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  1. Oh my god does this happen. This happened to me a month ago at a public state park course (probably the 4th time I have experienced it in my life). The starter, who was a very nice guy and ultimately got me out, asked a twosome (A TWOSOME) if they minded a 3rd player and pointed to me. They said they did and they really wanted to play by themselves. The starter came back to me and said "I wish less people had that attitude but I don't really like to force people together." To which I wanted to say, "but that's the job!" Instead, I just let it go because I don't want to force my way into a group that didn't want me. And I got into a great twosome 40 minutes later that I really enjoyed. So maybe that was serendipitous?
  2. I have been heads up putting for the last few months with good results until the last week. Lately, I find I am (potentially due to looking at the hole) setting up a bit open and cutting across the ball. In truth, it is only two bad rounds of putting but it kind of has me shook up a little bit. I was automatic for a for a while and still think heads up putting is good for me but just a word of caution to everyone who may get lazy with their setup. I think I just need to get the chalk line back out and make sure putts are starting on line.
  3. The links is short and pretty claustrophobic in some places. It has a view holes with a nice view of the bay, however. I would agree with the above saying that Windswept is probably the most forgiving off the tee since it isn't your typical florida resort course flanked by houses on both sides on every hole. It is, however, a bit of a drive from Destin proper. I personally love Windswept and make it a point to get out there every year I am in Destin (it also has a lot of tees so you can make it as hard or as easy as you want). Top Tier: Already mentioned Windswept Dunes above. If price is not a consideration, I think Kelly Plantation is the class of the Destin courses. It is an attractive, well maintained course that isn't too target golfy and doesn't have massive housing encroachment. Also has 5 par 5s and 5 par 3s which makes it interesting to play. Raven is also very good and worth a visit. Middle of the Road: Emerald Bay, to me, is more fun than Regatta but they both can play pretty slow due to resort traffic. Regatta is more on the upscale side vs Emerald Bay. The negative I would say about Regatta is that last summer they had a ton of construction going on with the houses that border the course, like every other hole had major construction on it which was a bit annoying. Baytowne is a distant 3rd but I play it because I have been playing that course for years. It has some really unattractive views on the back 9 due to being randomly sandwiched in between condos. Also hole 13 is like golf course design malpractice and should be nuked off the face of the earth.
  4. I played Harbour Town from the "Seniors Tees", I'm 37.
  5. An easy way to gain 10-50 yards off the tee on every par 4 and par 5 is to play one set of tees closer. You don't even have to change your swing!
  6. $100k for a trainer??? SHEEEEEEESH!
  7. @puttnforthe8 - The second and third pictures are exactly what I am talking about. I am big into using Google Earth pro and provisualizer to map out courses so I can figure out what tees will be most fun (not most challenging, that's obvious). On the first Cholla picture (third total), the waste area looks benign on google earth pro (which can be deceiving). It seems, based on aerial view, like even if you don't make it and land in that waste area you will only have 120 or so in that you can just try to pick clean with a wedge vs laying back and having like 170 in? No way I'm taking that line in the second cholla picture (fourth total) on 18, I don't have the guts for that sadly and that's too much of a "player's line" for a hack like me.
  8. Nashville, TN 1. 5.3 index 2. Cobra F9 3. Higher launch and higher spin to give it the nod over long iron 4. Curious to see if the new bomber cobra can start to threaten my 5W 5. I would love to provide continued feedback on the club and I have access to a Trackman and an outdoor range for accurate results
  9. There are some really high end golf courses that have a lot of 20-30 hdcp players due to the fact that those people worked their butts off to get where they are (and of course there are plenty of people born into that life as well). I used to get annoyed (really jealous mostly) of people that belonged to really nice golf clubs that could hardly play until I realized that a lot of these people were busy building their careers while I was out hitting range balls or playing hooky from work to go squeeze in 18. Ultimately, some clubs can be choosier than others I guess. And just because someone isn't a good player doesn't mean they will play slowly. That is something other members and the club have to police.
