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  1. Interesting thread. I used a milled blade for 25 years...got out of golfing for 6 years then back into it last year and replaced my entire 25 yr old set including my putter: first with a White Hot Odyssey Rossie then a Spider Mini putter both with inserts...and I struggled with my distance putting all season. Agree they do a lot of the work for you and they're pretty deadly inside 10 feet...but from outside 20 feet I don't think I've three-putted more times my entire golfing life. Practiced my putting over winter but played first round this spring with the Spider Mini and saw more of the same...that night found a used Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 2 for 75$ online, ordered it, and played next round using it - 33 putts and only one 3 putt - felt more comfortable/confident right away and it's already in the bag. None of that answers your 'are inserts hotter' question...but I'll agree they can be harder to control from longer distances.
  2. I'm curious about what the 'W' means as well. I'm guessing it means 'wood' as there is a W inside adaptor on my Epic Flash 5 wood plus I also have an Epic Flash hybrid and there is an 'H' inside the adaptor opposite the line they use for lining up head...so assuming H means hybrid? And if anyone can confirm or explain what the W and the H mean, bonus points if you can shed any insight into what it does to your head if you line up shaft with the W and the H instead of the line they have on the adaptor. I tried doing that this week and found my face much more square looking at address in the -1 setting than it looks at address in -1 setting when lining up head with line on the adaptor (slightly open).
  3. Found a mint used Rogue 4w on Black Friday and swapped in a Tensei CK 60 shaft and so far been very happy with results. Launches perhaps a little lower than I'd prefer but feels good and gained 10+ yards when needed on my Epic Flash 5w lofted down to 17* (which I wasn't complaining about).
  4. Rogue 4w and Epic Flash 5w cranked down to 17* have both worked out well for me.
  5. I removed the 3 wood from my bag last fall mostly because i was hitting my Steelhead XR 5w nearly as far and more consistently...but instead of just being happy with that at Xmas I picked up a Rogue 4w (17*) and used Epic Flash 5w (at 17*) and am now alternating between them to figure out which i like best (both are good...little more distance out of the Rogue 4w but slightly lower launch). At any rate the trusty Steelhead XR 5w sits in the backup bag. Oh and then next club is the Epic Flash 4 hybrid at 20* which i'm very happy with. So now deciding whether to leave bag at that with 13 clubs or try to find a 22/23* hybrid or utility iron I like and can hit well, as my lowest iron is 5 iron.
  6. Was after same kind of ball and AVX and Bridgestone RX are the best i found. AVX a little longer and RX spins a little better around the greens but both deliver the goods.
  7. Sorry, should have said....two 1 1/2 inch strips = 3 inches all together.
  8. Cut my Rogue down to 44.5" and added two strips of lead tape to middle bottom of clubhead...perhaps it 'should' be a little heavier but feels good. It's money now - 10 more yards distance and much better dispersion.
  9. 20-30 yards gained would be unrealistic but have similar driver SS (95mph) and primarily used the softer lower compression Bridgestone RXS and Srixon Q Star Tour last year with success (good distance/decent spin) but end of season tried the Titlest AVX and found i gained about 10 yds off the tee and a half a club with irons. That ball gave me biggest distance increase of all balls i've tried out. HOWEVER l do still like the distance/flight/feel/spin of the Bridgestone offerings so am going to try the RX to start off this year (along with the AVX) and choose one. Any of these four balls would be worth your time to test out.
  10. wcdixon

    4 wood

    Haven't hit the Mavrik offering but have recently been alternating between a Rogue 4w and an Epic Flash 5w lofted down to 17*...both work well for me, as well as Ping 5w lofted down to 16.5 - not as long as the Callaway's but still a solid consistent club. AND I hit a Cobra f8 5-6 a couple years ago and didn't mind it though tended to hook more than not for me. I'd say you couldn't go way wrong with any of them...mostly would come down to gapping and the distance you want from it.
  11. Following this thread with interest. Last spring found a used Rogue with stock Adila Synergy shaft and hit it really solid and consistently all last season with really no serious complaints other than a lower ball flight but I kept loft at 9 degrees so I couldn't have been that upset haha - but have a credit to use and have been feeling like I should 'upgrade' to the Epic Flash or the Mavrik or Mavrik Max. Mavrik Max from what I have read sounds the most similar to the Rogue in terms of shape and performance...but would it really be a noticeable upgrade or just more of the same? Only difference seems like would be whether the Project X Evenflow shaft would be a better fit for me over the Aldila Synergy. PS And yes I would go in and test the Epic Flash or Mavrik/Mavrik Max with the Evenflow shaft if Covid hadn't shut down all the testing bays at Golftown.
  12. I know I was thinking it haha...and have to agree with iNeedMoreGolf. Could suggest some fairway woods/hybrids that are straighter or more forgiving...or suggest shortening your shafts a little for more control...or getting into some heavier stiffer shafts - but figuring out what causes your wild misses and trying to fix that would seem get you further ahead in the long run. Especially because it sounds like your regular course is a tough, demanding, challenging track that yes, needs some course management, but also is long enough to warrant hitting a driver more often than not. That said...you asked for suggestions and I'd say the g410 3 hybrid at 18.5* and/or g410 5w lofted down to 16.5* with a heavier stiffer shaft might be the quick fix.
  13. Bending a 54* to 55* one solution...or just go with a 54* you like and use a 3/4 swing for shorter shots into greens. Always easier to take a little off a swing then having to jump all over a 56* to get it where you want.
  14. Welcome back. Got back into playing in 2020 after a 7 year layoff so went through a lot of what you likely are going through in terms of 'catching up' (in my case it was balls and clubs as my set was over 20 years old lol). Regarding balls not sure who's saying softer = less distance since so many factors to consider but my experience trying out several different balls this past year was that softer felt better and flew further (driver swing speed similar to yours pre surgery - 93-95 mph). Early in year tried Callaway Chrome Soft X, Srixon Z Star XV, and TM TP5X - solid balls with decent distance but felt too firm and clicky sounding. Read that a lower compression likely better for my swing speed so next tried the Bridgestone RXS and Srixon Q Star Tour - liked both of these a lot and used most of season...softer feel, longer distance, and good greenside spin, especially the RXS. And end of season for fun tried two more balls that were still on softer side but had a slightly higher compression: Titleist AVX and Bridgestone RX. AVX by far longest of all but flights/flies lower and only decent spin around greens but still not bad...whereas RX very good distance, higher flight but still great in wind, and more spin on and around greens. In conclusion would like to start 2021 with AVX and hopefully make it work for me...the 5-8 yards longer with each club was really great however need to work on shots into greens....there is a little more roll out. But the spin and spin control with the RX (or RXS for that matter) was great for shotmaking into or around greens while still getting good distance makes me happy to return to playing the Bridgestone's if i get tired of trying to adjust for the AVX. Not sure if that all makes sense or even helps haha...good luck.
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