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    TP mills

    TP Mills putters are worth the money. This Nellie Wings sounds/feels incredible. I’ve also tried his Trad IIXL, heritage, and softtail. I like the Nellie Wings the best, but they are all super high quality putters. Don’t hesitate to order one. Also, they hold their value well, so you can always sell for little loss if you don’t like it.
  2. I have three Bellum Winmore 707s...all the same model. One is all stainless with real shallow face milling. One has a copper insert with no face milling. One has a copper insert with deeper face milling. When I hit all of them on the sweet spot, they feel/sound the same...needless to say very good and pure. When I miss the sweet spot on the stainless, it’s clicky. When I miss the sweet spot on the flat-faced copper insert, it’s not as clicky as the stainless. The milled face copper insert masks my misses much more than the other two; it’s muted and not clicky at all on misses. No clue what thi
  3. David’s new models are really heavy. At least the ones on golfputters.online are. Like up to 380g.
  4. Post pics when you can. I’d like to see more of your putter’s torch. Also, check out this recent build that Tim showed me. Is it just me, or does this putter remind you of Vader’s TIE fighter? This thing is just wicked. Man, it’s just cool to see functional art come alive.
  5. Someday this guy will get what’s coming to him. You can only continue to hose people for so long until karma comes around, or you hose the wrong person.
  6. Did you ask for your money back? The putter is really nice, but you’re probably going to take a beating on the resale. I’m not so sure you’ll find anyone to even pay the “discounted” rate you’re asking. I know you just want the problem to go away by selling it and cutting your losses, but at some point someone has to stick up for themself against this guy. Paying thousands of dollars for a custom putter that isn’t made how you wanted (assuming you have the paper trail to prove it) after waiting all that time is absurd. Hundreds of dollars I could maybe understand, but not thousands.
  7. The only putter tech I’ve personally used that actually works is Bobby Grace’s HSM2 insert. That insert puts a mean roll on the ball immediately. It’s very good for super fast greens.
  8. Nope. I’m pretty sure you can contact him directly if you want. At least that’s what I did. I DM’d you.
  9. This model is the closest to face balanced of his models. It’s 20 degrees.
  10. 4-8 Toulon putters isn’t a problem. When you start mixing in some more expensive custom boutique putters, then it kind of is a problem. And when you start mixing in even more ridiculously expensive boutique putters then it may start to become an even bigger problem. But if it ain’t a problem for @Phabs then it ain’t for the rest of us. What else are you going to spend your money on? Hint: spend it on putters and enjoy your life.
  11. Dang. I forgot. Tim also shared the pics of the finished putter. Here:
  12. He took a 1/3 deposit on mine then the remaining 2/3 upon completion, but that was a while ago. Working with Josey was definitely one of the better custom experiences I’ve had with a boutique putter maker. I recommend him.
  13. I asked Byron and he said it looks like the Cold Star finish.
  14. jonradus

    Tyson Lamb

    So, is Josey’s plumbers neck on the putter now? Josey’s plumbers necks are really nice and set up well to the eye.
  15. Thumbs up, Josey is great to work with. I recommend him. I worked with him through Instagram and he then texted me updates.
  16. DH Gate sold tons of similar putters for like $120 each a couple years ago. They likely had a smiley face version.
  17. Beauty of a piece there. I thought this was direct from Byron, but I could be wrong. Maybe he messed up the spelling.
  18. I keep in touch with Tim and he shared some pics of a build he’s doing. I thought it was cool because you can see the hand work that went into it before the final finishing and cleanup is done. I suspect the more popular boutique guys (Mills, Byron, Lajosi, Mann, etc.) also do tons of stuff like this, but I usually never get to see any pics of it in progress. I saw a little from Lamont during a build (specifically a video of him grinding a wave with a belt sander into the flange of an MA/99, which was cool as f***; and a pic of the torched head being cooled in oil, which was p
  19. So you got the Hudson Wide without the cavity pocket behind the face? Interesting. That’s going to be a really stable roller with a soft and beefy feel (if you get that same face milling). I’ve bought and sold many putters, but the Mack Made has stayed. It’s a putter that you can just plunk on the ground and it is square. There’s no adjustment required. I can’t say that about every putter I currently and/or have ever owned. It’s really quite good for shorter putts. I suspect you’ll really like yours...
  20. Oh man. Stainless would be sweet. Any clue how many of those he made? I checked this one when I got it with a magnet just to be sure. It’s definitely carbon. Haha.
  21. jonradus

    Tyson Lamb

    I rarely see pics of his putters posted anywhere on this site. Anyone out there have any Lamb putter pics to share? I don’t really care about his business model or any of his accessories. I would, however, like to see more pics of his putters in the wild beyond what is available on social media.
  22. I bought this secondhand, but yes, I do believe this is the the cold star finish. I’m pretty sure all the heads were made out of carbon, weighed between 345 and 355 grams (which checks out with the overall club weight of 526 grams and a 65 gram grip), and most were cold star plated or black oxide. Some were copper plated though, because I owned one of them a while back with a Rincon neck. I didn’t care for the Rincon neck so I sold it. I had been seeking out a plumbers neck model for quite some time and came across this one. The copper one I owned had the flat twilight face milling. This one a
  23. Lots of sweet putters on this thread. Here’s something else to look at.
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