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  1. Unreal. I just had a conversation about this with another fellow member and we came to the conclusion that tons of boutique putter weights are not all that close to the advertised weights. It seems this may be an industry wide trend. If I ever do a custom again, I’m going to ask for a picture of the head being weighed on a scale before I buy it. TJGolf55: I have the same scale.
  2. That Opinder thread is just fantastic and deserves its due respect. My favorite post in the thread is PeanutsDaddy’s shown below. Opinder is a cartoon version of David on N2O. If you’ve ever corresponded with David before, you know.
  3. Unbelievable. Is that really a died mammoth molar? You should have him mill a mammoth 🦣 into the front of the face where the rocket or astronaut normally is, have him cut a small piece of whatever is leftover from the molar cavity inlay, and inlay it into the mammoth’s tooth. The possibilities are endless with these inlays: dinosaur bone, Egyptian artifact, arrowheads, meteorite, moon rock, etc. This could get really cool. Mind blown.
  4. It’s got roughly the same toe hang as a traditional length plumbers neck. I showed a pic of these to another putter aficionado I know a while back and he said he thought the shorter plumbers neck would yield a lot of toe hang. It doesn’t though (it’s 37 degrees). I’m not sure the exact design principle behind it, but I do know BW putters were designed to balance on or very very close to the sweet spot. I don’t know how much this matters after it’s shafted up, but I do feel like the balance on my 707i is spot on.
  5. Many of you may already know that one of the Bellum Winmore owners is selling off old inventory putters on eBay that he had laying around. No doubt some of you have bought these putters and/or may be thinking about buying one. In the past couple of months I’ve bought three very reasonable-priced 707 models. I thought it would be neat to own three similar models (without breaking the bank) from the same maker...all with totally different looks and feels. One is all stainless and the other two have copper inserts. The face on one of the copper inserts is milled and one is not. Also, one of the c
  6. ...or maybe just switch to the TP5, see if that makes a difference, and continue collecting his huge Taylormade paycheck.
  7. I vote for not painting either G for now. That putter is so clean overall that it just pops because of the cleanliness. It doesn’t need anything...until it misbehaves for a round. Then it will need some paint to shake things up. Haha.
  8. I really like the look of the logo on the front and the dot in the cavity. This is a sharp putter. Nice work here.
  9. You’re only in the minority for now. I’m done with welds. They just never look that good and I hope they go out of style soon.
  10. I use a spray called Ballistol. I spray it on a cloth then wipe down the putter with it. I’ve used it on carbon steel, brass, copper, stainless steel, etc. with good results.
  11. No putter for me because I’m too cheap, but headcover? Wizard all the way.
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