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  1. I could have sworn Kevin Na was putting with a Ping putter at the Sony. I've deleted my video recording, though
  2. Nah. Danielle is like the bud you want to play golf with. She'll laugh at your stupid jokes, as she sinks another 30 footer to take all your money. She's waay cool
  3. Articles like these really help to acquaint us to golfers like InGee. They turn faces into people, and spectators into fans. Good job
  4. Cheyenne Knight caddying for that celebrity. Isn’t the lpga cool?
  5. Is there really much difference wedges right now? They all look the same, as if everyone has copied the Vokey design. I was at Golf Galaxy a few days ago, checking out the wedges. Honestly, I think I could do just as well with Ping, Callaway, Mizuno or even Cleveland wedges compared to the Vokey I carry.
  6. Here's an odd / end. Am I the only one twiddling my thumbs while waiting for the season to start?
  7. How many folks are still playing 5 year old drivers and getting great results? Heck, even 8 year old drivers. The improvements lie in club / shaft fitting, in my opinion
  8. I agree about Justin Leonard. I mean, where is it written that the "expert" has to comment and judge EVERY shot played by a golf pro? I can see the blasted screen. I can judge for myself. Don't talk. You're bringing nothing. And here I am hammering Justin Leonard. But everyone is doing it. Heck, Lanny Wadkins is worse. The real bad guys on this are the directors / producers. This is the biggest peeve I have about golf coverage. Them trying to create drama where there isn't any.
  9. This thread is a good reminder that it's time to make another HOI!
  10. Has there been a unicorn driver in recent years? I'm not sure...
  11. And even then, they'll only show the featured groups, not the lesser knows players. Friday is my fav day to watch a tour golf event. Half the field hasn't been cut, and you can follow the golfers without the huge followings.
  12. I really like this post.
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