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  1. I’d definitely try it. With Costco there is nothing to lose.
  2. For those looking, I would suggest against Birdie Ball. I recently bought a Quintic for myself and can now see that now matter how much loft you deliver on a birdie ball mat you will have a negative launch angle. The birdie ball mats are essentially foam and the ball sinks into them making a positive launch basically impossible. This throws off the balls roll and makes practice on them not worth while. I threw down a putt out mat to compare against and it is much better and much cheaper. I will probably end up ordering a Pro Putt soon.
  3. I don’t think there is any chance they could work for you. I have a 4 iron 0211 with that shaft I got as part of a trade and it is basically unhittable for me. I am about the same swing speed as you.
  4. How did you confirm this? When I was watching they zoomed in on him and the shaft and it appeared to clearly have KBS on it.
  5. The ball speeds are really good with the Wilsons for me too. Accounting for loft, I am actually getting the fastest ball speeds I ever have with them.
  6. I play the Wilson Staffs and agree with posters above. They are not the softest (my Callaway Legacy Blacks are much softer) and toe strikes feel especially harsh. With that said, I love them.
  7. If you can hold a green or not is going to depend a lot more on how you deliver the club than 2 degrees of loft. If you hit the ball high with your current irons my guess is you will be fine. If you already struggle with height the 0211's aren't going to work any miracles as far as getting the ball higher.
  8. 44" with an adapter will get you to 45".
  9. 199.5 grams on mine with 15 gram and 3 2.5's.
  10. Thank you for the heads up! Just grabbed a 20 degree with an AD-DI.
  11. TP5 or BXS both seem like they would be good fits. They don't spin much more of the driver, have lots of spin, and are on the softer side of premium balls.
  12. You and I must be very similar golfers, haha. Same driver fit and then the exact same putter fit! I just got my Spitfire in the mail today. It was about 3 weeks from order to delivery.
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