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  1. Naah, Gaby has been on the tee time list.....hope she stays if Mother Nature cooperates for a minute. PS: Looking forward to working the KPMG at Aronimink in a couple weeks. Will She wreak havoc there?
  2. Is Lexi out, too? Didn't see her name on the pairings list.
  3. I still don't get what happened. She hit a provisional and didn't 'declare' it? Even though it had to have been obvious on the tee. Seems trite. Hmmmm, who turned her in?
  4. I'm going w/SY Kim. My flyer pick is GERINA!
  5. Regarding McPherson money issue, as she is a Symetra Tour member and they have a tourney this week, is it too late for anything earned there going toward improving that #81 on the money list ranking? I'm not even sure she is in the field in Indiana but I'm assuming she would be since she apparently didn't qualify (yet) for the ANA.
  6. At her post-victory interview, she referred to dealing with health issues, sudden extreme weight loss, and many dr. visits seeking a diagnosis. Upon learning (finally) she was suffering from lyme disease, I couldn't be happier for her achievement today. Dealing with lyme symptoms is ongoing but in the end, probably aided in her ability today to get on with it and persevere. Congrats on a GREAT Sunday! You never took your eye off the prize!
  7. Jin Young Kim......right, I saw that. NBC can't even get the #1 player in the world's name right. Pathetic. Person responsible needs to be sacked, along with his fact checker.
  8. Looking forward to Breakfast at Troon. Will the Danes continue their stellar play? Pretty sure Emily is working on those 3' putts.
  9. Well, I didn't end up with Gerina's group today due to back-ups, etc., upon arriving at the course. Both husband and I got reassigned, me with Natalie Gulbis. Husband started to pout since he's a big Nats fan (what guy isn't?). I was happy to trade for the group that included Matilda Castren as she is my countrywoman from Finland and a rookie on tour. She carded a -5 round (could have been 2-3 strokes better easily) and is now T12 heading into the weekend. SISU, Matilda! It's my day off tomorrow, more score keeping duties come Sunday, hopefully w/o thunderstorms. Looks like an awesome leaderb
  10. Was walking scorer for Y. Noh's group yesterday. She def has a few things to iron out, wears it on her sleeve. Longest drive was 265 for her. Had the pleasure of playing local pickelball last night w/Amy Olson as my partner! Great time w/her and her family. Her Mom Twila is an awesome player. Ally McDonald playing, also. Looking forward to Gerina's group this afternoon. Hubby scoring for Lincicome's group. Beautiful here in Toledo!
  11. Check out Haley Moore's final round today on the Cactus Tour. Carded a 62, won by 9 over Alena Sharp. WOW. Congrats on the second straight win on that tour!
  12. What a shame Emma Broze also carded a 64 but was DQ'd after signing for a 63. Could have been a good duel. Tough lesson learned.
  13. SYR>>>>>>>One of my faves. See you in Toledo!
  14. .....And so it goes......look for another announcement on the schedule later this week. So glad the gals are out playing where they can do so safely.
  15. Really enjoyed tuning into the KLPGA. Hope to see more of that and the JLPGA, too, when they get started..........oh and of course it was 100% Korean! What with difficulty in traveling AND forced quarantine period, nothing else works. I believe some of the players, however, are regulars on the richer JLPGA tour. %
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