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  1. I shoot with a Nikon Z6 and 24,35,50,85 1.8 lenses along with a 70-200 f/2.8 FL ED lens.
  2. How has no one mentioned Primo Golf joggers? I've got 4 of them and love them. The material is just light enough to breathe on course and they a ton of sizing options. I wear them to work sometimes paired to a button down or polo with some casual shoes (I teach and coach) sometimes. They're perfect for dressing work casual. They can also be worn with a belt since they have belt loops. They are starting to offer more colors and shorts as well but I haven't looked into those. I also wear Lululemon ABC Joggers but as they do not have belt loops, I do not wear them until it gets cooler and I can pair them with a 1/4 zip or hoodie...oh, wait, did I say hoodie? Yes. To the fashion police, sorry. Seriously, though, go check them out. https://primogolfapparel.com/collections/primo-joggers
  3. It seems like it’s leather and it does have magnetic closure. I really like the quality of the head cover. Definitely better than the stock Scotty head covers.
  4. Driver - TSi3 9* - AD DI 6x Black 4 wood - TSi2 16.5 - AD DI 7x 3 Hybrid - 910H 21.5* - Kai’li 80x Irons - T100 (21) 4-PW - Modus 120x Wedges - SM8 52/08, 58/08 - Modus 120x Putter - Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport
  5. That’s why I’m thinking of going this route instead. I can’t put as many layers on the bumper but I can still customize it.
  6. That’s pretty sweet! I might send my Newport there to get some Tiffany blue paint fill.
  7. Anyone else pick up a Bond inspired slow play cover?
  8. New lens came in so I got to test it on the bag. I am going to be going out to my course soon to get some outside on the range. I also went back to the Newport. The SB wasn’t working out as much as I place the ball more forward, I would catch the trailing edge sometimes and have a poor strike on the ball. I tried it indoors and just didn’t work.
  9. I ended up getting the white driver head cover. I'm excited for it to come in.
  10. Update! I finally picked up my irons with the shaft change and my word. I am VERY happy with the change and I can really feel the club head in my swing. The irons themselves feel much softer now too. I did not care for the AMT shafts due to the light weight of them. I also thought they made the T100 feel kind of dead. Oh, and these ferrules!
  11. For once I’m going to order a whole set of head covers. These will pair perfectly with my bag.
  12. For sale!!! Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2 34 inches Pistolero Plus Putter is brand new without plastic on it. Head cover included. No trades at this time. Price - $340 shipped
  13. Has anyone ordered a Special Select from TGW with the Pistolini option? I’m curious as to what color the grip is. The CS rep had no clue what I was even talking about. For clarification, I do know that the normal grip is a Pistolini Plus but they offer a few models with a standard Pistolini.
  14. I just want Stricks to go in and tell the guys before they tee off on Day 1…”I guess there’s only one thing left to do…what’s that?…win the whole f’in thing.” Brooks had some dumb comments, yeah. Bryson is prepping for long drive, dumb. People are crying about players being left out, grow up. Put everything aside and play for your country. I just want there to be a full team of guys wanting to kick Europe to the curb. Simple as. I don’t understand why playing a Ryder Cup seems so unimportant to some. I’d be all about it. I’d want every bit of every match. People make the comment that it’s just one or two guys who aren’t bought in or whatever but that’s one or two too many. It can ruin a team’s chemistry in a heartbeat. Europe has had our number 9 of the last 12 and just look at their team culture. It’s almost bred into them. You’ve got guys like Fleetwood who would rather win the Ryder Cup than a Major. Crazy, I know but that’s their motivation. I think not having Reed might hurt but he had health issues so I get it. Billy Ho might have been the answer to Poults but who knows. Them having Mr. Ryder Cup is tough. I know there’s a chance he may be off this year but it is the Ryder Cup and Poulter is unbelievable. I honestly think the only way we win at Whistling this year is if we’re on fire on the greens. It’s going to come down to sinking putts. I hope we win on home soil. The one thing that is interesting to me is that I have a feeling the course won’t benefit either team. I think it’ll actually level the playing field instead of the usual setups here that suit our players.
  15. Shaft update: I am going to the Modus 120x shaft very soon. I just received the shafts and I am just waiting on my ferrules from BB&F. I went with the Delores - Tiffany blue ferrules. I got them because I've always liked the color and we just had our little girl. Crazy how she changes one's life. I'm excited to put the Modus shafts into play. I have had some really good numbers and the feel is really good with these. I've gamed some different shafts in the past but these seemed to work nicely with the T100 I was able to finally hit a demo of. I initially ordered the T100 with the AMT White S300 shaft but after two sessions I can say they aren't for me. The weight of the shafts is different and I like a consistent weight through the set. I may end up going for the Modus 120x in my wedges. I use BOTH wedges on full shots but mainly the 52/F so I could see how these could work well, as I am after a consistent feel in all more irons/wedges.
  16. I'm looking to get a little more spin or height. I thought that the AMT White would launch high but not really in comparison to when I was using the 620 CB with the PX LZ.
  17. Did anyone have a chance to hit these with the Modus 120S or X? I'm curious on how they perform with the T100 head compared to say a PX LZ or the stock shaft or even an S300.
  18. I like to think the 620 CB feel better than the new T100 irons. They feel like the prior gen T100 IMHO. The sole grind is nice and I felt it move through the turf with ease in all irons.
  19. For sale! I’ve only hit the 5,7, and 9 irons BRIEFLY. I’d say about 15 balls an iron. They still look mint - 9.9/10. Stock AMT white S300 Stock L/L/L I bought these straight from Carl’s last week. Price - $1200 shipped to your door.
  20. I've always done it. I swing my driver about 112 on average and irons at around 92/93. I can play x in my irons but I choose to play stiff because I like the feel it gives me and I have never been able to work the ball as much as I'd like with x in my iron shafts. I am a fairly low spin player in my irons so going stiff also helps me get a little bit more spin for control. Plus, the shafts I game aren't very boardy in x stiff anyway. Very smooth and I like the same feeling in my irons. I like to have a similar feel throughout my bag.
  21. Has anyone put the T200 3 iron up against the u500? I am looking to possibly add one of these to replace my 3 hybrid on windy days and I'm looking for some input.
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