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  1. Harlingen? Jeez, the only time they have nice weather is January. And maybe a bit of February. Just kidding, but I'm not far from the truth.
  2. And Danielle finished the Aramco LET bogey bogey. ah, if frogs had wings…
  3. Maybe we should allow corked aluminum baseball bats in the majors?
  4. I think there’ll be fireworks in the next few tournaments. The POY chase can dramatically change in the next few weeks. I really can’t predict
  5. They’re all still young kids. let’s all be kind.
  6. I forgot about Jeeno. She's fabulous.
  7. Morgane Metraux for Rookie of the Year. There. I said it. And not facetiously either
  8. For next year’s contest dare I pick Maria Fassi again? :-)
  9. I love this leaderboard! lots of my favorites doing well. Tomorrow should be fun
  10. I’d like to see Chevron played on TPC Woodlands, where the Houston open was played for so many years. I played it as often as I could, and have very fond memories of it. But I doubt it will be chosen. It’ll be some new course developers want to publicize. Yuk
  11. Will Jin Young and Inbee be even hungrier after coming in 2nd last week? Hmmm
  12. Do you think the group at -8, three shots back, has a chance? I sorta do. That course can give up a 63, I think.
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