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  1. I shoot with a Nikon Z6 and 24,35,50,85 1.8 lenses along with a 70-200 f/2.8 FL ED lens.
  2. How has no one mentioned Primo Golf joggers? I've got 4 of them and love them. The material is just light enough to breathe on course and they a ton of sizing options. I wear them to work sometimes paired to a button down or polo with some casual shoes (I teach and coach) sometimes. They're perfect for dressing work casual. They can also be worn with a belt since they have belt loops. They are starting to offer more colors and shorts as well but I haven't looked into those. I also wear Lululemon ABC Joggers but as they do not have belt loops, I do not wear them until it gets cooler and I can pair them with a 1/4 zip or hoodie...oh, wait, did I say hoodie? Yes. To the fashion police, sorry. Seriously, though, go check them out. https://primogolfapparel.com/collections/primo-joggers
  3. It seems like it’s leather and it does have magnetic closure. I really like the quality of the head cover. Definitely better than the stock Scotty head covers.
  4. Driver - TSi3 9* - AD DI 6x Black 4 wood - TSi2 16.5 - AD DI 7x 3 Hybrid - 910H 21.5* - Kai’li 80x Irons - T100 (21) 4-PW - Modus 120x Wedges - SM8 52/08, 58/08 - Modus 120x Putter - Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport
  5. That’s why I’m thinking of going this route instead. I can’t put as many layers on the bumper but I can still customize it.
  6. That’s pretty sweet! I might send my Newport there to get some Tiffany blue paint fill.
  7. Anyone else pick up a Bond inspired slow play cover?
  8. New lens came in so I got to test it on the bag. I am going to be going out to my course soon to get some outside on the range. I also went back to the Newport. The SB wasn’t working out as much as I place the ball more forward, I would catch the trailing edge sometimes and have a poor strike on the ball. I tried it indoors and just didn’t work.
  9. I ended up getting the white driver head cover. I'm excited for it to come in.
  10. Update! I finally picked up my irons with the shaft change and my word. I am VERY happy with the change and I can really feel the club head in my swing. The irons themselves feel much softer now too. I did not care for the AMT shafts due to the light weight of them. I also thought they made the T100 feel kind of dead. Oh, and these ferrules!
  11. For once I’m going to order a whole set of head covers. These will pair perfectly with my bag.
  12. For sale!!! Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2 34 inches Pistolero Plus Putter is brand new without plastic on it. Head cover included. No trades at this time. Price - $340 shipped
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