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  1. Worst customer service I have had was from Iliac. I bought and timely received several items, before my last item being a jacket. I received it, tried it on, and didn’t really care for it. The same day I received it I started attempting to return it for a refund as was stated to be available. After 2 months and probably 10 emails that were never responded to, I ended up just keeping it and vowing to never order from them again.
  2. Bettinardi Queen B 6 Limited Edition - $traded - 33'' length and has been used outside twice.
  3. That’s one of the ugliest designs I’ve seen
  4. PXG Proto X head - $sold PXG Proto X+ head - $200 Sim 9 Degree - $sold AD TP 6S that plays 45'' with PXG Proto - $200 AD TP 6X that plays 45'' with PXG Proto - $200 Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited 60 Stiff plays 45” in a SIM head - $sold Miura 4-PW MC 501 built by Cool Clubs (specs below) - $1,250 Dynamic Gold X100 Tour Issue that have been Pured Standard Length, Loft, and Lie Logo Down BP Cord (I believe 1 wrap in lower hand) Rock nick on sole of 6 iron shown
  5. Wilson Staff, Ping Blueprint, and Srixon would be my list to try.
  6. Sole definitely works for a steeper swing. I am 6 degrees down AoA with a 7 iron and it gets in and out of the turf well.
  7. Why not just order the stock shaft and replace it?
  8. Have you tried Discount Dan’s? I just ordered a single Staff CB iron from then last week.
  9. The new blades are really nice. Never hit the FG 62, but I don’t see how someone who likes blades couldn’t like the Staff model.
  10. He’s known for keeping the ball really low.
  11. Ping uses 8620 in their Blueprint irons as well. It’s just a different metallurgy that provides a different feel.
  12. With them changing the lofts and lengths on the current version of the 0211’s I would go with 0311P 6-PW and 0311XP 4-5.
  13. Soft stepped would probably be the way to go based on my swing and using them. As long as the weight is right I bet you will be fine for a free experiment.
  14. 2 weak would be a no brainer for me. I don’t know why they went so strong with them on this generation.
  15. They will spin about the same as any iron will at the same loft assuming the same strike.
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