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  1. I'm leaning towards FJ's right now. They are classic imo.
  2. Has anyone played the V6's? How do they compare to those?
  3. Is it common for all new clubs to have similar length shafts like this? I swear all of my sticks are different lengths...
  4. OP, what did you think of the sticks? I am looking at them as well, but am torn between that and maybe the V6's or Mizuno JPX919's. I've played Wilson Staff Pi%'s for the last 15 years or so. I'm thinking it's time for an upgrade.
  5. I have had some Adidas Golf shoes forever and I love them, but it is time to send them out to pasture. They are mostly mesh, so very light and they breathe well. The only issue I have had with with them was that my feet were soaked if I ever played an early round in the spring or fall. Does anybody have recommendations on some newer shoes that I should buy that will be equally as light, but also keep my feet dry? **Not a big Nike fan as my feet are wide and their shoes don't fit me well.**
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