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  1. Woh. This is a nice one at a nice price with a great headcover.
  2. I’m 5’10” and used a 34” putter for the longest time. I switched to 35” 2 years ago and have putted better than ever, but it’s only because I practiced with a 35” putter a ton over the past 2 years. Don’t overthink it. Pick a length and practice with it and you’ll putt well.
  3. All of these suggestions are great, especially Bellum Winmore. If you crank it up another $100 or so it really opens up a lot of other sweet options. I’m partial to Lajosi, but TP Mills is also Grade A. This copper plated Lajosi is starting to patina nicely. Also, a BW CloverDude is included for your viewing pleasure. The Dude Abides.
  4. I have a PXG 0317x proto 2 hybrid (cut down an inch and weighted up) that does exactly what you want…but for some reason the ball lands 40-50 yards shorter for me on decent pokes. But I’m just a normal human being. You may get better results with your stellar swing speed. Seriously though, that 2 hybrid is wicked good for normal golfers.
  5. Tour is first pic. Widebody is second pic. I don’t know the exact head weight of the regular because I bought it secondhand, but I would guess in between the two. The widebody definitely feels heavier than the tour and the regular feels in between. Hope this helps.
  6. Here are some side-by-side pics of the 3 different Sensor models I own. They are all 4.5” long. The copper-plated one is the tour version with serrated v groove face milling and it is 1” wide. The satin one with the copper insert is the regular version with standard depth face milling and it is 1.1” wide. The salted caramel one is the widebody version with true spiral face milling and it is 1.25” wide.
  7. Looking for Seamus The Dude Blade Putter Cover.
  8. If you paid then no doubt yours is in the queue. He normally sends you a pic or two of the milled piece as an update after a month or so. He also will double check any etchings you want and confirm paint. Then you typically get one pic from one vantage point of your finished putter. Then you get your putter via DHL and it looks 50 times better than the pic he showed you. At least that’s how things have worked for me on my orders.
  9. I now do strictly one-piece plumbers necks putters; no welds. I’m pretty picky with how the plumbers neck is configured, and how the putter situates itself on the ground with respect to the shaft and hosel. I personally have yet to find a better “reasonably affordable” combination (note: with generally good resale value, which is an under-appreciated statistic for putter collectors) of playability, performance, and looks than my Lajosi putters. TP Mills is also up there at the top of my list for plumbers necks.
  10. I own two of those headcovers and they are super nice EP covers made of soft leather. It’s basically a premium Swag cover. The buyer will be very pleased with this purchase.
  11. These are the two I currently own. Sycamore and Nellie Wings.
  12. This is interesting. I’ve had a heritage PN, softtail PN, sycamore (flow and PN), Trad II XL PN, and Nellie Wings (flow and PN). The one I putted best with was the Nellie Wings PN. BTW your collection is incredible.
  13. I agree with @roundersmitty that deals can be found all the time; however, if I had to pick I would say Black Friday weekend or any PGA Major weekend. It seems like I always see deals on putters in both the boutique and big box markets.
  14. I’m no metals expert, but I wouldn’t use salt blended with anything to clean metal.
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