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  1. As long as you don't play too far back, True Blue is pretty gettable with the closing stretch being the hardest. I found Caledonia to be harder because of the narrowness of the fairways and the fact that a number of holes if you are even on the wrong 1/2 of a rather tight fairway you are still blocked out.
  2. Truly sad day for Rory Sabbatini.
  3. One of my favorite debates is True Blue vs Caledonia. When you say "better test" do you mean Caledonia requires more ability and technique (i.e. shotmaking)? I would agree because Caledonia is so tight. Do you find that makes Caledonia a better experience? I guess for me, I appreciate being able to spray it a little on True Blue and still have a shot into the green vs striping a tee shot at Caledonia and STILL being blocked out by a tree. Obviously this is an opinion question and no right or wrong. The one qualifier I would have for the "if you had to play one round I'd head to Caledonia next door" would be if you are SUPER accurate with your tee shots. Otherwise I think weaker golfers would find Caledonia to be quite frustrating?
  4. I am going to push back on this a little bit and say that Caledonia is a great looking golf course but is mega tight in certain areas. I found True Blue to be much more open and, for me, more fun than Caledonia. Having just played Harbour Town, I see some similarities between HT and Caledonia in that you have to be very careful off the tee to avoid being blocked out even if you are well within the fairway. Not taking anything away from Caledonia's vibe/atmosphere which is excellent. I just found True Blue to be a bolder design that allowed the use of driver quite a bit more. I think if you are a low handicap that likes being tested on shotmaking on repeat, you would love that aspect of Caledonia. For us mere mortals, it is nice to have a 50+ yd wide landing area every now and then.
  5. I liked #9 because it has bent greens and was in good shape all around. Most of, if not all of, the other pinehurst courses are on bermuda which is fine since I play mostly bermuda but a nice, well kept bent green is so much more enjoyable to putt on. We played 4, 5, 8, and 9 and #9 was for sure my second favorite behind #4. #5 is fun but is like a high end muni that could use a restoration/renovation and #8 was a slog, honestly.
  6. @ssf301 I agree with a lot of your opinions above. I go to Destin every year, just about, so I am familiar with all of the public courses. GolfWeek just came out with their rankings for Top public courses in each state and WOW do I disagree with this...the only two courses in the Destin area are listed below: Regatta Bay? Seriously? Above Windswept and Raven and Kelly Plantation? That is outrageous. Also, I would disagree that Burnt Pine is "public" since I have never been able to get on out there since I don't stay on property but there are probably a number of courses there.
  7. Or you could take said heads from major OEMs and demo them alongside a few DTC heads. Maybe you would see a difference...maybe you wouldn't. I hit Mizunos, Cobras and Titleist against New Level, Sub 70 and Ben Hogan and ultimately the new Hogans were the best for me based on Trackman data.
  8. Nashville resident here, I play Hermitage fairly frequently and generally it is in pretty good shape. General's is sneaky tight on a few holes and I tend to prefer the President's 18 for that reason but if you are walking the General's lays out much better. As you pointed out, General's will take driver out of your hand a good bit, especially on the front. My favorite part about General's all the par 5s are pretty interesting out there and while I disagree with you on bunkers (haha) glad you stopped by and I'm sure you will have a great time at Sweetens and Sewanee. PS - very glad you didn't play Gaylord Springs. That place stinks!
  9. They did go in on the Loop more than any other course but I also thought they were fairly critical of Greywalls. They seemed to suggest it ran a lot of balls into the same places and was quite penal in other spots. But the caveat was also that it was the last course on the trip so they were probably fried by the end of it. Also, I like Big Randy as a personality but his opinion on the golf courses means the least to me because (a) he is the weakest player and (b) doesn't really seem to be that "into" golf and doesn't really care what he shoots. Just my two cents. For what it is worth, I think that the Loop, as a concept, seems like it is probably worth playing regardless of whether it always "works." I do think Doak as an architect seems to have a "if you don't like you don't get it" kind of vibe and maybe you have to have that mentality if you are going to design remarkable golf courses. But ultimately, I have determined what I like in a golf course and what is "fun" to me, especially if I am doing a trip. And the Loop seems to have at least a few of those things (1) width (2) conditioning (3) memorable holes/design. The one thing I don't particularly like is getting my teeth kicked in, especially off the tee but also on the greens.
