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  1. Awesome! Nice work on the review. What are the plan view dimensions (front/back and toe/heel)?
  2. I agree. The more expensive putters I’ve bought and ended up selling generally hold most of their value. I essentially “rented” them, which in my mind was worth the money I lost on the trial. I’ve actually even made a little money on some of them. If you treat it like a hobby, then who cares? It’s really no different than collecting stamps, coins, baseball cards, garden gnomes, etc. Except you can actually use your collectibles instead of just looking at and displaying them.
  3. We all know every putter head is a $100 piece of milled steel that may or may not be hand-worked. The marketing, design, and finish make all the difference with respect to value. If you don’t like Swag and you think they’re overpriced, then so be it. Go buy another brand you like better.
  4. I’m a big fan of Best Grips. This is the shape of a pistol Best Grips:
  5. I see what you’re saying. That does stink. What they should do, is just offer all the models for lefties at a slight upcharge custom price that will be delivered within like 6 months or something like that. They could get a bunch of orders lined up then mill them off all at once. That would offset their perceived “profit loss” from having to mill lefties. They basically alienated 10% of the golfing masses by offering very few lefty options.
  6. I watched the video on their website and Bettinardi’s son’s favorite from the 2021 line is the SS7. Maybe this was why they are only offering that one in lefty. I guess they’re telling you that you just also need to like what Bettinardi Jr. likes.
  7. I bought a used 2019 studio stock 2 at a great price, specifically because it came with a Horween leather wizard cover (which made the price that much more fantastical). That putter was great (great feel, balance, and roll), but I ended up giving the putter to a very good friend who golfs a ton but uses junk equipment...he’s doing a double-bathroom remodel for me. He absolutely loves it and it definitely has improved his putting. So, I’m now also looking to buy another Bettinardi to replace the one I gave away; not sure it will be a Studio Stock 2 again. I’m looking for a little more higher en
  8. Agreed. The standard leather grip that came on my softtail is fantastic. I like the feel better than the leather gripmasters I have on my Lajosi (midsize) and Mack Made (paddle).
  9. If it came in 35” I think I would maybe buy it. After so many years of rotating through equipment, I’ve learned to trust in Cobra. I do, however, agree with MattM97...couldn’t they have made it look a little more high end at address instead of so plastic-y? I’ll hold out for their next batch and see what’s up with that. Especially because the length isn’t even right for me.
  10. Only a 34” option? That stinks.
  11. I had a Bobby Grace AMG 3 Diamond for a while. It was very soft and put the ball into the tightest roll right off the face. His insert technology absolutely works. I would have kept it, but it was dinked on the top line, which really bothered me. I’ve been on the hunt for another mint one at the right price. This is saying something, because this is one of the only putters I’ve ever sold that I’ve been trying to rebuy for quite some time. If you buy one, make sure you like a very soft feel.
  12. What brand is it? Is there a tag inside?
  13. Someone just posted on this thread about how David wouldn’t make him a “minimally stamped” putter. Hmmm. This one seems to fit the bill. BTW-this putter is so nice.
  14. Haha. I wish that house down the road from me with that putting green was for sale when I was buying. It wouldn’t have mattered what the inside looked like, I would have somehow convinced the wife that we needed to buy it.
  15. I don’t know these people well enough to creep around their backyard and take pics, so I grabbed some road pics. You get the idea though. They normally have pins in the holes.
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