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  1. Looking for the Rolex Rankings update today and.....nothing. Usually published by 2pm EST. Last update was 1/18/21.
  2. Congrats to Jessica. Down the stretch, you could make a case for either one. Danielle didn't exactly implode a la Lydia Ko at the Marathon. Awesome putt at the finish. Also, congrats to Jasmine for putting a ring on it on the 18th green. Kinda glad Jessica's bf didn't follow suit today.
  3. In Gee's triple was mentioned on the telecast. But I agree, would like to have actually seen her....especially since she just got a new clothing sponsor.
  4. Cheyenne Knight playing, Cheyenne Woods caddying for Aaron Hicks, her boyfriend.
  5. A few days ago, I switched from Matilda to A Lim Kim. !!
  6. Rookie pick change: Delete Matilda, insert A Lim Kim. Thanks.
  7. UPDATE: Upon completion of Day 2, Cheyenne Woods is leader by 10. Just give her the trophy (& the [small] check).
  8. After Day 1 of 3 on the Cactus Tour today, leader is Cheyenne Woods by 2.
  9. Cactus Tour event 1/4-6/2021. Winner: Ellen Secor (a) 2nd: Louise Stahle Thought I'd mention it since this tour proved to be a significant factor in 2020. Even bigger Cactus event this week.
  10. Agreed! Totally accessible guy. Always out on the course at the events I attended and/or volunteered for. Sometimes with his wife. He will be missed; premature congrats to the company that lands him. He'll be a definite asset.
  11. This has me rethinking Matilda as I was counting on her Monday qualifying. Wonder if she'll play Symetra OR perhaps head to the LET. At #155 on the priority list, doubtful she'll get in that way much. No schedules out yet for Symetra or LET....doesn't Whan now have more of a hand in that one? Thanks.
  12. Can someone offer some clarity for my rookie's chances of play in 2021: Matilda? She was basically a Symetra Tour player but ended #82 on the LPGA money list, just missing out by a few getting into CME. Didn't qualify for US Open.
  13. My picks w/commentary: 1-10 L. Ko, SYK (Kimmy too good) 11-45 C. Hull (renewed focus on her game) 46-90 Brit Lang (need at least one Yank) Rookie Matilda (my ancestral countrywoman)
  14. I thought the final Rolex Rankings don't get published until tomorrow? That's what we're using, right?
  15. Working today there were a few incidents. Christina Kim came racing to #1 as she was first off in that 7:25a group. When she stepped off the golf cart w/club in hand, I had exactly 7:25a on my handheld. Her scorecard shows an 8 for that hol...eI'm pretty sure she got dinged 2 strokes. There were 2 officials nearby discussing. Anyone hear for sure on the telecast? She ended up shooting a great score, even with the 8. Def cost her a few $$ though.
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