeps thinking its a good idea.
  7. kind of like selling religious candles or bootleg copies of Road House/Fast and the Furious on the street...once they pay taxes then all is good
  8. Like anyone else, once corporations/taxes are involved, everything seems a lot cleaning activity.
  9. I don't sit down and watch the "Live From" segment on GC, but I'll turn it on at points at night to somewhat familiarize myself with the course or the story lines, so the stuff I see is random and I don't watch the whole program. Typically I think its just a 3/5 hour production that just boils down to "this guy can win, or this guy can win, or this guy can win". I noticed for the last couple majors, its just a bunch of non-golf story lines and too much back story on players. For example, the two times I watch this week it was "The Lanto Griffin Story" segment and a segment about a
  10. Are there golfers on tour who are built/strong?--> probably some, but more golf strong than anything else. Its like asking professional bodybuilders/plumbers/lawyers are good at math, yea probably because use it day to day in some way (food portions, fixtures, payments), but that doesn't mean they're all PHD calculus/trig level. Is fitness important? --> yes, but it doesn't necessary mean some Olympian level athlete is a polo shirt and a caddy away from the PGA tour. A lot of it has to do with hitting shots out of the rough. At the 2019 PGA at Bethpage they said there are ~9
  11. I know its different days, but same course in a tour event close enough...Mark Hensby shot 84 on Thursday with 10 penalty strokes for playing a non-uniform ball for 5 holes, and he beat Smylie's Friday score by 1. Can anyone think of another tour pro that if you said "do you think you can beat this guys score from yesterday who got 10 penalty strokes" and the first tour pro couldn't do it?
  12. I don't know if theres necessary a "curse", or if Nike necessary makes people get in shape to wear their clothes(players get in shape bc they think it will make them better). Patrick Reed lost his sponsorship with them because I believe his contract was up and he presented to many off the course issues. Let's not forget this is the same company that sponsored Carl Petterson and Jason Gore. They're trying to sell clothes, so its more of a mix of having a diverse stable of players to reach more fans/sell more shirts. It's also about spending their sponsorship dollars wisely, figuring out things
  13. I feel the LPGA is kind of like spinach...somewhat difficult to find people who truly like, have some people consume because they feel they should, but most skip right over it. I'm an avid golf watcher, I'll watch a decent amount of LPGA cover, but its just hard to follow everything/keep an interest. What the LPGA is to me right now is like a alternative version of the PGA tour, where the #1 golfer is Martin Kaymer, Rickie Fowler is the same guy but his score is 10 strokes higher every tournament, and John Daly is your main draw (basically a side show). I just feel in a way there
  14. Yea...and unique pay/privilege. Always makes me think of when Eminem complained too many people came up to him when he got famous or when Jennifer Lawrence complained that people judged her body...you can always go work for minimum wage and no one will bother or judge you.
  15. I've been saying this for years...dunno how the golf channel developed and aired other shows from left field and had this under their nose and just let it slip by. Off the top of my head, shows they did that are worse than a basic "Last Chance U" type show: Pipe Dream, That Top Golf show (?), Robby Beershack (sic) driving range show, Half the seasons of the Haney show. I know they did one where they followed kids at the IJGA international academy for a season, but it was more "our parents have money so we're here" than "this is what life of a pro looks like".
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