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  1. As much as I wanted a Players 4, the dang legs always dangle while carrying so I went Hoofer Lite. Love it when carrying. I've found it has just enough space to carry what you need during 18.
  2. A couple of updates coming! 1. New MyTP Juno putter - this has been customized with my baby girl's first and middle abbreviations. I LOVE it and can't wait for it to come in. 2. Taylormade SIM Max 19* hybrid coming in this week. I've been on the fence on getting another SIM2 Max wood, SIM2 Max hybrid, or a prior generation SIM Max hybrid. I ended up going with the prior generation since I liked the way if felt and performed. 3. Ball switch - I MIGHT switch to the TP5 ball soon but ONLY if it performs in every area over my Tour B XS ball. I haven't been able
  3. I'd most likely go with something that I've gamed before in the past and try to have it refinished to original finish, if all possible. One of my favorites was a Scotty Cameron California Monterey 1.5 and even a Nike Method 001. I had some good rounds with the latter although it didn't get a ton of love from the general public.
  4. Ian, Are they identical? They look awesome and I can’t wait to get mine in.
  5. I, too, love this club. I was lucky enough to hit one with the shaft I got it in when I tried them out. It won me over and that was one of the first times I’ve bought a club right away after hitting it. My buddy was like, “oh, okay…wait, seriously? You’re gonna take it?” I did. This club is fantastic off the tee on short or tricky par 4 holes. Off the deck it’s equally good.
  6. Very nice setup! I have actually been browsing their site from time to time just looking at iron sets. Not that big a fan of the woods but I'm sure they might surprise me if I hit them! I saw where the 0311 Gen 2 T and P irons are still available at a LOW price. Tempting.
  7. I might try to clean it and then put a seal on it like people so sometimes with shoes.
  8. I wear Rhone or Lululemon for my shorts exclusively because I like them a lot and they go with any brand top. It definitely makes mix and matching easy on me. They’ve got a small pocket inside the right leg pocket which makes it nice to keep tees in the away from the ball I place in there and my ball marker.
  9. My Del Monte 1 is basically the Juno I ordered but just not a wide body and has a little less toe hang but it will play VERY similar. I just reached out to TaylorMade and they said it's a different insert...should feel a bit firmer.
  10. I believe it’s just the standard Pure Roll insert but I’ve heard different colors feel different than the white insert found on most Spider putters. We shall find out when mine gets here. Currently being processed
  11. Picked up a hat from this drop since the headcovers weren't to my liking. Those bags look sick on ZB's Instagram.
  12. That's pretty sweet!
  13. Might have to make another like this but in black during that time if they do it again.
  14. MerryTex

    My TP Putters

    Hey, y'all. Have any of you used the My TP program recently? I am just curious on seeing some nice designs! I have seen a few on the TaylorMade site but I am just curious to see some on the WRX side. I recently was able to customize one this afternoon. It has our baby girl's abbreviations on the heel and toe.
  15. In a format like you're saying, I know I personally wouldn't ask. If someone wants to "give" me a putt, fine. I usually don't ask and just go on with lining up my putt or putting down my marker in anticipation to just putt out. My god...5-6 footers being okay? Hell, when I play, I've seen guys not give 3 feet haha. I don't really care one way or the other but from 5-6 feet, you're putting that, son. It's all preference for players. For the OP, it's annoying to have been asked on damn near every putt in that scenario. If it's to halve the hole, he should putt out. If you won it, obv
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