  10. What is polarizing about True Blue? I found Caledonia to be a bit polarizing because of all the claustrophobic tee shots. True Blue was much more open and a better ball park for a big hitter or just someone who wants to be able to use their driver often. Caledonia is absolutely stunning though from an aesthetics perspective. I would agree. We did this and it makes scheduling the courses and just the overall experience so much nicer. We played #4, #8, #9, #5, the Cradle x3 and Tobacco Road and had a great time.
  11. These have more bridgestone vibes to me than the T-Zoid posted above. I could spend some time and find a host of irons that look more like the new levels but I don't really understand the point. The Mizunos I have hit have all been very nice but never quite justify their price tag. That said, I was very close to buying new level irons this year and I always monitor what they are doing. I tried out several models via their demo program and found that they perform, for me, just as good as the major OEM forged offerings which were 2x and 3x the price. Ultimately, I am not looking for originality of design but something that looks good and plays good and all the New Levels I have hit accomplish that. The Cobra T-Rails look different than any iron I have ever seen but I don't reckon I will be playing them...ever.
  12. Driver: Stayed the same 3W: started with a Cobra F8+, moved to a Pinhawk 3W and then back to Cobra F8+ (cost me $115 for this experiment) Hybrid: Same Irons: started with Cobra F9 One Lengths and decided I wanted to move on from the one length life and tested 7 iron sets before settling on Ben Hogan PTxPros (bought the hogans for $451 net trade-in and then sold another set of old clubs for $275 so net of all that the hogans cost me $176) Wedges: Same (I have Cleveland CG 12s that are probably due for a change next year Putter: Bought a Ping Sigma 2 Anser in February ($218) to replace my old Ping Anser (from 1983) and then went into my closet and pulled out my old Seemore FGP which has been excellent. So really I spent about $115 + $176 + $218 = $509. My goal is to come in under that number next year even with the already known expense of new wedges. As always...we'll see.
  13. I certainly like to formulate my own opinions (for example, I found I liked True Blue in SC much better than Caledonia in SC which is not a very popular opinion) but listening to the guys talk about Forest Dunes (specifically the Loop) probably scared me off. It sounds extremely difficult which is not generally what I am chasing during my golf trip. As a 5 HDCP I have some shots but definitely not all the shots and it sounds like I am not good enough to hang out there. And yes, sadly, I am one of those people that cannot really enjoy a golf course if I am shooting in the high 80s. It is a personal problem and I'm working on it, hahaha. I am not even getting on privates in my hometown so definitely not in Detroit, haha. Thanks for the recs! I will look them up on Google Earth and see what's what!
  14. Played here several weeks ago and really enjoyed the course. For me, I enjoyed the fairly wide open layout because angles mattered out here. The greens, especially on the back, can get rather slopey so it's not just a blast it down the fairway strategy out here. A lot of construction going on with the clubhouse(s) and everything looks to be headed in the right direction. Greens rolled extremely well. I will probably be back a few times a year. I noticed on google earth they took out a number of bunkers which I am always a fan of. I find these "over bunkered" courses remind me of the 90s boom of just put 4+ bunkers on every hole and, voila, you have a "strategic" golf course nonsense. Standout holes (for me): - Hole 9 I'm a sucker for short 4s and this hole was great. Everyone could about drive this green and we all walked away with bogeys but thought that was a ringing endorsement actually. - Hole 12 the first fairly tight driving hole on the property that asks a very specific question. It caught us all by surprise but is a rather handsome hole. - Hole 14 a bit of an uncomfortable tee shot that looks wider than it is into a benign looking green with some subtle break. This hole made you stop and think several times on the tee shot which I always enjoy. Gripes: - Hole 6 - a rather brutal par 3 that doesn't seem like the green is built to receive a shot from 200+ with a very severe drop off left and bunkers right and trees long. Everyone in our group thought this hole really sucked. Would make a lot more sense as a 170 or less par 3 or if it could be lengthened into a short 4. - Hole 18 - the green might be a tad severe. We had the front pin position which you could not be long of or you were boned (I birdied it but still think there aren't many pinnable positions on that green that would be "fair") - I am all for funky layouts but the number of par 3s is a bit excessive. If you could flip one of those into to a 4 or, somehow, a par 5, that would be excellent. - The amount of times I almost got hit by cross traffic from tee balls was crazy. I was almost hit 3 times and I was in my own fairway each time. Not really the golf course's fault but there were some TERRIBLE golfers out there on the day.
