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  1. I had the threads strip out in my Callaway adapter and had a spare PXG adapter so I decided to put it on and try the 505X with the PXG Proto head. It's a big difference (positive) from the Epic Flash Triple Diamond in numerous ways. The head is much more stable and mishits are now much more stable in spin (a low strike will hop up spin to 3300 vs 4000) and peak height. I averaged 291 carry from 118 club speed with launch of 12.5 and spin at 2,750 yesterday using on course type swings. Launch and spin are right where I try to play, so I am pretty happy with the setup at this point.
  2. Strange, I’ve had 2 fittings and a follow up all free of charge.
  3. Nice, a 4.5 LS is what I would be replacing as well.
  4. I really like the MMT wedge shafts, but I transition into them from 125 gram MMT iron shafts.
  5. The 0211 ST should be coming in the next few weeks. I’ll be excited to try it out.
  6. I was pumped for new 0211 irons based on early pictures. These look underwhelming and worse than the prior gen 0211 to me. Bummer.
  7. I’d read the Stitch SL2 had a lot of zipper issues so I have not considered them.
  8. Fitters were sent out fitting heads on irons today according to who I spoke to. Sounds like the irons will be announced in the next few days.
  9. I’d go up in flex if you are between.
  10. I have an X+ and EFSZ and have played both a lot. Pure distance I’m faster and lower spin with the EFSZ. The X+ is more stable and sounds and feels much better/muted.
  11. Thank you. As of right now I am planning on waiting for some Player 3.0 to come back in stock, or possibly going with a Shapland bag if I could find some feedback on them.
  12. bward

    PXG Spitfire

    Are you saying the planes were built from damascus or PXG somehow procures steel from said planes and makes a damascus?
  13. I think you will be happier with the X.
  14. I don’t think you’ll see a big difference. If you’re hitting 45” well I’d stick with it. If you are chasing distance go to at least 46”.
  15. I've always viewed and felt my driver swing as different from the rest of my bag as well. I am typically 1-2 degrees in to out with driver and neutral to 1 degree out to in with irons.
  16. Snowy day here without much else to do, so I spent a couple hours and about 100 swings to try and sort out my Autoflex build. I got along well with it again and even set a new personal best with 180 mph ball speed. I am looking at 20 yards total difference between it and my other driver and to me it’s too much of a gain to not continue to work on dispersion with.
  17. I have both and like the AD TP more. I seem to feel the shaft more. Also, non surprising as the rest of my woods have AD shafts in them. I’m not a brand loyalist to Graphite Design by any means, I just seem to prefer their profiles.
  18. Yes. Currently playing in Small minus with weight forward. Big minus goes to open for my eye.
  19. Thanks. Depending on what comes out in the next couple weeks, I may try to find a used X to try. I hit the X+ well but have a tendency to lose it a little right and spinny with it. An X turned down to little minus should work in theory.
  20. What were they like in comparison to each other on spin?
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