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  1. Sounds like a great move - pretty much the same as what i'm trying - i've added a GAPR Mid 4 hybrid at 20* with the room in bag it opened up. And hey, if it ends up hurting your game it's easy enough to switch back.
  2. I didn't mind the Cobra f8 3/4 I hit last year but didn't love it either - what make/model 4W and hybrid do you game?
  3. Went through process you're going through this past year after almost 7 years away from the game - updated entire set and used a Callaway XR Steelhead 5w and 3w and alternated between a GAPR HI 4 hybrid at 21* and a Cobra F6 4 hybrid at 20.5* to fill that hole between my driver and in my case, 5 iron. Decided I wanted to add some sort of club in the 20 degree area that could give me lower flighted stingers (iron, hybrid, utility) so last week swapped out the 3w and 5w for a used like-new Callaway Epic Flash 5W lofted down to 17*, and then found a used like-new GAPR Mid 4 (20*) and Epic Fl
  4. Interesting you say that. Last night I hit the Rogue 4w, the Ping g410 5w lofted down to 16.5, and the Epic Flash 5w lofted down to 17* - all flew and felt okay, with the Rogue and Ping averaging around 225-230 yds and the Epic Flash the clear winner distance-wise topping out at 235-238 yds total distance. However just to mess with my head I pulled out an old Ping G 3w that I hadn't hit in a while and I'd already trimmed the shaft a little shorter and lofted it up to 16* and it was banging! Not as long as the G410 or Epic Flash...more like 225yds average but felt good and so straight/slight dr
  5. I'll take club to my local Golftown today and have them check loft/specs for any obvious irregularities. But if it's under the hood i'll likely sell it and move on.
  6. Thanks for the insight Mitchell and bladehunter, but it would be way beyond my investigative skill levels to dig that deep being no club builder haha. I dunno...it seems pretty much like what LeoLeo99 said: ...like there's no sweet spot. Weird...I may just have to let it go and move on.
  7. I did forget to mention I tried 2 one inch pieces of lead tape across the back after first feeling the lightness and some lame duck strikes, but didn't seem to help. Will pile some more on and see if that does the trick...or does SOMETHING good lol.
  8. The quick backstory. Got back into game after seven years off last winter...bought a new-to-me full bag of irons and woods, and played them all this season. Really happy with the irons I ended up with - Rogue Pro's 5-PW with Recoil ES 760 reg shafts. So happy in fact that I set upon finding a used Rogue Pro AW to complete the irons. Found one online in very good condition but with a steel shaft. Ordered it and replaced shaft with a UST Recoil 80 reg shaft, but never got comfortable/happy with hitting it. The shaft felt a hair heavy and firm/boardy compared to the rest of the irons and was neve
  9. The GAPR Mid 4 can be lofted down to 19.5? Good to know...I thought 20* (- 1 degree) was as low as it could go.
  10. Thanks for following up with an update and glad it's been working out - and since it will just be an experiment that I hope works out I didn't wait and went ahead and ordered a GAPR Mid 4 yesterday haha. Will try it first with the stock KBS Hybrid 70 shaft (since I don't mind that shaft in the GAPR HI I used earlier this year) but if like the head enough will consider reshafting. Question: were you hitting it at 21* and still getting high launch? I am hoping for more of a safe-shot stinger (or shots into long par 3's) so likely will loft it down to 20*.
  11. I play the RTX-4's and don't hit them quite as far as you but gap with a 54 and 58 (with a Rogue Pro AW at 49* in place of your RTX-4 48-degree) - very happy with them.
  12. UPDATE 2: Found for great price and ordered a like-new Rogue 4w and like-new Epic Flash 5w this weekend - will go hit them (plus the new Ping G410 5w) indoors this week all lofted at 17* and return the one I like the least. But all look and feel great just swinging them...already know it's gonna be a tough decision to just pick two haha.
  13. Sorry for what might seem like dumb question but as someone trying to decide between a Sim DHY 4 or a GAPR 4 at half the price - when you say you opened up the club(s) a degree does that mean you lofted the GAPR 4 up to 22* or down to 20*? I'd like to play the GAPR 4 at 20* and like the idea of reducing the offset and flattening the uprightness a little, if taking it down to 20* is what you did to achieve that. Thanks.
  14. Good decision. I upgraded my XR with Fujikura 565 Regular flex for the Rogue 9.0 with the Aldila 60 Synergy Regular last spring and by early summer was getting 10-15 more yards and straighter - loving the Rogue.
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