  15. One of the muni courses we play, our groups always do a scorecard length in the fairway because there are some straight dirt patches in the fairway. I am sure this would anger a number of the golfwrx'ers but frankly, after some of the TIO relief, absurd "plugged" rulings, etc. I see week in and week out on the PGA tour...I feel like we are playing about as close to the rules as they are.
  16. Does anyone happen to know the specs on Sam Snead Blue Ridge Irons? I have started playing them as a 1/2 set and now I want to get the 2 iron regripped. Any idea what the 2 iron's loft is and the 4-9 irons? I know they are several iterations, it is these Sam Snead Blue Ridge's as shown below:
  17. I play by myself on vacation quite a bit and I scout courses on google earth before I play. I determine what tees to play from based on a host of factors, typically the width of fairways and the average distance of the par 3s. I am always surprised at the attitude that "I play from 6500 yds at home so I will play [insert difficult or tight golf course here] at 6500 yds." But to each their own. The point of that is to say that I typically find myself committed to a set of tees before I step on the course. If I join up with a threesome that is playing from, say, 6700 yds and I planned on 6200 yds...I am playing from 6200 yds even though it can be a bit annoying on certain holes. Ultimately you are there to enjoy your round as you see fit, provided you are able to keep up with pace of play.
  18. Probably getting new wedges in 2022 (I am still playing cleveland cg12s). This is a reminder to myself and anyone else to make all efforts to try out different wedges off real turf. Trying to pick a wedge you hit off of golf shop turf into a net is madness.
  19. Greetings from Tennessee! I am in the middle of watching No Laying Up's Tourist Sauce - Michigan and I cannot believe how much good golf you all have for such a short season. I am insanely jealous. Just watched the Grand Rapids episode and I might be sold on taking a golf trip there. Especially love the amount of solid public options you all have. I don't really know if there is a question or useful comment in here but just...wow. The question now is do I fly straight to Grand Rapids or take a direct to Chicago or Detroit and try catch a round in between. Literally planning a trip now.
  20. Looking at this list again, the fact that Pinehurst No. 8 is even on the list at all is bizarre to me. That course is fine but nothing spectacular. I thought Pinehurst No. 9 was way more fun and interesting. The back 9 at No. 8 is a slog.
  21. Against possibly the weakest field I have ever seen in non-opposite field event. Even then. That was basically a Korn Ferry event. 61 year old Olin Browne missed the cut by ONE shot in that tournament, lol.
  22. That is truly an example of looks don't matter. My mistake! You must have had a laugh when you saw those rainbow sticks. They are super distinctive and I wouldn't choose them for myself but definitely a cool set. All that said, I am probably in the camp of looks are NOT the most important but they are part of the conversation. For irons, for me, it comes down to dispersion then feel then looks but looks have to be in there. I still have some vanity sadly. I agree, I don't understand how someone can just dismiss a club immediately without hitting it based on looks alone but, with all the options out there, maybe that is helpful in making a decision. To your point on putters, why someone pays more than $1k 500 for a limited edition putter I am not sure I understand. The Scotty Cameron obsession is lost on me.
  23. But you have Byrdie Golf irons? You weren't attracted to those because of the looks? Surely you didn't just come across those in a golf shop and like how they felt?
  24. After watching more and more LPGA golf I have adopted the multi hybrid setup which, while unattractive in the bag, makes it much easier to hold a green from 190-220 out. I have played a full season with the hybrids and they are great. I tried them against the Cobra one length hybrid and a regular length SIM hybrid and these Pinhawk ($60) hybrids are still the best for dispersion and the yardage I need them to carry. Also, putting the Seemore back in has made me love putting again. My driver and my 3W are the same length (43") which I did on purpose but realize that is a bit odd. My two hybrids are the length of a 7 iron and off brand but they both carry very reliable distances with a slight draw due to some offset. I carry a 5 iron as a lower flighted option for narrow holes but could easily drop it most days. The Hogans are amazing and I am loving them more each round. My wedges are all at least 10 years old but still spin a decent amount and are very reliable. I carry a 51*, a 56* bent to 57* and a low bounce 60*. Unless it is really baked out I don't often carry the 60*.
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