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  1. Yeah, he's strong, but not that strong! Thanks for the reply.
  2. Just based on this pic of a 7 iron downswing...doesn't this shaft look like its flexing too much? It's a R flex KBS C-Taper lite 105g.
  3. Titleist DCI 981 Irons vs Modern Irons: Mid‐capper here (~13). I was screwing around at the range with my brother and hit a few of his old Titleist DCI 981 irons....and wow! I felt these irons were super easy to hit, went dead straight and had a nice piercing flight. I actually thought they felt better than modern GI clubs, like the Ping G425, Callaway Rogues or even the modern Titleist options. They were so easy to hit, yet not ridiculously sized or too offset. It has me wondering...which, if any, modern irons share similarities. They just felt so great that I thought I'd explore further. I might be willing to purchase something similar, or even seek out a used set of these....thats how much I liked hitting them! Whats up with that? Anyone have ideas why I would see and feel such a difference?
  4. You make some great points here that have provoked some interesting new (to me) thoughts about this all... But first, I suppose this was my train of thought: Yes, 148 yards is 148 yards. But in my head, I'd rather hit an 8 iron into that green than a 7 iron, simply because my ability to execute an approach shot tends to improve as I move through my bag to shorter clubs. For instance, I will hit my target more often with my 8 iron than I will with my 7 iron. So if I can upgrade my irons to ones that allow me to hit each iron 10 yards further, it seems to me I would hit my targets more often on average, because I would be hitting one less club into all of my approaches. So if my Rogue X 8 iron is just as long AND as accurate for me as my Ping G 7 iron, I would see that as a gain or an advantage. But there lies the problem.....during my fitting a year and a half ago, I don't think I put enough consideration into the accuracy or consistency part of the above. I saw the gained distance, got excited and pulled the trigger, assuming all would be fine. But after playing two seasons with the Rogue X's, I've realized that I am indeed less consistent with them. Longer, yes. But my misses are all over and I do catch a few flyers per round and completely overshoot my target. And to be clear I'm not including the major bad mishits in my comparisons, as those do happen in my handicap range and I know the club has zero to do with it. Related to that, I also realize that much of my inconsistencies I refer to are likely more so related to my ball striking than my clubs, as others have implied. What can I say, us mid-cap rec golfers like spending $$ on shiny new things! I play and practice as much as I can, which is a lot. I'm not a natural golfer, I have to work all season to get to a 13. Someday hopefully I'll put even more time and practice in and hit that single digit. But in the end, I golf because I love it. It is an escape for me and gives me peace. I can play a horrible round and still be happy to be out there. I'm not trying to make the tour or play for a living! Just trying to enjoy myself!
  5. Really digging the various perspectives and appreciate all the input! With an unseasonably mild day today, I was able to get out for nine. Decided to go with the old Ping G's and leave the Rogue X's at home. It went well. In fact, it reminded me how much I loved those Pings, and while it took a few to adjust to the yardages and gaps, I was much more consistent with them compared to the past 2 years with the X's. My misses were like they used to be, consistent and predicable. It was like reuniting with an old girlfriend you missed...no love was lost! Thinking the Rogue X set may become trade-in fodder for a new hybrid, wedge and grips!
  6. I originally decided to shop around seeking to gain a little bit of lost distance. I did compare the Rogue, the Pro and the X when being fitted for this set in early '18. Ultimately, the X's won due to their stupid strong lofts and extra distance. I really always loved those G's, but got suckered into thinking I needed "one less club" on my approach. I still have them and could easily go back to them next season. However, maybe I need to consider trying out the G410s. If I like them, I could trade the two other sets in and cover a solid chunk of the cost.
  7. I think you may be on to something here. The RogueX sole is bulky and kind of curved, while the Ping G is a bit more straight and narrow. Bounce is different and club reacts differently to surfaces on impact.
  8. Good question, lol. By start the season, I meant after the first couple months, not right out of the gate, as my handicap climbs back up to its ceiling as I post several consecutive bad spring scores. As the summer moves on, my index slowly falls, and my game tends to peak in Sept., just in time for a couple outings and league playoffs! Shortly thereafter, winter arrives and I wait in agony for spring, less a vacation round or two and maybe some limited indoor simulator rounds. Along comes the next spring and rinse repeat the above.... This season (2019) for example: -Began in March and carrying over from previous fall I was a 12.8 -By end of May I had 25 rounds in and an index of 17.6 -End of July I was up to 48 rounds on the season with an index 14.7 -End of Sept I was up to 74 rounds played with an index of 13.2
  9. OK, here's the story: Avid golfer, I play about 75 rounds per year....that's a lot of golf for the great lakes area! I usually start the season with a handicap around 17-18, and slowly work it down to a 12-13 by end of season. I'm in my mid-40's now age-wise. Short game is my highlight....lots of par save attempts! From the regular men's tees, my average score is hovering right around 90, but can range from low 80's to upper 90's depending on the round. My low this summer was a 78 at my home course, while my worst was a 108 at a tough course on a bad day. As you can tell, my game has some serious up and down swings (pun intended)! At the beginning of last season, after realizing that my swing speed was beginning to decline (getting older sucks), I decided to seek new irons that would help gain back a little lost distance. I was fitted to a set of Callaway RogueX irons, as they flew further than all the others. I liked them for a while, but this season I began to feel that they got in my way a bit. They just are so big and bulky feeling compared to my old set, Ping G (and Ping G25 before that). However, they do often provide me an extra 5-10 yards due to their aggressive lie angles. That said, I lost consistency and control with the RogueX's vs the Pings. Sure they go farther, but my misses are all over the place now. I am beginning to wonder if I made a mistake purchasing them. What's confusing, is that these clubs should be great for me based on my swing speed and trackman session, but I've began to wonder....is it possible that they are too game improvement-y for me? Is that even possible for someone with a handicap that ranges from 12-18 depending on time of year? I feel like I would rather give back the 5-10 yards of distance in exchange for more consistency and control. Ya know? Any thoughts or input is appreciated!
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