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  1. Angel likes to win offshore. She did it in Dubai in a playoff against IK, no less.
  2. I'm going w/Jutanugarn sisters, either one. Dark Horse: Sagstrom.
  3. Can Amy Olson break through here? I'm taking her and SY Kim. And a Darkhorse: Gerina. Need fit women to survive this one. Is Mel Reid in the field?
  4. Yeah, like DeChamslow.....now pertinent in this threat.
  5. I'll take Inbee this week. How's this for a flyer: Morgie!
  6. Apparently Matilda made the field....just checked latest published list.
  7. Lydia is back to awesome.............Congrats to A Lim, my rookie showed up! However, my original pick Matilda was just a step behind at T12. Wonder where/if she'll play next week. If I'm not mistaken, had she done one shot better and in the top 10, she would have made the LA field? Or maybe that's just for Monday qualifiers.
  8. Okay kids in-the-know: Was just asked to work spotting duties for this one for NBC Sports. Just wondering what is nearby and reasonable travel-wise when searching for affordable housing. Geez. This might not be doable. Plus we travel with an awesome standard poodle. Advice?
  9. She made the cut in Hawaii, on the number.
  10. What happened to Wie West? I thought she was teeing it up in her home state.
  11. NOT for the LPGA...........China canceled. That being said, I'm going with Lydia this week, outlier Kupcho. Fingers crossed that Matilda finds her game as I believe she made the field.
  12. LPGA Hainan Island, China event is NO MORE again in 2021 due to pandemic concerns.
  13. I'm back on the Inbee bandwagon. Like last week, I'll take Olson, too. Her cross training in pickleball can't hurt.
  14. My pick is Amy Olson or J Kupcho this week. And MWW to make the cut.
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