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  1. Morgan is just fine in my book. She's very knowledgeable and doesn't seem to say too many stupid things. I'm a fan.
  2. I'm dreading watching the PGA tour on tv lately, wondering what sort of bs drama I'm going to see jammed into my eyeballs. All of this stuff is turning the PGA Tour into pro wrestling. I hate it. I haven't watched the men play in a few weeks bc of it. I'm watching the ladies.
  3. Extroverts hating on Introverts. What else is new? Ho hum.
  4. I wish I could be there for Lexi's 1st round tee off. The applause should be deafening!
  5. Yep. There were a lot of very good drives that landed in a narrow fairway, but rolled off into a penal rough. Seems like there's a luck-of-the-draw variability in these very tough setups.
  6. P.S. I wish I had to $ to live in that area. Every time I see a golf tournament on TV from the Bay area, I feel the pull of a life there.
  7. I think this tourney is hard to pick. So many ladies were playing well at Olympic, but didn't score well. How will that transfer to this week? Will their nerves be too shot to score? Or will they be fired up by the punches Olympic gave them? This will be exciting.
  8. Can't I just hope for more kindness in this world (to pro athletes, also)? Yeah, many of these pros are making a lot of $, but jeez, they're sure s*** on a lot. Just look at that USWO thread and all the folks hammering Lexi as a choker and poor putter. Too much cruelty for me...
  9. Wedding rings are symbols of the wedding bond between the couple. If y'all want a piece of plastic to symbolize that bond, y'all go ahead. Me? That bond is precious, and it requires a precious metal (gold, platinum, heck, even silver).
  10. It's nice seeing scientific data dispel so many myths.
  11. We need to remember that many of these players are teenagers. They are still kids, with nowhere near the life experiences we of grandparent age have gone thru. Heck, even Lexi is late 20's. Let's not add to the mental pressure they're obviously feeling, and instead marvel at and celebrate their skills and accomplishments.
  12. Lots of negativity here towards Lexi. All I know is golf is hard, yet she gave her all. I'm sad for her. I hope to see her in the winner's circle soon. Also lots of negativity for NBC / TGC. I don't see it. I'm generally not too patient with dumb announcers, but nothing rang my bell much on this tourney. Yuka is very reserved. She comes across as too guarded, perhaps even a bit aloof. Yet some of the videos caught her being the kind of person we'd all like to hang with. I haven't been a fan, but I am now. It was a great tournament. I really appreciated uninterrupted co
  13. How about Gerina Piller? That would be nice
  14. There was an executive at the company I worked with named Popoff. He wore nice shoes. He's burned into my mind.
  15. Based on last week’s results, it’s hard to discount Danielle Kang, Ally Ewing, and Sophia Popoff.
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