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  1. Hi All, first up is a epic max ls 9.0 head. Good shape. Had tiny little scuff high in high shown on pix not noticeable at address. Good condition $365 shipped next up is 45.5 (46.5 play length ) tensei 1k 60Tx shaft. Has switch grips with weight kit so you can dial in the swing weights. $250 shipped trade interest : sim 2 3 wood or ventus red 7s/x fairway shaft
  2. First up is a 34.5 inch Sik DW slant neck with a SS pistol GT 1.0 traxion in great condition. Only games a handful of rounds don’t have original headcover but will ship with Torrey pines headcover. Sold. Second up is a Epic Speed Triple Diamond 9.0 TA used for two rounds in great condition. head only. Pending trades welcome. : Ventus Red 7x/s for fairway, Sim2 head, Putters.
  3. It’s a TA head bought from BryanGolf. And no shaft.
  4. Hi guys, up for sale is a epic speed triple Diamond TA serial number 9.0 deg head. Used two rounds in great condition. Looking for $600 shipped conus with headcover. thank you.
  5. Not currently interested in a trade for that.
  6. Hello All, have a couple items up for grabs today: First item is 4-P of Miura TC-201 with Shimada Tour Stiff shafts. Brand new arrcos grips. 1deg flat and standard loft and lengths. Have normal signs of use. Little bag chatter because they are very soft. Irons are awesome...however I am not good enough to be playing something this sexy! Sold. Next up: Hzrdous Black 6.5 and PVD Blue 6.5. Both 60g for driver and play 45.25in for Callaway driver. Swung each for one round and went a different route. Have callaway adapters on both. Built by Bryangolf and t
  7. UGP is a placed in Orange County California that fits and builds clubs. That shaft is not pured or tipped. Thank you.
  8. Hi All, First up is Tsi3 9 degree with Ventus Black 6x. Built at UGP Orange County. Never got along. Of course last round I put a small dummy mark on the top. SHAFT SOLD. Head available only @ $SOLDshipped conus. Next is Accra Tz5 M5 with callaway tip. Measures 44.25 inch tip to grip. Have to mention it what’d the tip put on at big box store and they put graphic up SMH! Might want a new tip put on if that bothers you. $sold shipped. Next is Sim Max Hybrid 19deg. Stock ventus blue NON Velocore 7s. $125 shipped. Final is P770 4iron hit a few
  9. Hi All, Today is a set of used p7mc with kbs $taper 120 stiff in black with BBF ferrules built by UGP in California. They are standard length and loft. Bent 1 degree flat. Built to D6 Swing weight. I will also be throwing in a P770 4 iron that I got after the fact to try out. It has kbs tour 120 shaft and is one degree flat. Built to D5. These things are very soft so they have some bag chatter on them which I tried to show in the photos. If you need more photos please let me know. Faces and top lines are all in great shape. P7MC SOLD. 4iro
  10. Let’s try this again. One of one Logan Olson Copper GSS Demascus 34.5” putter. Olson leather grip. Olson’s head cover. Like new. Rolled a few times. More pics available if needed. Paid 2250 on black Friday for this. Let’s start at SOLD. would prefer cash but Only trade interests would be: miura tc201 , T100s possibly with money.
  11. Hi All, FINAL PRICE DROP. IF IT DOESNT SELL NEXT COUPLE DAYS I WILL KEEP. Today I got up 1 of 1 GSS Copper Demascus Olson putter. This was a one of one from the Black Friday sale. Pictures don’t do This thing justice. Absolutely Pure. 34.5 inch with leather Olson grip and Olson headcover will come with it. Came standard loft and lie from him. Has been games 3 rounds but looks Brand new. $2000 Shipped CONUS Only Trade Interest : Miura TC201 pin 1/18
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