  10. For those that have played We-Ko-Pa Saguaro and Cholla a lot (I'm from TN heading out to AZ in the spring to play), what are the odds you find a ball hit into the desert off the fairway? 50%? 25%? 0%? Just trying to determine how penalizing it is to "challenge" the desert on dogleg holes.
  11. We are planning a buddies trip that centers around Pursell Farms (our favorite course in Alabama that we have played, hands down). We want to tack on another site and want it to be relatively close to Pursell Farms and we are deciding between: Birmingham (Ballantrae, Oxmoor Valley, Ross Bridge, Highland, etc) - we played Ross Bridge and Oxmoor last year. Felt like Ross Bridge was nice, had some dramatic and diverse holes but a bit overpriced. Oxmoor Valley had an interesting mix of fun holes with some brutal/bad holes mixed in. I think on the whole the closing stretch left a bad taste in our group's mouth. I have played Highland before and it's fine and has a cool history but that will likely be lost on a few in our group. Gadsden (Silver Lakes) - never played out there, want to get any reviews or thoughts people might have on this set of courses if it is fun or interesting or well maintained or all of the above. And if people have thoughts on mindbreaker vs heartbreaker vs back breaker. Fun, to us, is similar to Pursell where you have some width off the tee and some interest/challenge on the approach shot. I think Pursell is well liked because, let's be honest, it can play pretty easy most days. No one is trying to get out and grind on this trip and just want nice, interesting, well-maintained golf courses. Thanks in advance!
  12. Reviving this old thread to see if opinions have changed or sharpened on this topic. There are several courses (both private clubs and "high end" public courses) that do not allow pushcarts which I don't really follow. Private club we can leave aside since private clubs have rules and if you don't like them then don't join. But the public courses have me scratching my head. A few things to note (1) the courses are very walkable in that there aren't long distances from green to next tee (2) they allow you to walk so it isn't a pace of play issue (3) the courses call themselves "links style" which is (a) laughable because we are in Nashville TN and (b) most true links courses would allow a push cart (4) they charge you a cart fee whether you walk or take the cart so no one is missing out on revenue. So why post about this? I just find it funny that many of the best courses in the world (ex. Pinehurst No 4/2, Old Course, Bandon, etc) not only allow pushcarts but supply them to visitors but these resort courses don't allow them. Is it because they don't like the look of them? Damage to the course? (really curious on that one) Afraid golf might be confused with a physical activity? Any supers or GMs that want to jump in here please let me know because I think if you have a nice course the best way to appreciate it is to walk it and many more people would walk if they had a push cart. I walk whenever I can and when I ride in a golf cart (especially on days when it is Cart Path Only) my experience is significantly diminished. PS - One funny reason I got was from a GM who said "we prefer our golf course to have a traditional look and we don't see push carts as part of that traditional, classic history." Oh yes, I long for the days of Sarazen, Jones and Hagen zipping around in their EZ-GO golf carts with GPS screens on them and absurdly large and ostentatious clubhouses with flat screen tvs throughout. YES CLASSIC GOLF!
  13. This has probably been stated in a number of ways throughout this thread but Donald Ross can't control how his courses are being maintained in 2021. There were a few donald ross courses that I played that I thought were overgrown with trees and it initially made me blame DR but then I thought there was no way he would have let these trees get this big. It was my understanding that while he was living at Pinehurst he was constantly tweaking the course(s) and trimming back trees. In some cases, DR courses have been completely erased through re-designs or, at the other end of the spectrum, the course is too scared to even trim a single branch as it would take away from the design. There is a happy medium in between these extremes and that is probably a spot where the Ross courses thrive. All that said, I am a sucker for dramatic golf design (not stupid fake fazio waterfalls but more of the Strantz vibe) and Ross is a bit subtle for MY taste. That said, I think he scratches the itch for many golfers and certainly belongs on the golf architect mount rushmore.
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